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"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens."~ Khalil Gibran

APOV (Alice)

It's strange what people can get used to when their homeless long enough. In a situation where the feeling of an empty belly is nothing new and the comfort of a warm bed is a great luxury, it can be hard to find anything worthwhile. Some can't handle the constant hunger, some can't deal with the cold, and some are just too drunk to care, but one of two things happens when you're thrown out onto the streets, you die, or you learn to live. I'm just happy to find myself in the latter category.

As I dig through my fourth garbage can in the park, trying to scrounge up something for my aching stomach, I watch the sunrise in the east. It's glorious to look at and even more spectacular when it shines on my bare arms. Nothing in the world could possibly feel more wonderful. Not after the long night I had under the bridge with only a newspaper to cover myself.

"Yes!" I cry out as I discover a plaid shirt buried underneath empty take out containers, apple cores, and other things I would rather not think of.

It's ripped in several places, not exactly designer threads, but I'm happy for the discovery. I stumble upon a plastic bag to put it in and head over to the small man made lake where I wash off the crusted pieces of gunk that cling to it. I can't believe my luck, a new shirt! I hang it on a line that I have strung across my spot under the bridge, making sure to make as little noise as possible so I won't wake anyone. Five months ago, I would have been thinking the same thing, except it would have been the four girls in my room at Ms. Penny's I would have worried about waking and not a small pack of older men and women that smell to high heaven. Ms. Penny's sweet smile comes to mind and I shake my head to clear the onslaught of thoughts. It still hurts to think about her, to know that she's gone. She would have never let this happen to me.

My stomach growls, the gnawing feeling reminding me that I didn't get anything to eat. It's not often that I let my empty stomach get to me, but some mornings when I can smell hot coffee in the air and fresh donuts being fried it gets to me like everyone else. This so happens to be one of those mornings.

I take a swig from the water bottle that I keep by my things, attempting to stifle the hunger pains. It does little to help. Hoping my neighbors will sleep a little bit longer, I head back out in search of food.

The city is waking; people are getting up for work, buying their bagels and coffee. It's the ideal time to take a seat on the sidewalk and wait for passers by. With money cup in hand, I huddle down against a brick wall and hope for a good morning.

"Spare some change," I ask a man in a business suit as he makes his way down the street.

He avoids my gaze as many others do and hurries pass. I shrug it off. I can't really blame him, bums used to freak me out too.

"Miss, spare some change,"

A small old woman drops a dime and two nickels into my cup, making a clank noise as I give her a warm smile.

"God bless,"

She walks away and I turn my attention back to the other passers by. A man in his early twenties is making his way down the street. His bronze hair is wild, tattoos cover his arms disappearing under his black tee, a curved barbell pierces through his right eyebrow, and his eyes are a stunning shade of green. In one hand, he's holding a small bag from McDonald's, and in the other, a coffee. However, it's not the smell of his food that holds my attention nor is it his appearance, although he is attractive even if he's not my type. No, it's neither of those things that have me captivated. What keeps me staring is that when I look pass the outer shell and analyze him as I normally do to determine whether or not I may be able to get a scrap of food off someone, it's like there's nothing there, almost as if he's dead inside.

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