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494's bright green eyes narrowed as he stared up at the plain grey ceiling. Not really seeing it. The only noise breaking through his small cell was that of his heavy breathing. It's been three weeks since they took him out of psy-ops. Twelve weeks since Rachael died. 494 turned quickly from the memories fighting to the surface of his mind. Letting out a sigh 494 turned to the wall. He reached down into a small crack in his stone wall. He pulled out Rachael's golden necklace. All he had left of her. He nearly let out a snort. He never had anything of her. Hell she didn't even know who, no, what he was.

494 heard the guards walking down the corridor. Quickly he put the necklace back in its hiding place. The lights in his cell flashed brightly on; same as in all the other cells. This was their wake up call. Jumping from the single bed 494 stood in the center of the cell as the steel door flow open. Like every other x5 494 walked through the door into the corridor. Like the hundred's of his brother's and sister's 494 walked down the hallway to the gallery, then outside. He knew that by the end of the day he would be covered in bruises, cuts, blood, and even some of it not even his. But you know what sure bets the hell out of being in psy-ops for five weeks.

Dr. Sukova pushed her glass higher as she continued to watch block 12 of the x5 series in the courtyard. "Are you sure about this?" She couldn't help but ask. She didn't think this was a good idea. The man behind her never stepped out of the shadows as he snarled back "Get it done." Sighing again Hannah Sukova brushed her reddish blond hair behind her ear. Staring down at 494's folder she couldn't shake the cold chill running down her spine. In theory it should work. In all the x5's cocktails are mixed with female feline DNA, expect for less than a hand full. Manitcore only wanted a few alphas in the units. They are the unit leaders by design. This was so when the x5's hit puberty they won't rip each other apart. Besides the others in the unit won't be able to not follow orders from their alphas it's simply in the blood. Hannah almost felt sorry for 494. Almost.

494 couldn't open his eyes. The drug they gave him was starting to wear off. He could hear the doctors talking around him. Something about the implant taking hold? He wasn't sure. Great! Fucking fanatic! One moment he was one of their top field soldiers. Now he's nothing but extra part for experiments. He knows he's in the med bay; he could smell the disinfect. Part of him wishes the drugs would never wear off.

The months flew by for 494. Well not really. He was kept in the med bay. Strapped to one of the beds. With an IV of drugs that kept pumping into his arm keeping him calm and half asleep. Which was a good thing. Because the moment 494 realized what the implant was he freaked the fuck out. Sure he's a genetically engineered super soldier with animal DNA mixed in for fun, but this was a little too much even for him. Pregnant! They implanted him with a baby! He feels like screaming every time he thinks about it or even looks down at his rounding stomach.

494 turned at the sound of someone walking up to his bed. He tired to focus his blurry green eyes. He really didn't need them to know that 285 was standing next to him. Like she has done every day. She normally worked psy-ops. Hell she was the x5 that worked on him for those five hellish weeks.

285 tired to smile but it came out as a grimace. No one could believe what they had done to 494. Her blue eyes dull with worry. She pushed her black hair back into a pony tail. She was here to kept 494's mind calm. And that is what she has been doing. 494 and the baby. She wondered idly what the white coats (docs/scientists.) or the greens (guards) would think of that. She snorted to herself. They think there are so clever, the white coats, greens, and the suits. They all think that they are in charge. But 285 knows better. She is the top psy-ops agent. The human mind was her play ground. It was her job to know why people do what they do and how to make them do what she wanted. She knew the all the x's are a lot closer than any of the suits would like. With our feline DNA we all are pack, or proud if you like. That includes 494's cub. If only she could get through to him before it's too late for this sweet little cub.

Logan Cale took his glasses off and rubbed his tired hazel eyes. His light brown hair even more of a mess than it normally was. He tried to refocus his eyes on his computer screen. He had to find where this dirty senator was smuggling the money for education reform. The knock at the door startled him out of his thoughts. Looking at the clock he realized he had been at this for nearly sixteen hours. Sighing Logan got up. His body aching from non movement. "Uncle Jonas?" Their standing at his door was his uncle and a woman standing just behind him. "Hello Junior."

Logan move aside as his uncle and woman walked into his apartment. Logan's hazel eyes widen when he realized the woman was holding a new born. "Wha? Uncle Jonas what's going on?" Jonas had to fight the smirk off of his face before he turned to his nephew. "Take a seat Junior." Logan sat in his computer chair facing the two others in the room. "This baby is your son."

"What?" Logan yelled as he jumped up causing the baby to whimper. The no named woman began calm the baby down. Logan couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from the baby. Jonas continued "A few days ago he was dropped off at the family home. With a note saying the boy was yours." Logan turned to his uncle his eyes narrowing "A few days?" he asked through gritted teeth. Jonas' blue eyes narrowed "We had to be sure he was a Cale of course." Jonas couldn't hold back his smirk any longer. Perfect, he thought to himself as Logan held the baby as if the freak was the most important thing in the world to the young man. Absolutely perfect.