Beware there be smut here.

Chapter Fourteen

Alec stared out over the broken city from his perch. He sighed as he thought back to this afternoon. He nearly gasped. The pain in his chest hurt so much. He should have known! What was he thinking? Like Logan would want a freak like him!

He angrily wiped his hot tears away. Whatever! He didn't need him. He had a whole race of people to save. Ryder… Alec let a sob break through his control. Oh Blue Lady how he was going to miss Ryder.

The sound of someone crawling out of one of the Space Needle's windows brought Alec out of his thoughts. Smelling Logan Alec tried to wipe his eyes. The rat bastards not going to see him cry!

Logan finally made it out of the window and onto the roof. He always thought of himself as in shape but from the speed of his heart racing and the sweat… yeah he needs to hit the gym more.

Logan sighed in relief as he saw Alec sitting at the ledge of the roof. He half expected Max to have lied when he asked her where she would go when she was upset. He figured it might be the feline DNA. The highest point, making them feel safe. "Alec…" The longing in Logan's voice made Alec shudder. "What are you doing here Logan?" To Alec's disappointment his voice came out more coarse than he would have liked.

Logan's hazel eyes filled with confusion. "Shouldn't I be asking you that?" Alec snorted. Carefully Logan made his way to Alec. Sitting next to him he could see that Alec had cried. His beautiful green eyes were red and a little puffy. Swallowing down his on pain at the look of hopelessness he wrapped his strong arms around the upset Transgenic. His heart broke when he felt Alec shift in his arms and pull away violently.

Alec glared at Logan. How dare he show up here! Alec was livid. At Logan for getting him to believe he could have something he never thought possible. At Bling for having what he wanted the most. Most over all at himself for believing Logan and wanting nothing more than wrapping himself in Logan's strong protective arms. "Alec what happened?"

Logan never felt so out of control in his life. Even after waking up in the hospital being told he would never walk again didn't compare to this. Vaguely he wondered when this smart ass, gorgeous, young man became such an important part of his life. "What happened?" Alec snarled back at him.

How dare he? "Just leave Logan! Go back to your lover and leave me the hell alone!" Okay now he really didn't know what the hell was going on. Logan stood up. He quickly ran through anyone that Alec might mean. No one really came to mind. Maybe Max. Was he talking about Max?

Confused hazel meet angry green. "There is nothing between me and Max. Alec you have to believe me."

Alec sighed tiredly "Just go." He squeezed his eyes shut try to stop the fresh wave of tears. "Go back to Bling." Logan had to clench his hands to stop himself from reaching out to the vulnerable young man in front of him. What Alec had said finally reached his ears.

Bling? Alec thought Bling was his lover. Logan had to bit down on his lip to keep the laughter from escaping. It didn't work. Logan couldn't help it. He loved Bling he really did, like a brother. The idea of anything else with the man had him want to well… laugh.

Green eyes widen as Alec stared at Logan. He's laughing? Alec took a step back. Now he knew. He was nothing more than a joke to him. Turning quickly Alec made a run for it.

Coming to his senses the moment Alec turned from him. Seeing Alec about to run. Logan did the only thing he could think of. He tackled him. They both hit the floor hard. "Alec stop." Logan said as Alec trying to wrestle away from him.

In the back of Logan's mind he knows Alec could easily over power him. He took it as a good sign that Alec didn't want to hurt him. "Please stop Alec. Please." Logan's desperation made Alec stop for the moment. Turning Alec over. Making sure he had his full weight on him. "Alec I'm sorry I laughed."

Alec turned away from him. He was finding it harder to look in to Logan's changeable eyes without breaking down. Everything in Alec wanted to break away from him. But even now with what felt like a hole in his chest he couldn't bring himself to hurt Logan.

"Alec." Logan said softly as he gently turned Alec's face to look into those stunning green eyes. "I laughed because the idea of me and Bling was just to ridicules. What in the world made you think that anything like that was going on between me and him?"

His lying he has to be. "Bling said you were his main man." Green eyes narrowed in accusation. Logan's bright smile only served to confuse Alec more. What the…. "Bling was talking about Ryder that's his nick name for him. Bling's my friend, helps me with my physical therapy, and some time baby sitter that's all I swear."

Alec stared into Logan's eyes trying to find the lie. He didn't find any. Alec felt his whole body relax in relief. His cheeks burned. Man he really over reacted didn't he?

Laying on top of Alec seeing him believe him. Logan released a breath as he felt Alec's body relax. Seeing Alec's blush was just too much for him. He bent down and took Alec's full pouting lips in a hungry kiss. Alec moaned into the kiss. Needing Logan so badly, he felt he might lose it.

Logan's hands were everywhere. Alec gasped as Logan lifted his shirt and pinch his nipple. Alec's hands twisted in Logan's short brown hair. Alec arched into Logan's larger body as Logan worked on Alec's jeans.

Alec let go of Logan's hair and attached his pants. As Logan pulled down Alec's jean he moan as he saw Alec yet again wasn't wearing any underwear. Alec smirked against Logan's lips. He heard the hitch in Logan's breathing. He knew Logan like it when he didn't wear underwear. Alec nipped at Logan's mouth as he un fastened Logan's pants and pulled them down with his boxer briefs.

Alec let go of Logan and grabbed both of their cocks together. Logan released a husky moan, as Alec purred at the feeling of their flesh meeting. Logan pinched Alec's nipple with one hand and grabbed Alec's firm ass with the other. As Alec started to pump their cocks in strong sure strokes.

Logan pumped his hips into the motion. He was in heaven. Alec was his heaven. Logan opened his eyes never realizing he shut them in the first place. He stared into Alec's green depths. Looking into Logan's hazel eyes Alec quickened his tempo.

Nothing ever felt like this. Alec couldn't believe how amazing he felt. Soon too soon he felt his balls tighten. He began to caress Logan's balls with his one hand as the only speed up his strokes. Wanting no needing Logan to cum with him.

Logan moan Alec's name as he exploded his release, he heard Alec growly his on release at the same time. Logan dropped like dead weight on to Alec's weakened body. Alec smiled as he smelled Logan. The mixture of their two scents forced a purr to come from deep within him.

Logan smiled and nipped at Alec's shoulder as he heard him purring. He turned and looked at Alec. "Let's go home." Alec's answering smile was blinding as he asked "Yeah let's go home."