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The Glorious Unfortunate Wonders Of A History Textbook By, Dannielovessora

A young girl sat comfortably in an arm chair, in the center of a spacious library. She looked around eleven or possibly twelve. Her forest green skirt stopped, just before her knees and her legs swung repeatedly making her seem like a young child.

She was reading, a faded leather bound history textbook, two words were visible in long since faded gold text, Gaian History. The book looked tattered, and the scenery would look strange, and slightly humorous for most passerby. The book looked like the type you would probably see a college scholar reading, or studying.

Her hazel eyes were glazed over, it looked like she was either deep in though or she was bored. If one looked close enough though, the could spot her eyes rapidly moving over the words.

Her light green sleeved arm lifted, to turn a page and once it did go to the next page, a look of puzzlement obscured her features.

"How is this done already? I was still in the article on Tifa Lockhart." she whispered, she stared at the open book, the pages looked like they had been forcefully pulled out. She closed the book and got of the armchair, clutching the book to her side, she strode to the counter.

"Rebbeca, are you done already?" asked librarian, a lively brunette of around her late twenties. Rebbeca shook her head. "Oh, so you want to check it out?" Rebbecca nodded, and started walking her way home, after she had exited the library.

It was summer in Nibelheim, which made the area, hotter and unnerving. She quietly walked along, muttering her greetings to whoever she passed. She stopped almost dropping, the old book.

She dropped on one knee, to pick up the glowing orb from the ground, she stared at it excitedly before, standing and quickly running away clutching both the book and the peculiar orb.

She stopped in front of a dark red painted, one story house. Her eyes darted between her dirt soiled sneakers and the door. She ended up shrugging and darting to the wood polished door, she fumbled with the handle for a few moments before closing the door behind her and taking off her shoes. Rainbow colored socks adorned her feet.

"Annie! Annie, Guess what I found!" Rebbeca excitedly yelled. A blond haired, brown eyed teenage girl wearing a blue apron appeared in front of the young girl. She appeared to be Rebbeca's caregiver since no one else appeared to inhabit the home.

Annie smiled, exposing white teeth, "What is it?" she asked excitedly. Rebbeca showed her the strange orb, her eyes we're gleaming as she clutching the book to her chest. "Sorry sweetie, I don't know what it is. You can keep it if you want though." Annie told her. She nodded and ran down the hallway to her room.

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