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The Glorious Unfortunate Wonders Of a History Book,

Chapter 9, by Evy(which is my name XD)

She stares, and he looks back, his red eyes unnerving. She had happily skipped to his front door, it was early morning, and the sun was rising over the horizon, she was muttering something about her aunt. Rebbeca's curly ebony pigtails were flying around her as she started to speak.

"You know, Vincent, you should shrink. So then, I won't have to hurt my poor neck," the exact moment she told him that, she began rubbing her neck in he didn't respond, she awkwardly fixed her skirt, it was a lime green type color, her coat and shoes seemed to be green also, going with her ensemble. While her leggings were black.

She cleared her throat, "You think I'm immature, don't you?" Did Vincent Valentine, actually think she was immature? Sure, sometimes she acted a wee bit childish, and she did some idiotic things. Jumping off a swing and expecting to fly being one of them. But, she couldn't be that immature...right?

After a few moments of defining and awkward silence, well, around Vincent Valentine, it wasn't a very awkward silence, it was just well, normal for him. He finally nodded his head. She was a bit appalled, but, once she thought about it, she was immature, and a teeny bit stupid.

"Well," she looked at him with her bright hazel eyes, "I couldn't agree with you more," she finished, muttering to herself. They fell into another silence, so silent, Rebbeca thought she could even hear a pin drop. She noticed he wasn't very chatty today, hell, he rarely spoke as it is! But, she was determined to make him speak, if he wasn't going to at least try to mutter a word once in a while, while they "talked." She didn't really consider it talking really, she just chatted her life off, like a normal child would, and Vincent, the adult, pretended to listen to her ramblings.

She sometimes wondered how he even got to Nibelheim, he said he had known Tifa Lockhart, but was it actually true? Rebecca thought a bit to herself, then began to speak, "Hey...Vincent, did you say you knew Tifa Lockhart? Tell me more about her, what was she like?" She slurred the words out, hoping that he'd understand what she had said. He looked up, his pretty, yet scary, deep blood red eyes staring straight into hers.

His deep voice echoed in the large room, bouncing off the walls, she sat even deeper in her seat, he began to speak. "I did know her, for a good while actually," she looked for signed if he was lying, with one black, bushy eyebrow raised skeptically.

"What was she like? Was she nice? Was it true that her and Cloud Strife were married?" Various questions rolled off her tongue. She was genuinely curious, she wanted to know what Tifa, someone who actually knew Vincent Valentine, was like.

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