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If You Were Me

By ForTheWin04

Chapter Seven

Freddie thought it would be a good idea if Carly and I became better friends. Where this decision came from, I have no idea, but I figure it might make things a little easier on me if I can at least grow to stand being in the same room as the girl without wanting to throw a brick at her face.

The three of us sat at the park on a rusted metal bench – Freddie on the right, me on the left, and Carly in the middle. The conversations being passed around were non-important and brief. Topics like school (how are you liking the semester so far?), and anything else you can image equally irritating had come up.

I glanced around Carly to see Freddie staring off into the distance, thinking things over. I knew him well enough to know that he was planning something – trying to figure out how to make this work better, because his plan was failing quicker then expected. I smiled at the realization that his concentration face was simply adorable.

Suddenly, he came up with an idea and turned towards me and Carly. "Why don't we get some ice cream or something?" he asked, trying his hardest to keep this rolling.

"Sure!" Carly chimed. "That would be great."

I nodded, much less enthusiastic then Carly had been. "Yeah, alright."

Freddie stood up, and looked over us. "I'll go buy."

We gave Freddie our orders and he made his way to the ice cream truck that was parked on the other side of a play ground in the center of the park.

Carly turned to me, and I quickly noticed the absents of her smile. "What was that, Sam?"

I became confused, and looked as such. "Huh?" I questioned.

She crossed her arms in one smooth motion and continued to stare at me. "You were staring at my boyfriend the whole time we've been sitting here!"

"What, no I-" I began, but was cut off by her shaking her head vigorously.

"Yes, you were," she told me matter-of-factly. "I saw you."

I tucked my hair behind my ear and bit my lip distractedly before I spoke. "Oh, sorry. I, uh, I didn't mean to."

She nodded slowly, not fully satisfied with my answer. "Well alright, I guess," she began slowly. "Just make sure it doesn't happen again, okay?"

I nodded. "Fine, okay."

She scratched her head then gave me a funny look. "You keep telling me you don't like him. But then you always act like you do?"

"I don't, I swear." I had found that lying about my feelings towards Freddie had grown increasingly harder as time wore on. I looked up and saw Freddie starting to make his way back over to us, holding our ice cream.

She nodded, more confidently this time. "Noted," she said with a smile. "Sorry about that!"

I smiled back weakly, "Its fine."

She turned towards Freddie who had just returned over to us. He sat down beside her and passed out our ice cream.

"Thanks," I told him as he passed me the bowl.

"Mmm, thanks Baby!" Carly told him with a peck on the cheek. I did everything in my power not to scoff.

"You're welcome," Freddie said to Carly, not me.

I rolled my eyes to no one in particular, and looked down at my ice cream. Suddenly, it didn't look so appetizing anymore.

My science textbook was out in front of me, different equations swimming across the page, their answers unknown to me. It was so hard to do this without Freddie. Only he could make me semi-focus on my science homework at all, whereas on my own nothing made sense. I know I could simply call and have him come over and study with me, but with Carly's subtle warnings last week at the park, I was afraid to.

But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about the test I had this Friday, and that there was no way I was ever going to pass it alone.

I clicked my tongue as I thought this over: weighed my pros and cons for each decision. When my mind was finally settled I grabbed my cell phone from where it sat beside me on my bed. I moved through my contacts until I found Freddie's name and quickly dialed his number. I would invite him to study, I told myself in my head. This had no ulterior motives involved.

He answered quickly, and I found my heart slightly sped up at the sound of his voice. "Hey Sam!"

I smiled at the fact that he sounded genuinely happy to hear from me. "Hi Fred. I'm studying for science, and I'm so lost, I swear to god!"

He laughed. "Hah, yeah science has never really been you're strong suit."

"Wanna come over? I need serious help over here."

It took him a second to reply, but when he did I was happy at the words I was hearing. "Yeah, haha, sure. I'll be right over."

After saying our good-byes, I hung up my phone and made my way over to a mirror beside my nightstand. I quickly pulled the elastic from my hair and let the bouncy curls fall down to frame my face. I ran my hands through my hair quickly, in an attempt to get rid of any and all knots. I smiled at my reflection, making sure my teeth were okay, before returning to my bed and plopping down. And there I sat, waiting until I heard the sound of my doorbell.

We sat on my bed, science text book outstretched on his lap. He was explaining...er, something. Not that I was focusing, at least on the science. I was, however, focusing on the deep brown of his eyes. They fascinated me, more than gravity and mass. I found myself scooting closer, getting a whiff of him. He smelt like he always had – coffee and cinnamon, with a hint of his mother's disinfectant wipes – surely nothing out of the ordinary. But how come it's never seemed so intoxicating until now?

"Enough of this," I said, reaching over and closing his text book.

"But Sam, you need to know this for the test. And I have to go soon, I'm meeting Carly."

My eye's rolled, and something in my stomach kicked. "Stop talking about Carly!" I spat. Can you say overreaction? "I haven't spent any alone time with you in, like, forever and you will not shut-up!"

"I know, Sam," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. "And I'm sorry about that."

"It's okay. I just want my best friend back. I miss you." But something in my mind told me it was a lot more serious than that.

"I miss you too, Sam," he said, not meaning it the way I did. I longed for him. I needed him in my life, and he didn't share that need. He's got Carly Shay.

I scooted even closer, my leg brushing against his.

His hand fell into mine and I squeezed it tightly, before it abandoned mine all together. We sat there, side-by-side, for an eternity until suddenly he looked at the clock on my night stand and sighed. "Sam, I have to go. Carly's waiting for me."

"So you're just ditching me for her, again?" I asked sternly.

"Are you mad?"

I blinked. "No, I-I guess not. Just...disappointed."

He put one arm around me, and pulled out his phone with the other. He searched for Carly, and sent her a text.

I read it over carefully as he typed it.

'Can't hang out today sorry'

"Oh dear," Freddie said, raising an eyebrow after it had sent. "It looks like my plans have cleared up."

I hugged him tightly. "Thank you, Freddie."

"But missy," he said, shifting away from me. "We're studying."

"Ugh!" I groaned. "No, no way."

He reopened the text book and stared down at a page. "Now, where were we?" he began. I rolled my eyes and quickly grabbed the text book off his lap and tossed it across the room. It hit the ground with a smash, and fell open onto a random page.

"Sam I –"

But I cut him off by suddenly grabbing him, and pushing him back on the pillow that rested on the top of my bed. I crawled onto him, sitting on top of his stomach, not quite sure what had come over me.

"Sam! What are you–"

He trailed off as I leaned closer to him, lost in my thoughts and not considering reality. "What's the going rate for a good science tutor these days?" I whispered, so closer to him I could feel is breath on my lips.

I heard him swallow, hard.

Silence momentarily fell over us, and any traces of reality, morals, or conscience had fled form both of our minds.

"I, uh - a kiss," He whispered back with lust swimming in his brown eyes. "And we can call it even."

And then his mouth moved over mine. I drew back for a moment, the surprise visible in my eyes, as if I never expected to find myself here, and I was astonished to realize it was a good fit. More slowly this time, I kissed him again.

His hands slid from my hips to my waist, and I deepened our kiss in response, sliding my tongue between his parted lips. I found myself getting the answers to all the questions I had been asking myself for the past few months – what does he taste like? (Cinnamon and sweet bliss) Is he a good kisser? (God, yes)

But suddenly, something inside me clicked, and I realized what I'm doing. I'm making out with my (taken) best friend. It's so wrong, yet so right all at the same time. Confusion washed over me at this reality check.

Suddenly, I froze, hoping he'd pull away, praying he wouldn't.

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