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I Love The World: Part 2

Faint strains of singing emanated from the bow of the ship Jaswinder – and rather poor singing at that, though the two Toa that were the originators of the words probably wouldn't want to hear that as they goofed off.

"Boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da " the Lightning Toa Stiaye broke off her part, shaking her head. "I just can't get that song out of my head."

Her companion, Water Toa Amphitrite, grinned sympathetically. "Totally; I'm going again." And with that, they picked up right where they left off.

"I love the mountains," began Stiaye.

"I love the sun so bright," Amph followed.

"I love crustaceans," Carapar sang, surrounded by his troops.

"I love the stars at night." Nixie peering through her telescope.

"I love the whole world," Antroz riding the Destral Cycle.

"So many things to see." Teridax standing on Aqua Magna.

"Boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da," Le-Matoran banging their drums.

"Boom-de-ya-da, boom- de-ya-da," Ga-Matoran sitting in class.

"I love to catch fish," Macku sitting in her boat, looking for aquatic Rahi.

"I love the Brakkas eyes," the Skakdi Cedrak with his pet monkey, Tahlis.

"I love the future," a Knowledge Tower full of Ko-Matoran.

"I love when Toa fly!" Nuparu using his Kadin for the first time.

"I love the whole world!" Hahli jumping out of the water and turning a flip before diving again.

"No place I'd rather be," Kiina grumbled sarcastically, looking around at the Bara Magna deserts.

"Boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da," Kopaka freezing Tahu solid (in revenge for setting his arm on fire last time they sang this song).

"Boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da." A bunch of Exo-Toa marching along.

"Still dirty, still loving it," Onua commented, just before he opened up a hole under the aforementioned Exo-Toa and let them drop into it.

"I love to blast off," Mata Nui being ejected from the Matoran Universe.

"I love adrenaline," Matau racing around the test track on a new vehicle.

"I love the Big Bang," Angonce as he watched the Shattering.

"I love where air is thin," Lewa as he drifted through space.

"I love the whole world," Krika blowing a virus into Takanuva's eyes.

"And being part of it." Gorast getting mutated in the Karda Nui swamp.

"Boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da," Orkahm riding Pewku through Metru Nui.

"Boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da," The Coliseum on Metru Nui with fireworks going off.

"Boom-de-ya-da," The Kini-Nui on Mata Nui with fireworks going off.

"Boom-de-ya-da," The factories of Xia with cannons going off.

"Boom-de-ya-da," The city of Stelt with fireworks going off.

"Boom-de-ya-da," The city of Atero on Bara Manga with fireworks going off.

"Boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da . . ." Stiaye and Amphitrite continuing to sing as the suns set.

The World Is Just Awesome.

*thumbs-up* =P