Beavis and butthead babysit caillou

(note: I do not own caillou or beavis and butthead. PBS and MTV owns them)

beavis and butthead are two stupid teenagers who are now babysitters. One day. One of there customers were the family of a four year old kid named caillou. Caillou is a bald brat who is stupid. So beavis and butthead were supposed to babysit this little idiot.

So caillou parents left there house so beavis and butthead could babysit them. "hey beavis" says butthead. "lets see how bald this kid is."so beavis got out a laser pin and aimed it at caillou head. Then beavis accidently aimed it at caillou eye. Caillou yelled "oh my god!i Can't see!".

Butthead confirmed "according to our calculations. Caillou is balder than a bald eagle."

then beavis said "what do we do with his head.". Then butthead said "we should kick it!".

Beavis yells "kick it kick it kick it!" then butthead kicks caillou. Caillou says "oww! That hurts!" but they still kick caillou's head.

An hour later. caillou said "i'm hungry!". Butthead said "what should we feed him?". Beavis said "heheheh! Lets feed him a can of beans.". Butthead said "bald kids don't eat beans! Dumb ass!". So beavis and butthead turned on the stove and cooked caillou food. But surprisingly. The leaver on the pan is In a dangerous area. So caillou grab hold of the leaver and got burned a little bit. "Oww!" yelled caillou.

So after caillou ate dinner. Which was beans by the way. Caillou was holding a fork. Then caillou found a electrical socket. Beavis said "do it do it do it!". Then caillou said "what?". Butthead replied "put the fork inside the thingy you dillweed!" so caillou put the fork inside the electrical socket and got shocked. Butthead said "cool!". Caillou was laying on the floor.

Butthead said "i think we need to give it CPR." beavis said."yay! PPR!" butthead said "do I have to kiss him?". Beavis said "uhhh! I dunno! I think so!". So butthead kisses caillou. Butthead goes "uhh! What now!". Beavis says "push his chest!". So butthead pushes caillou's chest. Caillou wasn't responding. "what now buttmunch" said butthead. Beavis yelled "slap him! Slap him!" so butthead slaps caillou really hard! Caillou responded. Caillou survived.

"Damn it beavis! Caillou is alive!" said butthead. Beavis said to caillou "wanna play ball in the street." caillou said "is that dangerous?" butthead said "no! you fartmuffin! Its safe!"So they let caillou play ball in the street. Suddenly. Caillou got hit by a car.

Butthead then said "cool!". The end.