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Fox and Katt

Chapter 1: Broken heart.

She kept running no matter how tired she was, tears still streaming down her face.

Katt didn't want to believe what she saw it was falco with another female.

The vision played in her head and she just cried harder.

She thought falco only loved her and only her.

The scene was heartbreaking and she ran as far as she could.

Katt ran back to her apartment and locked herself in not wanting to talk to anyone.

She threw herself on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

Fox was retuning from a mission and going to his house.

He first decided to pay katt a small visit and give her some of bounty money as a thank you for her rifle.

He walked down the streets of corneria, it looked well on the mid-days where you could sunbathe.

Fox arrived at katt's apartment and started knocking on the door, but no answer.

He could tell something was wrong and placed his hand on the scanner.

The door opened and fox called for katt, again no answer.

He became worried and took caution.

He searched the apartment and found katt asleep on her bed.

Foxwalked to her side and noticed tear streaks on her face, she was crying not too long ago. "katt what happened to you" asked, she replied with a "mmm" still asleep.

He decided to wake her up and shook her gently, still no response.

Then he decided to scratch her ear and she began to purr softly, but audibly. Katt then woke to fox scratching her ears. "Hey beautiful, sleep well?" He asked.

She replied with a smile and a blush.

Katt felt a strange sensation on her ears and began to wake up to a chestnut vulpine with a concerned face. "Hey beautiful sleep well?", It was fox scratching her ears, it tickled a lot.

The pleasure she felt when fox rubbed her ears were exciting.

Katt saw fox's face he was wondering why she was crying.

Katt explained everything to because he cared for me even when she was with falco.

Falco was with another female, another woman.

Katt felt like crying again when she explained to fox what happened. "That's how my day went and how heartbroken I am now". Fox why are you so concerned for me? she asked him"First of all, why are you here?" fox said "I wanted to give you some money as thanks for your rifle." He answered.

Before she could say something, she was interrupted by her stomach and she blushed. "I'm hungry, looks like we will get to spend some money today.

Katt was blushing when her stomach was growling. she hadn't eaten in quite a while.

Fox asked her "where would you like to go to eat?" Katt said "there's restaurant 15 minutes from here that was called "Feather Pendant".

Fox said "It isn't luxury, but it's a good place to get away from anything." katt went to the closet and was picking out what to wear. while fox was busy trying to figure out what happened to her. Fox heard of the "Feather Pendant" place, but didn't think about what to wear.

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