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Chapter 14: Thank you.

Fox awoke to the sounds of rain hitting his windows. He looked around and saw the clock flashing 11:00am. When he turned to wake katt he saw she was sleeping peacefully. Katt also woke up to the rain and saw fox was awake. She looked at him while yawning and stretching. Katt leaned on his shoulder and asked "what time is it?" Fox answered "11:00am. You slept like a baby all night, that's a first." Katt looked at him and said "thank you foxie, you always know how to flatter a woman." Fox got out bed and shed his clothes from the club. He went to the closet saying "what a night at the club. I can't believe that I was still wearing these clothes. I think I need a massage." That sentence perked up katt's ears and said "hey fox, I were going there again, you better do nothing frisky. I want you first." With that said katt got up and headed for the shower. She got undressed and turned the water to a steamy temperature. Fox entered and began to brush his teeth. When he finished he headed for the door, but not before katt stopped him. Katt grabbed fox by his tail and said "where are you going? You didn't even take your morning shower." Katt turned him around and kissed him fully on the lips and started to undress him. Katt lead him to the shower where they shared a romantic moment. When they finished, they stepped out and dried themselves off. They walked to the room and got dressed in the same but different clothes they wore. Then fox looked at katt and asked "now can we get a massage?" katt said "ok, but I'm having you first again."

They walked out of fox's apartment and headed for the massage parlor. They walked for 15 minutes when they got there the place had two other people inside, one was a young teen wolf male and the other was a female cougar who was working the front desk. Fox saw that the wolf was trying to charm her, but she paid no attention to him. Fox and katt were watching them through the glass door and went inside. The both sat down away from them when the wolf was getting aggressive. They were arguing thinking that no one could hear them. But fox could hear every word, and katt said "I'll go find callie and tell her were here." Fox said "ok, I'll wait here." Katt left to find callie leaving fox at the front desk. Fox could hear the argument getting worse.

The male wolf was getting a bit physical with the female cougar. "Listen Amy, I said you're going with me on the date and that's final. I'm rich, I'm handsome, and I get what I want because you are my girl." Amy defended herself and said "I am not your girl, you don't own me, jack. Also, if you ever call me your property in front of my friends again, we are over." Before she could get up and walk away she felt an open hand hit her cheek. Fox could not believe what he saw. It was like déjà vu all over again, but this time he wasn't going to do nothing. Jack said "don't you ever disrespect me like that again. You are mine and you will do what I say, when I say." Before he could say anything else, jack felt knuckles make contact with his jaw.

Fox punched the wolf hard on the left side of his jaw. Fox stood over him and said "hey jack, how about you apologize to the lady. She told you clearly that you don't own her, so leave her alone." Jack got up and held his jaw in pain and walked away saying "I'll get you for this." He walked out the parlor. Fox saw the cougar was crying as she held her cheek in pain. He walked over to her and said "don't worry; I'm not going to hurt you." Amy knew he was telling the truth and threw herself into his arms. Amy tried to calm down as fox ran his hand on her back and said "thank you for your help sir." Fox looked at her and said "call me fox mccloud or fox for short." Fox heard katt coming from the hall and saw the mark on the girl's face. She looked at fox and said "did you hit him good?" Fox laughed and answered "he won't be coming back again. But amy needs something for the mark on her face." Callie walked to amy and looked at her cheek and said "don't worry, I'll take care of that. You two can help yourselves till I get back." She led amy to her office and treated her injury.

Fox and katt went to the massage room when katt got a naughty idea. Fox went to the changing room and got undress to his boxer-briefs. Katt did the same, but she was in a bra and panties with a towel wrapped around her body. Luckily fox had no idea what was about to happen. This would be the best prank for what he did to them yesterday. Callie and amy came from a secret door behind the changing room and katt asked "are you ready to get even with fox?" callie said "yep, what's first?" katt explained the entire plan to them. When katt told them how it was going to end, they tried to hold back laughs. Callie could imagine the look on fox's face. Though amy didn't want to do this her devilish side said "ok, but who's first?" katt gave callie a devilish look and said "you first callie." Callie stripped to her bra and panties and wrapped a towel around herself and entered the room.

Fox was sitting on the massage bed waiting for katt, but he did not expect what happened. Fox nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw that it was callie wearing nothing but a towel. Fox felt real strange as callie made his way to him and said "fox, you have been a bad boy for what you did to us. Now you're going to pay." When she said that katt wrapped her arms around callie's waist and fox was scared as ever. Fox knew what they were going to do and saw them getting ready to pounce him to the ground. Before they could pin fox to the ground, he fell backwards and ran for the door. Fox ran to put his clothes back on, but found them missing. He heard giggling and saw katt and callie were looking for him saying "come on fox, you know you can't hide in here." Fox hid under a small table and kept quiet. He saw the girls footsteps as they came into view and didn't make a move. Fox watched as the feet came closer to the table, but when katt said "he's not here." Fox saw the leave and crawled out from the table. But as soon as he turned to the door, a pair of hands grabbed him by the ankles. He was tackled to the floor by callie saying "gotcha fox." Katt pulled him from his ankles onto the floor. Before fox could try to struggle free, he looked back to feel a pair of lips on his. He saw callie kissing him on his muzzle, but fox didn't say anything. Katt watched as and held back laughter as she saw the pair kissed. Katt looked at fox and said "I couldn't believe that you fell for that old gag." Callie got off fox and helped him up. Callie said "lie down the bed with your face down". Fox couldn't believe they pranked him. They pulled their towels off to show that they were in their bra and panties. Fox didn't say anything and lied down on the massage bed. He looked at katt and said "hey katt, why don't we go on a vacation to aquas? You know to get away from all this." Katt said "well fox, I hope that you can afford it, because I want to bring some friends." Fox placed his head on the pillow and slowly felt his muscles melt at callie's touch. Fox melted to her massage techniques and katt saw he was getting sleepy. Before he could drift to sleep, he looked at katt and said "you know katt, I hope falco does make a change. I also hope he gets a second chance." Katt looked at fox and said "fox, our relationship started with a date. Falco will be fine, so don't worry about him. Oh about our vacation, can I bring callie with us? You seem to enjoy her massage." Fox sighed and said "ok, but no pranks." Fox could only wonder what tomorrow would bring his way. Only time will tell.

The End.

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