Worlds should never bleed together



Part One

Willow was sitting outside on mother earth meditating as a fight was coming and as she opened her eyes. She saw three or four newborns around her force field and she stood up to see them banging on her bubble. She looked to the right and saw something very shocking, it was Tara who looked like what Willow looked like when she almost blew up the world. The force field was shrinking and the new bloods would about to break through then three tall werewolves came into the scenario. The new bloods all ran off and Tara just stood there. Willow looked at the wolves and knew since one of them was Jacob, she asked them to back off a little. Willow turned and walked to Tara.

"Hey baby." Tara said and Willow responded, "Tara. Your not Tara." "I haven't been Tara for one hundred years…" Tara said and added, "Ever since Buffy's enemies took you from me…" "Wait! How did you…" Willow asked and Tara responded in a whisper how doesn't matter… Willow touched Tara and moved her hair back, she felt how almost cold she was.

"My sister strikes again." Jessica in Dawn's body said and Willow was ready to zap her. "Don't do that Willow, I will have to hurt you and if she strikes kill her." Tara said and added, "I'm here to let this world know about vampires. They know about vampires in my world and if they show there faces, we ride them like ponies but humans make better pets." Dawn walked to Willow and Jacob growl, Willow held her hand up. "Switch sides…" Dawn said and Willow told her to fuck off. Dawn as Jessica walked away.

Jacob walked to Willow. "Get Buffy, protected Bella…One big evil for three allies.." Willow said and Jacob turned then got out of there. Willow disappeared.