Worlds Should Never Bleed Together



Part Four

"Can someone tell me what's going on?" Bill asked and Buffy responded, "My sister she could bleed realities together. She could pull anyone from anywhere and bring them here. Her mission is to make the whole world know there's a supernatural world." "Don't they all ready know?" Bill asked and Sookie has been reading thoughts…

"There would have been a time where that would but the volutris gain power at a point of the world and put the fear in any one vampire to come out into the human world." Sookie said reading the thoughts of Willow.. "I could read thoughts" Sookie said and Alice responded, "You would brought to help us turn back this challenge because if you don't Dawn will take from some more, it will cause…" "All worlds to bleed.." Buffy said and said in sadness and Sookie pulled out why… "She's your sister." Sookie said and Buffy would mind usually someone reading her thoughts but they would pulled from there world and so they get a few passes.

August walked in with an army. "Hello leeches and humans." August said and Buffy responded, "What do you want?" "This Dawn has an idea of bringing vampires to light and I hate you guys so we mingled." August said and Sookie responded, "IF your going to mingle bringing the end of the world is usually not the polite thing to do." "She's using you." Edward said and August responded, "Like you men are using your human fuck toy happy meals." "You will not referred to Sookie like that." Bill said and Edward with Angel agreed. One of the creatures jumped the gun and Jacob changed to tear him up viciously then took the body then fling it by August feet. The creature got up and reformed by the fire and the other that was split in half reform too…

"We fight at dawn." August said….