Authors Note: This idea came to me after watching Star Trek XI for perhaps the hundredth time and simply would not leave me alone, so I decided to write it down. It was first written in a notebook, and has now been edited and rewritten slightly in MWWP. So, please read, enjoy.

Curiosity DESTROYED the Spock

"It is not logical, but I cannot deny tha"

"You feel curious."

Spock deadpanned, a little more than inwardly irritated for being interrupted, by himself no less.

"Humans feel such illogical emotions such as curiosity, I however am Vulcan and do not." He demanded, dark eyes narrowing towards his older-self.

The elder Spock, who went by the name Selek, smiled faintly, something nearly unnoticeable if not for the trace of a twinkle in his dark chocolate eyes. He chuckled as he spoke.

"You are forgetting that we are half human." He stated simply. Spock did not, could not understand his older-self. How could he so blatantly show so many emotions and still call himself Vulcan? It was simply unfathomable. Selek gestured towards his younger counter part in silent urging to continue. Spock nearly sighed before continuing.

"When I melded with my captain in order to restore his memory and sanity, I witnessed, or glimpsed what you showed him when you melded with him on Delta Vega." Spock was subconsciously rubbing his hands along his thighs.

"Ah." Selek nodded, understanding, finally, why his counter part had come to speak with him while on a forced shore leave. "You saw the sparse few memories I shared with your Jim about my own Jim."

"And the obviously established relationship the two of you shared." Spock paused a moment. "Were you bonded with him?"

A hint of sadness and love surfaced in Spock Prime's eyes, causing the younger to shift uncomfortably. The older Vulcan's head bobbed slowly, confirming the younger's question.

"Yes, we were bonded. He was my humanity, my best friend…my T'hy'la. You cannot imagine how lonely and insignificant I feel without him. Sometimes I find myself reaching out to him through the bond. A bond that has been broken for many long years. It is illogical, but I still find myself doing it." His voice was thickened slightly and a glistening dampness had reached his eyes.

As silence over came them Spock bowed his head slightly, uncomfortable with the awkwardness that had befallen them. "I seek forgiveness Ambassador. I did not intend for my inquiry to cause you trouble of any kind. I apologize." He stated truthfully, bowing his head in respect.

The smile returned to the elder's features.

"There is nothing to forgive. I can see that you are merely curious about the memories I shared with your captain. It is understandable that you would also wish that kind of privilege. After all, it is natural to wish to understand."

Spock felt relieved at being forgiven for his thoughtless folly. "Is there anything in particular you would like to know?"

Spock remained momentarily silent as he considered his options before nodding sharply.

"Yes, were you and your captain always friends? When did the two of you meet?"

Selek was amused. He knew this was not in fact the most important question that would be asked from his counter part, but also knew that the most important was no doubt quite embarrassing. So, he decided to humor the other.

"Yes, Jim and I were friends from nearly the moment we met. When I met him, I had already served eleven years on the Enterprise under Captain Pike, and had returned to the Academy to wait out the days till I would board the Star ship again and meet an entirely new crew."

Spock lifted a hand, seeking permission to interrupt momentarily. He was acknowledged.

"Were you troubled by this change? By having to familiarize yourself with not only an entirely new crew but a new captain?"

"Yes, I was in fact a little troubled. Though back then I was to stubborn to admit it." He answered before continuing on with his story, sitting back and making himself more comfortable.

They were in the living area of Selek's home on New Vulcan, it was built in the common Vulcan style, with high ceilings, beautifully rounded arch's, glassless windows, and simple doors separating the outside world. There were no doors inside the home, which was made entirely out of hard mineral substances, with few colors save for deep mineral reds, tans and browns.

"Now spending my days at the Academy was the perfect opportunity to brush up on my studies on the Greek and Roman myths. Something that would come quite in handy later on in the future. While I studied in the library, where I spent most of my time, I would hear talk of a young, successful cadet who was training in the captaincy. Now, there were many successful cadets doing such training, but this cadet interested me. He was often referred to by odd and illogical nicknames beyond my understanding. The stack of books with legs, Knowledge waster officer. These nicknames were highly illogical, until I actually met this cadet." "I was sitting in the library, reading about Apollo when a shadow fell over me. I looked up, prepared to request the individual to move 5.7 inches to the his left, as not to block my reading light when I saw a tall stack of books seeming to hover in front of me. I recall being highly confused for a saw no body. I tilted my head and leaned down gazing under the table, in the most dignified manner I could to see a pair of red clad cadet legs. The nickname The stack of books with legs no longer seemed illogical."

"Not at all." Spock agreed. He to had sat back, making himself more relaxed. His legs were crossed and he was resting his head atop his hand. "I find the nickname quite logical."

"Indeed." Selek agreed before continuing. "I found myself quite perplexed by the cadet who was currently standing in front of me. His stack of books so high I could not see his physical being. But I found myself focusing when a voice came from the stack of books. "Excuse me, but would you mind if I studied here? Every other table is full due to the end of term exams." His voice had faltered, strained no doubt by the 70 lbs stack of books he held. "I swear I won't bother you in your studies." His voice sounded even more strained, and I could see the stack trembling slightly as his muscles struggled under the strain. I agreed, standing and relieving him of the stack, setting it down in three equal piles upon the table near the chair he would occupy. I found myself in silent wonder when I finally saw the cadet. He had full, thick dirty blond locks, fine slightly tanned skin, which was glistening with a thin layer of perspiration, warm hazel eyes that held some kind of spark and a mile that caused my heart to stutter in my abdomen."

The younger Vulcan hybrid noted the differences in his counterparts captain and his own. His captain had bright, baby blue eyes and notably brown hair. But one thing, or rather two things remained the same. Both captains had sparkling warm eyes and a smile capable of effecting even the most logical of beings. He blinked, quickly allowing his eyes to dart around while his older-self was preoccupied, wait, was he admitting that his captain effected him? Before he could give then notion to much thought the older continued. "Well, as you can imagine I belittled myself for my reaction. But I was once again distracted by the cadet. He smiled brightly. "Thanks so much! That stack was beginning to become overwhelming, I'm positive I would have dropped it soon." He said, wiping away the perspiration from his forehead with the sleeve of his red cadet uniform top.

"Your logic is quite sound." I had stated as he claimed his seat opposite myself, pulling a book towards himself and flipping it open at a seemingly random section.

"My name is James T. Kirk by the way, but my friends call me Jim." he said, introducing himself to me, smile never fading, hand out stretched in form of a human handshake. I recall eyeing his hand, marveling at how humans would 'shake-hands' as a form of greeting. The concept totally alien to me.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance I am sure James. My name is Spock." I greeted. I could see a hint of insult and disappointment in his hazel eyes as his smile falter for just a moment before the cadet quickly regained himself.

"So, do they not have last names where you're from Mr. Spock?"

His use of Mr. puzzled and delighted me. I was puzzled for I was only three years older than him, but I was delighted by the respect he showed me.

"Spock is my last name James." I stated, and foreseeing his next quary I continued. "You would not be able to pronounce my first name. And James, let me explain why I have dismissed your earlier attempt to greet me in your native way. You see James, I am from the planet Vulcan, and Vulcan's do not touch hands with others and avoid unnecessary contact if possible."

"Why?" He had questioned, honestly looking interested. His smile was gone and he wore an expression of serious contemplation and focus.

"Because we are touch-telepaths James." I answered simply before returning my gaze to my own book, though finding it difficult to concentrate on the myth of Apollo."

And we continued to get to know each other from that point on. We would read and study together. I would quiz him when he asked that of me, we even began meeting on weekends. Meeting in a rechall to play chess. I can freely saw now how proud I was when Jim graduated. He was the youngest being in History to ever graduate. He was the youngest being in History to ever graduate from Star Fleet Academy early. I'll admit as well that was thrilled when I learned he would be taking over captaincy for the Enterprise."

Spock frowned, fingers pressed against his temple. "You, Ambassador are quite fortunate to have had such a beginning with your captain. As illogical as it is I find myself jealous over your good fortune."

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