Why don't you love be back?

Kaito's pov

Why can't I stop crying. It is no longer a question. Just a statement. I don't know why. But everything burns. My lips from his kiss. My heart form our pain. My mind for being forced to replay everything over and over and over.

My family hates me now. They told me it was my fault that Len ran away. I still don't understand. I tried to ask Rin. She screamed and punched my chest. Miku stopped her before she tried to kill me.

I wonder if I should be sad that I made Rin mad, but all I can think of now is Len. Why did he run away? Why am I not helping find him?

I know why. My best friend had just kissed me, then said that he hated me. If I found Len, I would just hurt him more. The others will find him.

They are all doing that now. Meiko, Miku, Rin, Luka, Neru, Teto, and the others are out somewhere in the city looking for Len. Gakupo and Dell refuse to help.

Gakupo told everyone that Len just has to calm down and that he will come back on his own. Dell just doesn't want to help. He was one of Len's closer friends and he knows that the child can take care of himself.

Len has been gone for three days now, so I hope that Dell is right. Rin will kill me if Len doesn't show up soon. I don't blame her. What I did- which I still don't know what- must have been horrible.

I snuggled down farther in Len's bed. It smelled so good, almost like what he tasted like.

I mentally slap myself. I don't deserve to ever see him again. No one who hurts Len deserves him. No one, not even me. If Len comes back, then I will promise to apologize to the wrong that I have committed and then never get in Len's way again.

I started to cry. I don't want him to hate me. I don't want to have to stay away from him. This was Len that I'm talking about. The only guy other then me. We've been friends ever since he was created. We were almost always together. When did everything change?

When I started to like Rin.

I tried to stop the tears. I've never liked Rin before all of this. So why now? Why do I have a crush on my best friend's twin sister.

They may be twins, but neither of them are alike. So don't confuse your emotions of one with the other. I remember Meiko telling me that when I started to ask about Rin. I didn't understand what she meant.

But I do now. My heart clenched at what I had just realized. I liked Len. But it was too late now to ever tell him how I feel. Because he was gone. He hated me. He said so himself. Annoying questions swirled around my mind. I tried to ignore them. I need to talk with someone. Someone who doesn't blame me.


I forced myself off of Len's bed. I keep hold of his pillow, though. If he can't be close to me, then I will just have to make do with the pillow. I walk out of the house and stagger to Gakupo's place. I knock on the door. No one answers. I open it and walk in.

I doubt that Gakupo has any visitors, so I shouldn't be interrupting on anything. I close the door behind me and walk to the living room. I keep my eyes on the floor.

As I walked in, I heard a gasp from surprise. I look up to find what caused it. All I could guess was the blob on the couch hidden by a blanket. I sit down beside the blob. "Gakupo..." I whine softly. A grunt comes from under the blanket. I don't try to figure out what was wrong with him, I just start talking.

"And I'm so stupid! How could I have not realized that I liked Len? He must hate me not..." I finish ranting.

I had started to cry and I was growing hysterical. I could hear the blob sniffle every once in a while. I wonder what was wrong with the blob.

"I'm home!~" I look up. Gakupo. "What are you doing here?" He asks stiffly. "Who were you talking to?" I ask back. The blob sniffled.

"You need to leave." Gakupo tries to get me off his couch. I try to resist and and hand catches the blanket, moving it sightly. The man lets go of me and I fall onto the floor, but not before I see yellow hair. "L-Len!" I blush.

Len's head pops out of the blanket and he looks down at me. "I don't hate you, Kaito. You are just to stupid for your own good." His hand is under my chin, tilting it up.

He leans down and out lips meet for a second time. Everything is wonderful. He ends it this time. "Please don't tell the others where I am. If they ask, just say that I'm fine. I want to stay here for a while."

I think that there will be one more part to this.