A/N So, this is for anyone who thinks that the regeneration of Ten was the worst thing to ever happen in Doctor Who... with perhaps the exception of him leaving Rose behind the second time. I know it's short but I loved the idea and just had to write it.


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The Best of Them

"I don't want to go," quivering words escaped a doomed mans lips as his whole body shook in fear just a moment before his entire being was encapsulated in flames. A gasp escaped his lips and he silently wished someone was there with him so he wouldn't feel so utterly alone.

All throughout time nine other men, in the midst of varying degrees of battle, running and saving the world all stopped. Some were brought to their knees while others cried out in pain. It felt as though their very hearts were exploding or set on fire within them.

The ninth man, the one closest, was slowly sent into unconsciousness, his every fibre feeling as though everything had just gone wrong and it was something he'd never escape... something that, somehow, was still to come.

It only lasted them all a few seconds and then they picked themselves up and carried on in their endeavours but they always knew, though none could ever explain it, that something was different, irrevocably and wrongly so.

And as a new man took the olds place once again he felt the pain and he knew it wouldn't fade. He knew that for as long as he was to live, no matter the regeneration, he wouldn't be whole, nor happy, again.

As the TARDIS exploded around him he understood, it had started because of the regeneration energy but now the TARDIS, his TARDIS, was dying, was self-destructing, in sorrow because her Doctor was gone and this time it wasn't acceptable in any way.

They never knew what caused it, with the exception of the TARDIS and the new man, but they all knew and felt the same thing with no deviation; that the best part of themselves had been lost and would never return... and it made them sick.

A/N So, in case you didn't catch on the nine other men are the other Doctor's. I was going to make it longer and put in an explanation about how they were feeling it but I decided it's better like this, you don't always need an explanation.

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