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Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Title: Mistakes of Misawa: 1-26: Strategy Guide
Character: Misawa Daichi
Word Count: 100
Genre: General||Rated: PG-13
Challenge: alphabetdrabble: Misawa Daichi: acumen
Notes: acumen: keen insight, shrewdness.
Summary: Misawa, much as he might dislike it, is only human. He will make mistakes. Twenty-six mistakes and the consequences, good and bad, that came from them.

He'd done it! Fusion was sealed, and that rendered Juudai's entire deck useless! His opponent had a few minor combos in there, but all of Juudai's best tricks involved Fusion.

Warm satisfaction glowed in his stomach as he waited for Juudai's next move. Whatever it would be, it wouldn't be what Juudai had wanted. I threw off his whole strategy. After all the times that he'd seen Juudai do that to other people, this had been well worth the wait.

Once he won this duel, he would not only represent the school, but he would take that promotion to Blue.

The End