Kendall stared at his phone, just like he had been for the past two and a half hours, the same ten digits displayed on his phone screen, mocking him. He, the captain of the best freaking youth hockey team in all of Minnesota, could not, for the life of him, press the send button and hold the phone to his ear. What was he going to say? "Sorry I was such a horrible friend/boyfriend. You're right, I screwed up. Please take me back?"

Kendall paused. Actually, that sounded pretty good (okay, so it sounded pretty good compared to some of the other stuff Kendall considered saying). The blonde took in a breath and pressed 'send'. The phone rang once, twice, thrice. Kendall panicked, thinking that James would make him leave a voice mail (which everyone who had ever had the unfortunate moment of being left a voice mail by Kendall knew that he was horrible at leaving them.). And then, the line stopped ringing.

"It's about freaking time, Kendall Knight!" he heard James exclaim. "Do you know how long I've been sitting here staring at my phone waiting for you to grow a pair so that you could call me?"

Kendall chuckled, realizing that he and James were on the same page at the moment-they were both sorry for what had happened, and they knew the other hadn't meant the things that they said. They weren't perfect, and they'd still have to talk about it later, but they were good for now. "Probably the same amount of time I was staring at the phone waiting for my balls to drop so I could call you." He hears James' melodic laugh on the other end, and he knows everything is okay.


Okay, so I know that it's been a while. And I know that this chapter is short. But I've just lost interest in this story. While I was away, I was working on some original stuff, and I realized that I like writing my own stuff more. So I'm sorry for anyone who has fallen in love with story or even remotely likes it.

Fear not, though! I am planning on finishing the plot line that I had planned out, it will just move a lot faster than originally thought.

Xoxo UB