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It wasn't that Quinn felt guilty, exactly. Because there was no way on earth for her to experience that emotion, particularly when she hadn't done anything wrong. And there was no way in hell she'd ever feel guilty for torturing Rachel Berry. Berry was a freak, after all.

So…it was more like…pity. Yes, pity was a good emotion. You could feel that all the time, like when those commercials asking you to send money to third world countries so a kid could eat a can of soup came on. That was pity-worthy. And you could definitely pity a loser like Berry.

That was what Quinn decided it must've been. That feeling in the pit of her stomach that made her innards twist when she saw the look on Berry's face after admitting to drawing those pictures on the bathroom wall? Definitely pity, because Berry was pathetic, and that's why Quinn was going to talk to her in the hallway.

Not out of guilt or anything, or the actual desire to talk to her. This was just pity. Nothing more, nothing less. She'd be doing her a favor by deigning to be seen talking to her, and that would make up for the bathroom thing. Not that she felt like she needed to repent for that, because there was nothing wrong with what she'd done. Even if she'd felt so dirty afterward she'd taken three showers.

There was another thing, though…and that was that Quinn was also feeling…no, she couldn't be nervous. Being nervous about talking to Berry indicated that she felt something other than pity or loathing for her. And she didn't. She didn't care what Berry thought, so there was no reason to be nervous. Except that it might lower her social standing, so that was nervous-worthy. That and she had absolutely no idea what to say.

It wasn't like Quinn approached Berry on a daily basis. In fact, the only real talk they'd ever had was last week, when Berry came to her. And since then, they didn't talk to each other pretty much period. Even if it was only because Quinn wasn't calling her 'Man Hands' as much lately, but that was only out of loyalty to the other glee members. She'd promised herself she wouldn't be as mean to them as a whole, and that was why.

So now that she was actually going to pity-talk to her, she didn't know what to say. 'Hi' was a good way to start a conversation, right? Or a small (pity) talk session, since she didn't plan on sticking around long enough for it to become a conversation. 'Hi'…should I call her Rachel? No, too personal. If I say 'Man Hands', she'll just do her diva storm off. So 'Berry' will probably work.

Quinn wrung her hands and started the trek from her locker over to the argyle-clad girl's. It usually didn't seem this far. Okay, so…'Hi, Berry.' What after that? Should I ask how she is? No, that indicates too much interest. She might answer, and that could go on for days. Maybe I should just leave it at that. 'Hi, Berry.' And walk away.

She was at her locker now, but Berry hadn't looked up from her planner, which she was writing rapidly in. But she's probably going to expect something after that. Maybe she'll just keep talking after she says 'Hello' back. Then I won't have to say anything at all, my duty will be fulfilled, and I can pretend this never happened. Right?

Her stomach was twisting again. Must be the pity. Poor, fashion-challenged Berry. Maybe I should try to compliment her outfit…somehow. Let's see, same shoes as always, so that's out. Knee-high socks…God, she looks like Nancy Drew. This is impossible. Nothing she is wearing looks good. Well, the black skirt isn't bad, but complimenting that will make her think I've been checking her out or something. Which, ew. Besides, no one is going to check her out when she looks like that. Except maybe JewFro.

Quinn clutched her stomach when it lurched and she almost thought to run to the bathroom in case it was morning sickness—because it would be a bitch and strike at this exact moment. But her stomach calmed, and Berry tossed her planner in her locker, and Quinn took a breath to speak, and Berry shut her locker as she walked away without even noticing that the blonde was standing there. Quinn gaped after the girl.

What the hell just happened?