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There are worlds that exist beyond our own. Worlds we cannot see, hear, touch, or even dream about. Worlds that are infinite in number, and ones that seem to defy the long-established laws of our world. Every world is unique, and yet, one thing ties them all together.


I not only refer to a relationship between a married couple, or between a parent and child, or even between two friends. It all refers to how everything relates to one another. Be it through simple species interaction, how one affects another, or through a more complex but far more powerful method:

Love and Friendship.

In our world, without either of these traits, we would surely perish, gone the way so many other species on Earth had gone. In our world, turmoil reigns supreme, be it through violence, sadness, or worst yet, death. Long have people prayed for peace and love, yet it is a wish not even God himself can grant. The natural behavior of the Human race ensures that war and conflict, or pain and sadness, will never come to an end.

Cryptic and disturbing though my analysis may be, it is the grim reality. Despite this, I take no regret in my life. And that is because I have lived a happy life, with my loving family, and my best friends. I take my final legacy with contentment, knowing I have done my part in this otherwise cruel world.

Love and Friendship. They are the most powerful kinds of relationships. And far away, in another world, a young, lonely creature will experience the true meaning of these traits, and he will come to be the saviour of his world.

I am truly blessed to have witnessed his ordeal...

Pikachu sighed heavily. He had not been walking for more than an hour, and he was already flat-out exhausted. He stopped in his tracks, holding a small bag that was slung over his back, and sat down.

The electric mouse Pokémon, Pikachu, a yellow-furred creature with red pouches on his cheeks and a lightning bolt-shaped tail, looked all around as he tried to catch his breath. He was alone, on the side of a highway that was unnaturally quiet, and the air was almost maddeningly still, save for the occasional whoosh of a passing breeze. Pikachu sighed again and took a deep breath. The air was clean, much cleaner than what he was used to. He took advantage of the moment of peace, until finally coming to grips with his personal anguish, and he realized how hopeless it all was.

"I... I can't..." Pikachu moaned to himself, "I have no idea where I'm going... It's a huge, scary world out there... But... there's no way I can go back there though..." Pikachu's thoughts drifted to his former home in a massive place known as New Haven City. Life there was awful. He often had no money, as it was difficult for him to find a half-decent job. He had to mostly rely on welfare, but new jurisdictions and budget-cuts left him out to become a street-dweller, which is exactly as unglamorous as it sounds. He thought back to his childhood, his happy childhood, where his parents would always look and take care of him. If only it weren't for that time when... a terrible thing happened.

Memories of that horrible day came flooding back to Pikachu as he remembered the accident. His eyes welled up, and tears slid down his cheeks, causing a light discharge of electricity to leap from his cheek to the ground. Pikachu's parents you see had been involved in a tragic fire, when Pikachu was just a little Pichu. He went in to try and help his parents, despite the danger, and a Croconaw working with the Fire Brigade had to pull Pichu away from the burning building. The building soon collapsed after that, erasing any hope for the trapped victims. The fire went on for hours until it was finally contained, and a later search revealed no feasible remains. It was assumed Pikachu's parents - and many others - had perished. The cause of the fire was never determined, and Pikachu never recovered fully from the incident. He spent the next two years living on his own, until he finally lost hope in the government and left the City.

Pikachu scowled. "I hope those dirty, rotten government people burn too..." he mouthed softly, a hint of anger in his voice. He had lost faith in everyone but himself. That would soon change.

A distant noise caused Pikachu to look up, and he saw a small, rather old PokéWagen-model car, slowing driving down the road. Pikachu payed no mind to it, as he wanted to be left alone. So he buried his head in his arms and started silently mouthing curses to himself.

The car pulled up beside him and suddenly skidded to a stop with a sharp "SCRIIIITCH!". Pikachu didn't look up, as he was too busy thinking about his lousy life, the fire, and his parents all at the same time. The car door swung open, and a short penguin-like Pokémon with blue and light-blue colored skin stepped out, and cast a curious glance at Pikachu.

"Um... Excuse me?" the penguin Pokémon asked.

Pikachu didn't move an inch, so the Pokémon asked again.

"Hello? Are you even awake? HE-LLO?"

Pikachu slowly looked up, but only enough that his tear-filled eyes were barely visible.

"What do you want?" Pikachu asked, almost in a snappish tone.

"I-I... saw you here on the roadside, and, um, well..." the Pokémon replied, sounding both nervous and confused, "I... well... I thought that you wanted..."

Pikachu raised his head some more, but still kept his face mostly hidden.

"That... if you, want... a ride, somewhere..?" the Pokémon managed to say.

Pikachu raised his head fully now, exposing the fact that he had just be sobbing not long ago.

"Oh!" the Pokémon said, almost startled, "I didn't know... Umm, are you feeling okay? 'Cause you don't look it to me..."

Pikachu closed his eyes tightly and wiped away the tears, somewhat embarrassed and nervous. "I'm... fine... It's nothing. Nothing at all." Pikachu said, his voice breaking slightly.

The Pokémon scratched her head questioningly, but after a few moments of awkward silence she finally asked, "Okay... So, are you coming?"

Pikachu stood transfixed for a moment until he realized what she asked him.

"Huh? What? O-oh yeah..." Pikachu said feeling kind of dumb.

The penguin Pokémon motioned at Pikachu's bag and said, "You can put that bag of yours into the trunk," she said.

"Hmm? Oh, okay," Pikachu responded, and slowly walked to the rear end of the vehicle.

The Pokémon got inside and pulled a small switch which opened the trunk, unfortunately while Pikachu was leaning over it. He was sent back at least 2 metres from the resulting impact, and nearly got KO'd, as the trunk opened with a pretty darn good amount of force.

"Oh my Arceus!" the Pokémon shouted, jumping out of the car and rushing to Pikachu's side. "Are you okay? Are you hurt? Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh what in Mew's name am I going to do?"

Pikachu was dizzy and lightheaded from the sudden impact, and as soon as he regained his senses he immediately rubbed his face to help dull the pain.

"Grk... I'm fine... Don't worry about me, this stuff happens..."

"Oh thank goodness you're fine, I don't know would've happened if I accidentally KO'd you! What would all my friends think?" the Pokémon said, still worked up over what transpired.

Pikachu slowly got to his feet and rubbed his head, still echoing with pain. He picked up his bag, which was thrown off him during the impact, and casually tossed it into the trunk before closing it (and was very careful not to get hit again).

Pikachu and the penguin Pokémon both got inside the small two-seater PokéWagen, and they began driving off.

After a few minutes of silence Pikachu asked, "So, what's your name?"

"My name?" the Pokémon replied, "Well, my name is... Piplup. But some of my friends like to call me Pip for some reason..."

Pikachu couldn't help but snicker. "My name's Pikachu. No nickname, just... Pikachu."

A few more moments of silence followed.

"Soooo..." Piplup chimed, "What were you doing by the road?"

Pikachu wasn't sure how to answer the question. He simply hummed and hawed about it for a bit, trying to gather a proper but not too deep explanation.

"Well... Er... I simply wanted to get away from it all. From the City, I meant, of course," Pikachu managed to say.

"I see..." Piplup said softly, "So, have you thought about where you wanna go?"

Pikachu opened his mouth to say something, then closed it. Then opened and closed his mouth again. He could not answer the question. He had nowhere to go.

"...Nowhere..." Pikachu finally managed to say, a tone of depression easily traceable in his voice.

Piplup looked over at Pikachu, who looked clearly upset. "Don't you have a home... or a family even?"

Pikachu began to cry again, then quietly answered, "Neither... I've been on my own... for years... My parents are gone, my home is gone, and I can't afford an apartment anymore... so... I don't know what I'm gonna do..." he said, his voice cracking as the tears came.

"...Oh my goodness... I'm so sorry... But... please don't cry now, there's still hope!" Piplup said, hoping to encourage Pikachu a bit, but it didn't really help.

"Hope...? Feh... I've given up on that... I just wanna get away from that horrible place, New Haven. Away from that City. That's all that matters to me now. Too many bad memories there..." Pikachu said, lowering his head in sadness.

Piplup frowned, and looked away from him and began thinking. He's homeless, she thought, There must be something... Anything...

She suddenly smiled. "I know where to go," she said.

Pikachu, still fairly upset, looked over and gave her a wondering look, as if to ask, "Where?"

"Oh you'll see. You'll see..." Piplup said, as if she read Pikachu's mind. They continued to drive down the highway, until they passed a sign which read:


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