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Being the Bad Guy

A Trip to the Mall

No one's P.O.V.


Ikuto: 17

Utau: 16

Amu: 13


10 year old Hinamori Amu was playing with her best friends Utau and Ikuto. It was getting late so Amu decided to go home. When she got there her house was empty. There were no lights on and the television wasn't either. The next moment Amu found herself blindfolded and being led somewhere. Then, she blacked out.

Amu woke up in a pitch black room. Soon her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she saw an outline of a very tall person, it spoke, "We have you parents, work for us and they'll be safe.

"What did you do them? What did my family do to you?" Amu yelled.

"All in good time," is what he told her, "All in good time."

Then she blacked out again.

End of Flashback

A 13 year old Hinamori Amu was lying on her bed watching the birds fly in the sky and enjoying the morning. "One of the few times I'm not the bad guy is now." She mumbled to herself. It was really quiet that morning almost enjoyable. Hinamori Amu rarely enjoyed anything these days.

She turned to her side and looked at the clock, it was 7:30. Reluctantly she got up remembering that Utau was going to take her to the mall.

"Ugh, I hate going out into the public." She mumbled again. Amu hated being around people because of that day 3 years ago, she didn't trust them. The only 2 people she trusted now are Utau and Ikuto and she lived with them too.

Amu looked through her closet and found the outfit she wanted. There was a black tank top with white on the top and bottom with a white skull on the front. She also had black skinny jeans with black and white vans that matched the tank top. She put her hair in a messy pony tail held with a black X clip. (A/N: If you were wondering, her favorite color is black.) Now Amu was ready to go.

"C'mon Amu-chan you can't stay in the house all day. Tell you what; I'll buy you anything you want today alright?" Amu looked at Utau smiled weakly then nodded a yes.

As they drove to the mall Utau noticed Amu was smiling. She felt happy inside because it's rare to see Amu smile nowadays.

While walking through the mall Amu saw something that caught her eye. It was a bracelet with 4 charms. One charm was a heart; another was a spade, the one next to that a clover and the last one was a diamond.


Mommy, what game are you playing?

"This game is called poker, honey. Would you like to learn how to play?

An 8 year old Hinamori Amu listened and watched as her mother showed her how to play.

"…And if you look at the cards they either have a heart, spade, clubs, or diamond on it." Her mother said.

Then Amu's mother allowed Amu to try a few hands and was as good as a professional. Ever since then poker has been her favorite card game.

End of flashback

A small tear rolled down her face at the memory. Oh how she missed her mom. Where was she? Amu didn't know.

"Utau," Amu whispered softly but Utau could still hear her.

"Oh is that what you want? It's very pretty." Then Utau and Amu walked into the jewelry store.

After a few minutes of talking they bought the bracelet and Utau put it on Amu as they walked out of the store.

It was 1:30 and the girls started to get hungry. After a short discussion Utau headed towards a Ramen shop and left Amu on the bench waiting for her to return. As Amu waited she couldn't help but hear a girl start crying and talk to herself.

"Why, why did he break up with me?" Some random girl asked herself.

Hmm, a break up, Amu never loved someone that way and she never wants too.


When Amu woke up one day she found a letter, it read;

If you want your family to live you must create X-eggs. In order to do this, you must find someone who is weak, has given up, or has a broken heart then you turn them into an X-egg. Oh and don't worry about the whole stolen dreams thing, someone will purify it sometime.

End of flashback

Amu got up and confronted the girl. "This guy broke up with you and broke your heart didn't he?" Amu asked the girl. She looked up and replied, "Yeah so what are you going to do about it?" "Well, I can make it better." Amu put her hands into a box shape (A/N: Like when she unlocks her heart) then made an X and said, "Everything will be alright, just X him out of your heart." Then her hearts' egg came out and became an X egg.

She looked around to see if she could find Utau. Utau was sitting where Amu was sitting before she created the X egg.

"You didn't have to that you know. Today is like our day off." Utau said while slurping up some noodles. Amu did feel bad about the whole stealing dreams thing but if they couldn't deal with a minor setback then they deserve losing their egg. Well, that's what Amu thought anyway. Then she turned to Utau and said, "I know Utau but sometimes, I like being the bad guy." Then Amu started to slurp noodles too.

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