Author's Note:

Bella, Jaz and Max hold a special place in my heart, and it's taken me four years to finally give all three of them the happy ending they deserve! I'm pleased and proud to announce that finally, FINALLY, I've posted the last chapter in the last story, and this trilogy is complete!

Those of you who have been here since the beginning…sorry! I know it took forever For those of you just joining me, it's awesome to meet you! I'm not sure where you're hopping in, but if you haven't already I hope you'll stick around to read about Bella's change of heart in "Out From Under", Jazmine's story in "Here There Be Demons", the second story in this trilogy, and discover what's waiting for Bella, Jazmine and Max when they finally decide to go head to head with the Volturi in "Hell's Bells".

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