A Claire/Charlie fic.


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A/N: I actually got the idea for this after writing one of my Rookie Blue fics.

This takes place directly after the end of the series finale, focusing mainly on Claire, Charlie, and Aaron.

I hope you like this, I know I'll love writing it.

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Being together again ... it was an amazing feeling. With Aaron nuzzled softly against her, and Charlie by her side, Claire felt as though she were on top of the world. It might not have been what she expected, but she wasn't afraid. She knew that wherever they ended up, as long as they were together, they would be alright.

They stepped through those doors together, into the brilliant, bright light. She was filled with such a peaceful warmth - it was such a heady feeling. She looked down at herself, seeing that she herself was emanating bright light, and baby Aaron was too. He didn't wake from his slumber, though his body seemed to lay more fully against her.

A short time later - though it felt like an eternity in itself - they passed across a veil of sorts, and then color began flowing back before their eyes. They were in a cozy room, seeming to be the inside of a log cabin. They made their way through the house, taking in all that it had to offer. There were few belongings, but it held everything that they needed. Charlie's guitar, baby clothes for Aaron, and a wonderful rocking chair for Claire.

As they stepped outside, they were met with a lovely garden, filled with all the food that they would need.

It was a perfect place ... it was heavenly.

Time passed slowly, wherever they were, but they never minded. They were content to spend forever with each other, and Claire was happy that she would get to see her baby boy grow up nice and slow, not missing a single, wonderful moment.

From time to time, they saw the others that had crossed over. Each of them were living their own perfect life, somewhere in this new place that they had found.

Nothing bad ever happened, and they had not a thing to worry about, ever. It was a truly wonderful place they had found, and Claire was grateful that they had found it together. She loved her boys more than anything in the world, this one or the next.


The end.

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