strongTitle:/strong Disbelief

strongAuthor:/strong jiraiyasgirl

strongPrompt #177:/strongWe're a couple.

strongPairing:/strong House/Wilson

strongWord Count:/strong 443

strongRating/Warning:/strong T - for mentions of homosexuality

strongSummary:/strong Even when House tells the truth he still gets into trouble.

strongBeta:/strong None because I'm a lazy butt that waited way too long to write this!

strongDisclaimer:/strong House, Wilson, and all other characters belong to David Shore, Fox, etc….

It all started with a drunken threesome in Vegas a couple of years after they had met. The hot blonde they had brought back to their hotel with them wanted to see them kiss, said it would really turn her on, and to their intoxicated minds it sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately for her, they turned each other on so much she was quickly forgotten. That was Wilson's first foray into homosexuality, but to his great surprise that was not House's. House's response to Wilson's sputtered questions of who, what, where, and when was a shrug of the shoulder and a remark about growing up in countries where that kind of thing was no big deal.

Their dalliances throughout the years were infrequent, but always passionate and surprisingly tender. It always amused Wilson how affectionate House could be when no one was looking and House would have bet money that no one would believe that Wilson was the aggressor in bed. What truly surprised them both was that no one really suspected anything out of the ordinary between them. Sure there had been a few random rumors floating around the hospital, but no one actually believed those, especially since House had started most of them.

So when the day had come that they decided to give things a real go, not just the occasional romp as they had before, they found it very difficult to find anyone who believed them. First they had tried telling Cuddy who just laughed at them and then kicked them out of her office. The second time they tried telling House's team and all they got in return was a couple 'Sure's' and an eye roll from Foreman. By that point House was amused and Wilson was incredulous as to why no one believed him.

This went on like this until Wilson had gotten so fed up that he made an announcement from the very same balcony in the lobby that House had used to announce that he'd slept with Cuddy. Impetuously he had grabbed House's hand and shouted "We're a couple". When everyone watching had just shaken their heads and laughed Wilson snapped and grabbed House behind the neck and proceeded to kiss the life out of him. Now this had given their audience pause, but after a moment they composed themselves and paid the kissing doctors no mind. The only result that their futile showing of affection was that still no believed them and on top of everything else they received extra clinic duty. Cuddy blamed House for trying to incite a riot, and then chastised Wilson for encouraging House, saying he should know better.