Author's Note: This came out of a bout of nostalgia when I was watching an old favorite show of mine, Road Rovers. And, thus, this fic was born and it's for the cliché challenge, taking both the werewolf and m-preg cliché. Also, I'm not quiet sure the science and vet medicine is one hundred percent right, but I tried my best. Please try to ignore any inconsistencies with modern practices and I borrowed the idea of them being able to change with clothes from the books series Animorphs. Also, at the end of this chapter, I have the cast and which dog they are, so please, feel free to Google the dog breeds. I hope you enjoy this fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh; I just own the idea for the plot.

Warnings: Lemon, blood, male-pregnancy

Experimental Werewolf


He whimpered, slowly opening his eyes before shivering. This wasn't right. The shape of his den, the smells, the sounds; none of it was right. He rolled onto his stomach, tensing at the feeling of something around his neck. He growled, trying to turn his head so that he could see what it was. From the position and scent it reminded him of those thing others of his kind would wear; the ones that were attached to a human.

He twisted, trying to get at the thing around his neck so he could bite through it, snarling when the angle made it impossible to reach. He turned his head back around, turning in the small space that he was given to try and claw it off; slumping when he realized that he couldn't get it off that way. Shifting around the small den that he had been given, he found a place to lie down on the cold metal, settling himself down to wait. Patience was something that he had a lot of, coming from his life on the streets.

He must have fallen asleep because when he opened his eyes everything had changed. He licked his lips, realizing that he was thirsty. Trapped as he was, there was no way to get water. He looked around his new den, disappointed when there was no water. He huffed and turned to focus on the room that he could see through the grate at the front of his den.

There was movement in the room, some of it coming from the shadowed dens on the other side of the room. He tipped his head before standing up, yelping as his head hit the top of the den. He sunk back down, tipping his head to the side to see what he had hit before wiggling forward so he could better see out of the grate.

His ears pricked forward as he listened to the other sounds in the room. There was the soft drone of a human contraption, but that was almost drowned out by the sounds of other dogs; other dogs moving around or crying. He growled to himself, shifting so his side was pressed against the grate to test how far he could look into the room, disappointed when his line of vision was restricted.

He slumped back to the ground, absently scratching at the thing around his neck, slowing the movement of his back leg as the sounds suddenly stopped. His eyes moved to stare at the door as it opened, two people walking into the room. The first person was carrying something, dumping the thing on the table in the center of the room and leaning over it. The second human moved quickly to the front of the thing, staring at it before looking up at the other person, speaking the strange language that the humans spoke. He couldn't understand it, but he could tell the emotions behind the voices.

One was nervous and one was uncaring.

The nervous man was gesturing wildly, pointing at the thing on the table then the dens that were set up around the room, the uncaring man just shrugging, prodding at the thing before hissing. The suddenly became silent, the two of them staring down at the thing before looking up at each other. The nervous man went to touch the thing, the second man pushing him away, taking something from around the thing's neck before tossing it carelessly aside.

He moved back from the front of his den, staring at the thing as it knocked against the front, standing up partially to look at it as it fell to the floor. His attention was attracted by the men as they stared talking again, the uncaring man speaking despite the fact that the nervous man was obviously trying to tell him something. The argument continued for a time until the uncaring man shouted, knocking aside one of the metal things on the table.

He scrambled back as the metal bounced on the floor, his breaths coming quickly as the two men stared at each other before the nervous man backed down, walking out of the room. The uncaring man watched him go before picking up the thing on the table and storming over to one of the empty dens, throwing the thing inside and locking it in. The man then picked up a flat thing, seeming to be staring at something on it before walking down the row of dens, quickly finding whatever he was looking for. The flat thing was put up and the man reached into the den, pulling out another dog.

This one was white, like the other one had been, and it was struggling, looking incredibly frightened. The man attached a long lead to the thing around the dog's neck, placing the dog on the ground before beginning to walk out of the room, the dog scrambling at the slick floor as it shouted. "No! Save me, please!"

The man yanked the dog out of the door before the door slammed shut behind them. He took the chance to creep to the front of his den, unnerved by the sudden silence that filled the room. He turned his head, watching the thing that had been shoved into one of the dens, slowly realizing that it was a dog, but it didn't smell like a dog, not completely. He watched it for a while before turning his head away, realizing that it was probably dead, so it was nothing to worry about.

Instead, he watched the door, waiting for something else to happen. It was obvious from the way that the other dogs went back to whatever they were doing that this was normal. He sighed and laid down, resting his head on his paws, staring out into the room and wondering what he had done for this to happen to him.

He had lost track of time, no longer able to see when the sun or moon was up. He was trapped in this small room, inside his small den, with other dogs all around him. At first, it had been annoying. He had been used to being on his own, mostly by his own choice, but he had gotten used to it. As he had quickly gotten used to the monotony.

Twice a day food was shoved into his den, the food dry and disgusting tasting, but it was the only thing that they got. Sometimes, if they were lucky, some of the men who wore thick black things on their arms and moved clumsily around the room, a piece of meat would be among the food. But you saved that piece of meat for last. Water was pushed in four times a day. And that was the only schedule that he knew, the monotony close to driving him crazy.

The monotony was only broken when the uncaring man came back into the room, taking a dog away. Sometimes the dogs came back. Most of the time they did not, the man just walking back in for the next dog. The white dogs that he had seen taken and brought back his first day in this hell were both alive, the second one had been one of those lucky ones that had come back. Neither of them had moved for a while before they had started to move around, remaining quiet.

The only other thing that broke the repetition was when they had brought in another dog. He had been at the front of his den at this time, watching from when the uncaring man had led out another, thick coated dog away, mentally debating whether that dog would make it back alive. The last three had all never come back.

The door had opened too soon for it to be the uncaring man to be back, so he had remained alert, watching as a large dog had been dragged in by four humans, the dog fighting the entire time. It had taken all four humans to cram the dog into his new den, leaving the dog to pace and snarl. But the snarls had soon stopped.

He shifted, crossing his paws before resting his muzzle on them, still staring out into the room. It was the only thing he could do now, stare into the room and wait for his food and water. Or wait to be dragged out of his den so they could clean it. He sighed, letting his eyes fall shut.

He wanted to get out of this hell and back to his streets. His territory and reputation would be in shreds by now, but he could always fix that easily. He was stronger and faster than most of the other dogs in the area. All he needed to do was fight his way to the top again. After all, he had done it once.

His stomach rumbled, reminding him that it had been a while between the feedings. He snarled to himself and glared at the door. Even on his worst days on the street, he had always managed to find something to tide him over, even if it did come to hunting pigeons. He looked up as the door opened, hoping that it would be the people with food, but he froze at what did come through the door.

Never had one of the dogs returned under their own steam. Not only was this one conscious, but it was putting up a fight. He leaned forward a bit, watching as the dog was dragged into the room, shivering at the insane laughter that came from it. The uncaring man cursed, fumbling with something before pulling a muzzle out into the open, fighting to put it on the dog before he began to drag it to its den. The dog snarled, alternating between the threat and the insane laughter that was putting him on edge.

Finally, the dog was thrown into the den, the sound of its insanity muffled by the metal and the distance. Still not sure that he was safe, he peered out, watching the uncaring man look around the room before staring at him. He shivered and backed up until he hit the back of the den, turning his head to stare at the metal before looking back to the front, growling as the man reached in. He bared his teeth as a threat before reaching out to bite the man, missing as he was hit on the head. He reeled, the disorientation lasting long enough for the man to tie the lead to the collar around his neck before he was dragged from the den.

He tried to dig his claws into the floor, whimpering as they easily scrapped over it before he was dragged towards the door. He snarled and backed up, shaking his head to wiggle free from the collar, coughing when it tightened, but didn't come loose. He looked up at the man, yelping when he was jerked forward, the move forcing him to his feet and pulling him towards the door.

He dug his claws in again, being pulled to the door even as he fought. He would not be taken like this. He would find a way to escape and get back to his life on the street. He didn't want to stay in this hell and be tortured like this, he wanted to go home. He snarled and shook his head, trying to back away again, but he was distracted by the sound of laughter. He looked over at the den where the insane dog had been placed, shivering at the dark purple eyes that watched him.

"Away you go. You're not coming back. You're not coming back." The dog burst into laughter again, leaning on the grate in front of the den, never allowing him to break eye contact. "Bye-bye."

"No, wait!" His voice cracked as he spoke for the first time in what seemed like forever. "Help!"

"Too late for you; too late! Not coming back!"

He scrambled for purchase on the slippery floor as he was dragged out of the door, barking as the door shut behind him. He stared at the door before lunging for it, yelping as he was kicked in the side, stumbling until he hit a wall. He stared up at the uncaring man, shocked that such an action had been taken against him. Before he had time to retaliate, he was being dragged down the hall.

He went back to fighting, snarling as the man continued to ignore him, wanting nothing more than to shout insults at the man, but he had to save his breath for fighting. He was not going to be killed or changed into a raving lunatic like that other dog nor was he going to slip into the silence of the others. He was going to fight until the end.

Another kick was dealt to him, sending him tumbling towards the wall again, slightly dazed as he was dragged the rest of the way down the corridor and tossed into the room. He scrambled up to his feet, lunging for the man but he was stopped as someone else grabbed him. He snarled and turned his head to snap at them, yelping as he was dragged towards the pillar at the center of the room, the collar around his neck attached to the chain that ran from the pillar. He glanced back at it, trying to figure a way out when he heard the door slam, tensing as silence descended on the room.

He began to pace after a moment, whimpering as he realized that something was going on. No matter how much the humans tried to clean up, they couldn't quite get rid of the smell of other dogs. That smell and the scent of death. He snarled and moved as far away as the chain would allow him, wanting to get away from it.

The soft drone of the human's machines cut of abruptly, the sudden complete silence making him tense. He turned his head toward the door, tongue lolling out as he panted. Then there was the soft whine of something warming up before pain rushed through him.

He screamed, falling to the floor and writhing as his limbs felt like they were being set on fire. He felt his bones begin to twist awkwardly, his screams suddenly stopping as his throat became raw. He had been without water for too long to be able to keep up any sound. Eventually, weak from the pain and lack of food, he could only twitch as the pain began to roll through him, closing his eyes.

It was no better not being able to see; he just had to lay there as let the pain roll through him, barely aware of what was happening around him. Soon, it became all too easy to just tune out what was going on with him as well. It was all too easy to just want to float away and leave. After all, his body would be useless after this; there was no way that he was not physically harmed from so much pain. There would be no way to escape and no way to win back the life that he had. It would be better to give up than to live as a cripple. Cripples died alone and ignored, and he didn't want to end up alone, not like that.

He had been a loner by choice, not because the others had labeled him an outcast.

He moaned as the pain came to a stop, partially relieved and disappointed when he realized that he was still alive. He allowed himself to rest on the floor, feeling the tingling in his limbs slowly fade away before he pushed himself off the ground, his legs trembling oddly before giving out. He caught himself before he could fall, panting for breath as he realized something. None of his limbs were working right. Everything seemed out of place.

He was ready to sink to the floor again when he heard the door open, forcing his eyes open before he turned to look, watching one of the men rush in, but his mind was too muddled to figure out whether it was the nice one or the man who had dragged him here.

The man helped him up, guiding him over to the pillar to sit before turning to glare at the other person who stood at the door. "You said that that other one would be the last!"

"And he is."

"No!" The kind man shook his head. "That white dog, the one that you did this to weeks ago. That was going to be the last!"

"I didn't expect either of them to survive." He heard the man crossing the room, trying to glare through his unfocused eyes. He didn't have any strength to pull away from the uncaring man as he squatted beside him. "Hm, it does appear that withholding food and water from them lowers the chance of death from the radiation. Interesting."

"You've starved this one!"

"Not starved."

"It means the same thing and you know it! You promised me that you had stopped these inhumane experiments." The kind man stood up, glaring at the uncaring man the uncaring man just brushing off his sleeve before standing up again.

"To be able to continue with your advances I must continue with these so called 'inhumane experiments'. Or would you rather have everything you are working for coming to nothing? My side of this company is the half that supplies the money for your side. It's amazing we stay afloat because of the way you are draining us."

"Just because I refuse-"

"I have no time for this." The kind man was cut off, the uncaring man glaring down at him. He shivered and pressed himself back up against the pillar, wincing as he realized that it was cold. He looked up at the uncaring man, waiting to see what would happen. "Can you understand us?"


"Good. Return to your original form."


"Do as I say!"

"He doesn't know what you are talking about!" The kind man turned to look back at him, kneeling beside him again. "Do you know where you are?"

"It's where he takes the others."

"Good. Do you know what you are?"

He blinked at the statement, tipping his head to the side. "I am what I have been since my birth."

"No, not anymore. You've changed."

"Changed?" He looked down at himself, his eyes widening as he slowly realized what had went on. He didn't have any fur covering him, which was why he was shivering, and everything was placed wrong. He looked nothing like he once had. He looked…human. He gave a whimper and looked up at the kind man. "What happened?"

"Success." The uncaring man answered instead. "Now change."

"You made me like this." He growled and stood up slowly, unused to the balance that standing on two legs required, but he managed to do it. He would not allow himself to be intimidated by this man. "You altered me so that I am no longer as I was. I cannot change myself back."

"If you can't, then you are of no use to me." He stared at the uncaring man, blinking in confusion before turning his head away. He was forced to look back at the uncaring man the next moment, the man glaring at him. "You will change back before I kill you!"

"You can't!"

"Shut up!"

He lunged forward as the uncaring man went after the kind man, choking as he reached the end of the chain. He reached up to claw at the collar around his neck before snarling, wanting nothing more than to rip the uncaring man to shreds for what had happened to him. Then he felt it, like something sliding back into place, and he was changing again.

Bone and muscle shifted until they had righted themselves, sliding back into their normal places as he was forced back to the ground. His limbs quivered for a moment, weak from the sudden change before he forced himself to stand upright, still snarling at the uncaring man. He watched as the man paused, looking at him for a long while before laughing. "I guess you could do it after all."

He forced himself not to show the surprise on his face, remaining on guard as the uncaring man tied the lead back on, releasing him from the chain and beginning to drag him back down the hallway. He struggled this time, trying to bite through the lead to escape, only to be slammed into a wall, the uncaring man's hand around his muzzle. "Learn to respect me or you will regret it."

"Respect is earned."

"Not here." He was let down from the wall and shoved into the room where all the cages where. He shook his head at the introduction of the new word before he was shoved into his cage, the lead taken from him before the door was locked. He turned to snarl at the uncaring man before his attention was taken by the laughing dog from before.

"So you survived. You became like the rest of us."

"I didn't want to."

"But you are strong. You lived. So few of us live in this room."

He snarled pawing at the grate. "What are you talking about?"

"Can't you smell the death in the room?" The dog laughed, backing into the shadows of his cage. "No one else will live."

The insane dog was right, none of the other dogs survived after him, the uncaring man either killing them in the room or starving them to death trying to find the proper balance. There were only six of them left, all six of them living off the scarce food that they were given, waiting for the moment that they would be dragged out and never return and listening to the few moments that the insane dog had to rant. Surprisingly, the insane dog kept to himself, probably because the dog didn't have the energy to do anything else but exist. He was quickly getting to that point himself, spending most of his days sprawled out on the metal floor of his cage, staring out into the nearly empty room.

For the first week after his transformation, he had been afraid that he was going insane, the sudden input of new words, concepts and colors flooding into his brain. His other senses had remained the same, maybe a little bit improved, but that was probably because of whatever they had done to him to get him to turn into a human. But it had been stressful, trying to sort out everything and deal with it, especially the sudden understanding that he could speak and understand the human language, his vocal cords allowing him that much.

Now, there was just mind numbing monotony, leaving him wishing for a way out. Anything happening was better than just remaining here at the mercy of that man. His upper lip curled at the thought, forcing the snarl back. He didn't have the energy for a display of anger, which was probably what the uncaring man was counting on. If they couldn't fight back, then he could do whatever he wanted to.

He perked up as someone came rushing into the room, standing up as he recognized one of the men, his senses still too muddled from the change to recognized which one it was. But, then again, they must have done something to themselves in the first place because he had almost never been able to recognize one from the other. He watched with interest as the man began to unlock the cages that held the dogs that were still alive, urging them to leave.

He stepped back as his own cage was opened, waiting until the man had passed before he stepped out onto the floor, watching as the other dogs ran out. But he remained behind, turning to look as the man let out the insane dog, removing the muzzle. He shifted nervously under the gaze of those dark purple eyes before he turned and ran, listening to the insane dog race after him, following the others down the twisting corridors. He increased his speed as he heard the sound of people shouting, quickly outrunning the two white dogs as hit began to sprint.

He dodged around the golden retriever, glancing back to see that the insane dog was easily keeping pace with him, running just off his left side. He blinked at that, shaking his head before concentrating on reaching the still open door before the people realized what was going on. He was momentarily distracted by the sight of the husky running in front of him glancing back and growling. He slowed for a moment before taking the challenge; besides, it would be a smart move to get out of here as fast as possible.

He flattened his ears and picked up his speed, paws slipping a bit as they came in contact with the floor, but he began to gain ground, easily catching up with the husky. He gave the husky a smile before forcing himself faster, trying to make it appear effortless even as his breath came in quick pants. He pulled away, partially aware of the insane dog trying to keep pace even as the husky tried to gain back his lead. He was about to turn and growl at the husky, the idea put out of his mind as he was forced to focus on the route of escape.

Two people rounded the corner at a run, taking a look at the six of them before rushing to shut the door that led outside. He growled, deciding to take out the one on his right, slowing a bit to do so, when the insane dog rushed forward, tackling the person on his left, the husky repeating the maneuver on his right. He hesitated for a moment before rushing to the door, shouldering it open wider before darting through, standing guard as the three others ran past. He was about to run after them, but something told him to stay, waiting until the insane dog and the husky had escaped before going to catch up with the others.

Ahead, the larger white dog was sniffing around, pausing before taking off in one direction. As one, they decided to follow it, racing along the fence until the dog stopped, staring at a spot before pawing at the ground. The golden retriever bounded up to dig at the spot when the gate close by swung open, all six of them backing against the fence.

Headlights on the front of a car flashed before the car was stopped, a man with long aqua hair scrambling out of the driver's seat before opening the back door of the car. "Come on!"

They all looked at each other for a moment before they began to rush for the car, the smallest white dog having to be nearly thrown into the car. He was the last one in, scrambling up into the front seat, much to the annoyance of the husky. But, instead of challenging him, the husky just growled before sitting. He glanced back at the husky before he was distracted by the appearance of the driver, pressing himself back into the seat as the man quickly spun the car around and sent it speeding out of the enclosure.

For a while, they traveled in silence, the man glancing back at his rearview mirror many times before finally relaxing, slowing down a bit and glancing back at the dogs. "Alright?"

There were muffled grunts of agreement before the driver focused back on the road. He stared at the man for a while before speaking. "Why did you save us?"

"Because what my brother was doing was wrong." The driver's hands clenched on the steering wheel for a moment before he forced himself to relax. "The police were coming because I reported what he was doing, I didn't want to be a part in it anymore. But they would have killed you all because they would think that you were in too much pain or contaminated. My brother would have found a way to get rid of all of you and I couldn't let that happen."

"Where are you taking us?"

"Somewhere safe. I'll feed you and let you get some rest before we move on."

"To where?"

The driver sighed, glancing at the rest of the dogs through the rearview mirror before looking back at him. "I was hoping that you would help me."

"Help you." The husky gave a cold laugh. "Why would we help the person who was part of that?"

"Because I'm going to end it. Just think, no more dogs treated like that and my brother shut down. I don't think you will ever be normal, but you could help others."

He turned to glare at the husky, watching as the dog turned away before he looked back at the driver, speaking for all of them since no one else had argued. "We will help you."

"Good. We'll rest for the night before taking you to Domino City." When he tipped his head to the side, the driver proceeded to elaborate. "Gekkou, my brother, has another one of his labs there. I plan on traveling to the other holding areas and creating teams of dogs to watch over his labs in the cities."

"And the plan?"

The driver smiled. "We'll place you in homes or on the streets to keep your eyes and ears open. I'm almost sure that Gekkou will evade the police this time and will start in one of the other places. Hopefully, the holding areas will be clear by then."

He nodded, glancing back to see if anyone else had a problem with the plan. His gaze lingered on the husky before the dog gave a reluctant nod. He turned back to front. "Then we will help you."

The man smiled, easing the car to a faster pace. "Thank you."

Akhnamkanon sat up as the doorbell rang, glancing over to where his daughter struggled through her homework before standing up from the table and walking to answer it. He moved through the hallway of the modest house, his gaze lingering over the picture of their family before turning away, opening the door. He blinked in surprised at the man who stood there, distracted by the slightly wild eyes and the aqua hair.

The man gave him a smile before reaching out to shake his hand. "I'm Yakou Tenma. We spoke on the phone about adopting a dog?"

"Oh yes, one of the dogs from those labs."

Yakou nodded before digging in his pocket for papers and pulling them out. "Here are his papers certifying him as clean from anything harmful. But there is one thing that I want to warn you about." Yakou looked around before glancing at the ground. "I'd rather not speak about it out here."

Akhnamkanon blinked before gesturing for Yakou to come it, stepping to the side and letting the man in. His eyes widened as he saw the dog that waited behind the man, hesitating before looking up at Akhnamkanon. Unsure of what to do as he stared into the red-brown eyes of the dog, he gestured for the animal to enter, watching the dog's tail give a wag before it trotted into the house. He followed Yakou and the dog into the kitchen, watching as Mana looked up and gave a squeal.

"Is this him?" He nodded, Mana squealing again before dropping to her knees beside the dog, the animal looking confused before allowing her to pet him, slowly warming up to the girl until his tail was wagging constantly as she scratched him behind the ears. Mana giggled before hugging the dog. "He's perfect, Daddy."

Yakou cleared his throat, drawing Akhnamkanon's attention away from his daughter and the dog and back to the man. The papers were carefully set on the table before the man turned to look at Akhnamkanon. "About two years ago the army asked for my brother and I find a way to provide more soldiers without making it appear as if there were more humans. My brother had the idea to use dogs, finding a way to use radiation to force their DNA to switch to a half state between human and dog, allowing them to change freely back and forth. Sadly, these experiments were horribly inhumane. Now, the radiation is harmless but he can change into a human and understand all we are saying. Right?"

The dog gave a slow nod. "Some of it."

Akhnamkanon was started at the deep voice of the dog, watching as Mana stared at the dog before scooting a little further away. The animal looked at both of them before looking up at Akhnamkanon, the man slightly disturbed by the way the lights in the kitchen seemed to bring the red out in the dog's eyes. "I am here to help others that might fall into Gekkou's trap and I would be honored and eternally grateful if I was allowed into your home. In return, I would protect your pup and belongings to the best of my ability."

Akhnamkanon shook his head, not in response to the dog's statement, but to the fact that he could talk. He looked back at Yakou, the man sighing and leaning slightly on the kitchen table. "Please, he needs a place to stay. I know that the talking thing is a bit odd, but he's a good dog. And, if you don't want him as a dog, I have the adoption papers for one teenage boy."

He turned to look back at his daughter and the dog, watching as Mana carefully scooted closer to the dog before resting a hand on his head, staring into his eyes before looking up at her father. "Daddy, can he stay?"

And he was caught at that. He couldn't resist Mana when she was like that. Part of him wanted the dog, needing something else to fill the silence of the house, the empty space that his wife had left behind. Besides, the dog could always protect Mana, which would ease his fears a bit as she was growing up and spent a lot of time home alone. There was a plus in having a dog that could actually speak to the police or any emergence service.

He finally nodded, turning back to the table. "We'll take him as however he wants to be."

"I'd prefer a dog, but I could always change to suit the situation."

Mana laughed, throwing her arms around him in a hug. The dog gave her a strange look, tilting his head to the side as she pulled back. "Do you have a name?"

"I…" The dog shook his head. "Not that I recall. Some of my memories were lost when I was experimented on. My name is lost to me."

"Oh." Mana stood up, walking around the dog before looking up at her father. "Dad, what should his name be?"

"His papers say that he's a Pharaoh Hound." Akhnamkanon laughed. "Like we needed another Egyptian in this family."

Mana pretended to pout, Akhnamkanon ignoring his daughter's look by staring at the dog. The animal pulled himself up straighter under the scrutiny, meeting Akhnamkanon's eyes. Finally, he shook his head, a smile on his face. "Atemu."


"Yes, Mana. Can't you see he's got the mind and manners of a pharaoh? So he will be given a pharaoh's name." Akhnamkanon smiled before leaning over to sign the adoption papers, standing up straight as Yakou looked them over before nodding, handing him the appropriate copies of everything.

"You are now the proud owner of one rescued Pharaoh Hound. Take care of him." Akhnamkanon escorted Yakou to the door, letting him out before locking he door and walking back into the kitchen, sitting down in a chair and watching as Mana reluctantly returned to her homework. His gaze drifted from her to Atemu, who had settled down on the floor of the kitchen, watching the two of them with a content look on his face.

Alright, as promised, the list of the cast and what dogs they are. I apologize for not describing them too often in the fic, but I felt like it would bog it down too much. Yami-Pharaoh Hound, Ryou - English Cocker Spaniel, Joey -Golden Retriever, Marik –Vizsla, Seto- Siberian Husky, Bakura - American Eskimo Dog, Yugi - Shiba Inu, Malik - Ibizan Hound.

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