You Found Me: Having Trouble Saying The Words



Part One

It was August 2010, Jason had just been released as he opened the door. He saw the sign of welcome home. It was his partner in crime Sam McCall, his best friend and girlfriend of Sam's Carly and his girlfriend Greenlee Symthe…

When Greenlee went over the cliff it was Jason who found her and thanks to Patrick Drake also Robin she came out of the coma. Greenlee found out what Ryan and Erica did, she crashed the system and moved to Port Charles. She's been thinking of a business but still hasn't been inspired.

"I hope my dad and Diane got you out forever." Greenlee said and Jason confirmed they did. Spinelli came rushing down and heard the news. "Miss Greene and I have had our prayers answered for this moment Stone Cold…" Spinelli said and Greenlee agreed. "We want to take you out tonight and your not getting out of it." "Guys…" Jason tried to get out of it…

"Carly is right and I'm not just saying this because she's my boss….for now." Greenlee said and Carly gave her a look. "Carly is right you need a night out." Sam said and Jason got them to agree to stay here.