You Found Me: Having Trouble Saying The Words



Part Three

Jason walked over and asked to speak to Carly. Sam took Greenlee aside and Carly promised Jason that nothing else is going to happened. "Nothing else." Jason said and added, "What did you do?" "I just prove that the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.." Carly said and Jason talked about Michael being there and what did she exactly do. She told him…Greenlee expressed that was crazy to do that and Sam asked Carly, can she still stop her? Carly reluctantly told Sam where Brooke-Lynn was…Sam ran and Carly left behind her….

Jason then took his jacket… "You want to go.." Jason said and Greenlee was wondering if he was going to go after Carly. He told Greenlee that he wanted them to go away besides he knows Carly and Sam enough to know they would acting.

Sam and Carly decided to have there own party. They went into there hotel room and Carly sat on the couch then Sam pull down Carly's panties..

"Do it." Carly said and Sam snuck her fingers in Carly's pussy. "Oh Dante, how can you cheat on me?" Sam reenact what was going to be said and Carly was feeling her fingers. "I'm sorry Lulu but I was drugged and Brooke-Lynn is hotter." Sam did Dante's New York's accent. "I would have married you." Sam did Lulu's part again and then did Dante's, "I know but I was drugged and wait was that Viagra.." Sam went down on Carly and she was hitting all kinds of orgasms.. Sam lick her harder and harder. Carly then strip Sam down and Carly looked at Sam..

"I love you because you like me in so many…" Carly screamed another orgasm and Sam responded, "I love you too…Marry me.."

Greenlee and Jason went to the cabin. It was so pretty and not pink or too lovely. "It's beautiful Jason." Greenlee said and added, "You know a hitman with this much…" "It's all for you." Jason said and Greenlee had her head down because she had a couple of tears. Jason comfort her..

"Don't ever do that again because I was so alone without you.." Greenlee cried a little more and they would getting close. Greenlee never knew how much Jason really meant to her until he was in jail.

"I love you big jerk because your not like anyone I met, your way better. So romance me all ready." Greenlee said and Jason responded, "I would but your still talking."