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I've been wanting to write a Peter White fic but i could never think of what to write it about. Then, i listened to Every Heart (the korean ver) and i thought about it. If Peter is obsessive about Alice, why is that? I've never really thought about how serious he could ACTUALLY be about her cuz hes always so silly about it. THAT was until i wrote this!

Not sure if I'm really a Peter X Alice fan but it would be interesting if it worked out that way :D

hope u like, enjoy reading~

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Every heart yearns for love, but how is a clock any different?

When Alice talks so passionately about a delicate human heart's emotion, how is my clock inconsistent?

Though my clock ticks differently when she's around, though MY clock skips a beat when I see her smile, how is that unalike?

Does a heart know the pain of being replaced countless times?

When a heart beats, does it feel warmer than the cold hands of a clock?

If I was able to make her smile, or make her heart skip a beat, I wouldn't mind my clock being smashed to pieces after.

But does her heart pace faster when she sees that man?

What is it about Dupre that makes her head turn so fast?

Why does he catch her eye?

The more I try to get closer to her heart, she pushes me farther away.

Even if I try my best to show her my affection, where will that lead me?

In my rabbit form to catch her attention?

Killing several other innocent castle guards to at least get her to scold me?

I wouldn't mind sacrificing another few replaceable faceless guards for that.

But why does she mind?

Their clocks only need to be taken to the Clock Tower and they're good as new.

Death isn't a big thing in Wonderland. Another meager piece of land can weigh more than another ton of faceless heads.

But since I first brought her to Wonderland, the word 'life' has made me think twice before pulling the metal trigger of my gun.

Personally, I would rather be another faceless guard being shot at, if Alice was the one to notice and protect my clock.

If she was the one to jump in front of me during a gunfight, I wouldn't mind being shot to death.

I'd rather be blown into unrecognizable bits than be ignored by the being necessary to my life.

Rather than the valueless disputes for land, the war for the foreigner's attention is of much more importance.

With all the attempts to catch her eye, where does that leave me?

I had brought her into this world and let her roam free but when will she come back to me?

Even if it wasn't love at first sight, I wouldn't mind if she loved me at second, third, or even one hundredth sight.

In the struggle for recognition from Alice, I was the first to appear in this battle.

The first is always supposed to have a kick start to a contest, but I've already fallen last.

No matter how many times I must say it, I'll always proclaim my love for her.

I feel I may be hopelessly loving her until the last tick of my clock...

Though I'm always ignored by Alice and ridiculed for my persistency, I am already trapped in this stupid game.

Whether she accepts me or rejects me, I'll never really know,

Can a clock also yearn for this unreachable goal of love?

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Poor Peter. He always get rejected.

Does Alice ever stop to think about his TRUE feelings for her?

(should i write a sequel?)

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