Ohohoh finally got to the sequel of Love From a Clock. School is starting umm... tomorrow, so I wanted to at least do something productive!

This time it's Alice's version, Her Heart. It's basically how Alice thinks of it all!

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Every heart reaches for love, so does a clock also?

When I constantly remind Peter how delicate a human heart can feel, what does he think?

When he hugs me, when he speaks to me, and when he smiles... what does he feel like?

Do clocks know the hurt of being shattered in heartbreak?

When a clock ticks, does it feel lonelier than a broken heart?

Rather than having my heart snap by work of a man, I'd rather it be broken in the first place.

But still, why does my heart feel different around him?

Why is it that hearing Blood's voice makes my heart hurt so much?

Just because he's identical to that guy doesn't mean he's special...

But when it's Peter, it's different. His over affection just makes you have to push him away.

If I didn't, I wouldn't know what to do...

Holding him in his rabbit form is much simpler. That way, because of his height, he wouldn't be able to see how red my face becomes...

But Peter... I can't stand seeing him kill...

Does he have to kill so many innocent people?

Just because they don't have a specific role in Wonderland doesn't mean he has any right to end their lives...

Just because they can be replaced doesn't mean they'll be the same person!

Though my morals don't matter in this country, I'd rather hold them tight than give in to the twisted ethics of Wonderland.

I've always reminded Peter the importance of life... Always... But does it ever cross his mind?

I'd rather make an effort to rescue than just watch blood spill.

Rather than watching blood spew for no reason, I would mindlessly jump into any useless fight.

Because of that, could it possibly be the reason Peter loves me so much?

Though there's a damned civil war going on, nobody seems to care. I don't know why, but they all seem to be fighting for my attention. In this dream-like world, why am I so important?

With everyone trying to catch my eye, what am I going to do?

Since Peter brought me into this world, it's like he wants me to return to him. Only him.

How hard has he been trying to capture me?

After all, he was the first...

...Though I've always treated him like he was the last.

How long is his love for me going to last?

Will his love only last a while, then fade somewhere else like that man?

I always ignore his love, but pretty soon I'll also be trapped in his game...

Accepting and loving him... it's scary. Because I don't know,

Is a clock truly able to love?

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Alice is afraid to love him cuz of her ex.

She isn't so sure if a clock can love either.

Will Peter ever be able to convey his feelings to her? Will Alice ever accept him?

two words: i. dunno.

but i would love to see that happen! i love peterXalice fics!

this concludes my first peterXalice one-shot!

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