Well allrighty then! Here's a change of pace. Invader Zim…wow…didn't think I had it in me. This story was another in the stream of stories I wanted to write but was too damned lazy to get off my ass long enough to write category. I love Invader Zim (And JTHM but I feel like I haven't gotten into the character of Johnny to do him justice in a fanfic) and like all the others wanted to do a fic dedicated to the hate-hate relationship between Zim and Dib and all the gooey mess that one can come up with between them. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Humor, Mystery

Pairings: Zim and Dib

Summary: When Zim goes missing, Dib decides to investigate and comes across a startling discovery; Zim is now a female. The two pair up to figure out a way to change him back, but things get complicated when feelings change and attraction blossoms. Can they sort out their hearts and fix this problem? Can this problem be fixed in the first place? Why are the Tallets so concerned?

Chapter One: Where's Zim?

Something isn't right; he hasn't been here for two whole weeks. Why? Why I ask you? I know he's usually weird like that, but still two weeks is a hell of a long time to be "sick." Damn it all to hell…He must be plotting something, something evil! I can see him now, hunched over a table in his lab making twisted plan to take over the world by turning everyone into mutant hamster dragons and pitting us against one another for a single sandwich until there are none left. Gasp! That sick, sick alien. I HAVE TO STOP HIM!

"Dib! Sit your waste hole back down!" Ms. Bitter's sharp command brought Dib back to reality and found him standing like the usual half-crazed moron on the top of his desk, halfway through jumping off and out the door.

The 17-year-old boy only stared, "But Ms. Bitter's-,"

A demonic growl successfully rewound the boy's action to where he was sitting once again in his seat.

"I sense and relish the lack of weirdness that spews from the missing green child's mouth in his absence and likewise understand against my will your sick obsession with him, but I'm in the middle of cramming crap into your useless minds and despise the idea that a child such as you are trying to interrupt that. Now, stay or die!" she spat violently before returning to her teaching lesson.

Someone launched a well-practiced spitball in the direction of Dib's head; its impact was accompanied with various snickers.

Dib wiped it away, 'and they find Columbine a tragedy,' he muttered in his mind.

Zim hadn't been to school for the past two weeks and it bothered Dib. Not that it was a rare occurrence. Zim took many days off to do various things; all pertaining to the enslavement of mankind, but in his stupidity, he would usually get impatient that start to give himself away, allowing Dib time to foil his plans. Not only that, the most he missed consecutively was usually 3 days; that was quite a jump in Dib's eyes. Who knew the horrors that evil extra-terrestrial creature was concocting at this moment!

Dib thought back to the last time he saw Zim, the alien was…well…sitting there actually, in the same desk he'd occupied for the last 7 years (Why hadn't they switched classes? Cheap bastards for school administration officials!). He looked a little paler than usual, but still was his usual loud, obnoxious self. They parted the day same as always full of hatred and disgust with one another, nothing out of the ordinary.

The teen watched as a spider continued to make a web on the space between the seat and table of Zim's desk, 'What could he be up to?'

A sickening sound of books slamming on his desk made him jump; he turned to see a stack of books and papers in front of him.

Ms. Bitter's ragged face slithered over the books and stopped inches from his, "Dib! Since my lesson apparently bores your stupid mind, why don't you stop wasting my air and space and make yourself useful by taking these lessons to Zim."

Dib scowled at the laughter and jeers behind him and grabbed the heavy stack, it teetered and threatened to fall a few times, but he kept it balanced enough to exit the room.

Once he was down the hall of the high school, he dumped the books in the A.V. room (burying some unsuspecting nerds) and ran out the doors, "What diabolical plan are you commencing now, Zim?" he asked aloud.

So here it is, I already have the entire story planned out, I just need to find the time to write it in detail. ^-^; Anywhoo things are going to get crazy in the next chapter! Stay tuned!