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Let's recap:

I walked to find a secluded area. I ended up at a pond. I sat beside it, the wind blowing my hair out of my face. I shut my eyes, and pulled my knees up to my chest.

The scent of intoxicating aftershave hit me. I thought I was hallucinating. Then I heard that voice I would know anywhere.


My eyes flicked open faster than they ever had before.

Dimitri was on his knees in front of me.

"Dimitri!" I tried to get up, but stumbled, and almost fell into the pond. He reached out, and caught me. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. Oh, shit. It clicked.

He let me go, and I tripped again. This time, he couldn't save me. My leg let loose a sickening crack when I tried to regain balance and fell on it, and I knew it was broken.

"Roza!" he cried.

"I'm fine," I told him, straightening the leg out.

"You're real? You're dead," he sounded broken. He was dressed in black, his eyes were red. "I was just at your funeral."
I shook my head. "I'm not dead. It was a mix up."

"We have to get you to the clinic."

I shook my head again, laying my hand on the broken leg. I let a small bit of energy go, into healing my leg. The bones righted themselves. Another shadow kissed effect. I could heal. Myself for sure… others… we'd have to see.

Dimitri crushed his lips to mine. I froze, but then put my arms behind his neck, pulling him close to me. One of his hands gripped my waist, and the other was tangled in my hair. Electricity crackled in the air, and I couldn't stop my reaction. My emotions were off the charts.

I pulled back.
"I wasn't done," he growled.

"Your sister is here. I bet she's looking for you… wait why didn't I see you at my funeral?" I asked.

He grimaced at the 'my funeral' part. "I kept my distance. Roza, I'm so sorry."

"What are you sorry for?"
"Leaving. Not telling you. Not finding you."
"Had you found me, there'd be fifty thousand more Strigoi running around."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I killed about fifty thousand. I love being shadow kissed."

"And I love you," he crushed his lips to mine again, and I responded automatically.

"Wait. Your sister," I said.

"Viktoria can wait."

"She's been looking for three years."

"So one more day won't matter."

"I promised I'd help. You see her, you talk… you're done," I said, between kisses. They were hungry, powerful.

We started to walk and kiss. I had missed him, so, so much, that it had hurt. It had felt as if my soul had been ripped out of me when he had left. Almost like I hadn't been able to breathe. I could breathe again now.

We got back to my room, where Lissa was waiting. And Viktoria. And Christian. Adrian.

I walked in, Dimitri trailing me, arms around my waist.

"Dimka!" Viktoria shouted. She hugged her brother.

"I found him," I smiled weakly.

"Rose," Lissa started. "I was so overwhelmed before… I forgot to say sorry. I'm sorry, for getting angry, and saying that… it wasn't right… I just hated seeing you like that, and I was upset—"

I cut her off. "It's okay, Liss!" I hugged her.

We had made up. Dimitri was there. He and I would work it all out… it was going to be okay. It would be alright again. Maybe it would be perfect.

Everyone was happy. They caught up, then they left.

"Explain," I told Dimitri. "Why didn't you…" I took a deep breath, "tell me?"

"Headmistress Kirova had found out. She knew others would find out, and she knew she'd have to fire me, and expel you. She didn't want to do that. So, until graduation, I couldn't talk to you, couldn't see you. Because she knew you'd fight. So I was Tasha's temporary Guardian. I had to do it, for you, for me," he said, leaning against the wall. I sat on the couch in my room. It was a nice room.

He sat in the recliner.
"How about you?" he asked.

I sighed. "I was… upset. Depressed. I shut my phone down, I didn't turn it on till today. I wouldn't eat, or talk. I became a model student. I was starting to get better. Then Lissa and I got into a fight. She and I both said some things. So I went off, on my own. Shadow kissed effects are great. I can sense how many Strigoi are left in the world. When I set off, there were over one hundred thousand. Now there's about fifty thousand," I paused.
"You killed fifty thousand?" Dimitri exploded.

Lissa? I asked in my head. Can you hear me?

Yeah, she responded. What's up?'
Bring everyone to my room. I've got something to show you, all of you.


Five minutes later, everyone was there.

I could sense twenty Strigoi close enough for my trick.

"Get ready, I may pass out, but I'll be fine. I may need to sleep it off. Don't interrupt me. This is one of many tricks I've learned, and it's the coolest. By far," I grinned.

I shut my eyes, and flicked into shadow kissed mode. My eyes would glaze over when I did this. I heard gasps as I concentrated my energy. It was a black ball. Not the biggest I'd ever made, by far.

I put my energy into it, and then, let it explode. I watched. It popped, and black shadows overtook everything for a moment. Then, I felt the twenty Strigoi return to their original forms.

"They were returned to their original forms. Human, Moroi, or Dhampir," I smiled. Success.

"Holy shit!" Adrian said, just as Christian said the same thing.

I grinned, and shadows overtook me again. But a different type of shadows. I had fallen asleep.

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