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I could sense twenty Strigoi close enough for my trick.

"Get ready, I may pass out, but I'll be fine. I may need to sleep it off. Don't interrupt me. This is one of many tricks I've learned, and it's the coolest. By far," I grinned.

I shut my eyes, and flicked into shadow kissed mode. My eyes would glaze over when I did this. I heard gasps as I concentrated my energy. It was a black ball. Not the biggest I'd ever made, by far.

I put my energy into it, and then, let it explode. I watched. It popped, and black shadows overtook everything for a moment. Then, I felt the twenty Strigoi return to their original forms.

"They were returned to their original forms. Human, Moroi, or Dhampir," I smiled. Success.

"Holy shit!" Adrian said, just as Christian said the same thing.

I grinned, and shadows overtook me again. But a different type of shadows. I had fallen asleep.


Holy shit, what the hell was that? Rose had just made a black ball, of energy, and then it exploded. Then she said that any Strigoi within range were turned back to their original form? What the hell.

She had passed out.

"Rose?" Everyone rushed around her. She had said that she was going to pass out, but we hadn't been expecting it to be that quick. She was breathing.

She was okay.

If that really does what she said it does, then she's more powerful than anyone else I know. She's amazing. I knew that before, and yet… now it's changed its meaning.

Her aura. What the hell was up with her aura?


"Rose?" I rushed to my best friend's side. She was asleep, or out cold. I wasn't sure, but I was worried about her.

She had said she would sleep, but she looked… wrong. Her aura did, anyway. It looked faded. Like she was dying. But her breathing and heartbeat were going strong. Her aura was completely rid of black, except for the thinnest of rings at the edges. Her aura was becoming more and more strong with each passing moment.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Rose?" I asked again.

Christian grabbed my arms.

"Let's go, Lissa. She'll be fine. She said she'd need to sleep, so let's let her sleep," Christian told me. He held my hand, and I kept looking back at Rose as we left. Then, once the door was shut, I kept thinking about if she was alright, and looking back.

What was that? A shadow kissed ability?

What other abilities did she have?


I balked when she said she may pass out. But I wasn't going to stop her. She made a ball of black something. She said it was energy, and I believed her. She concentrated, and it exploded. It came at all of us, blowing right through us.

It felt… pure. Oddly enough, the black energy felt pure, healing. I'd had a scratch on my arm, from earlier. I looked down, and it was gone.
Was it healing magic?

"Rose!" Lissa darted to Rose.

I walked to her too, knowing that she was okay. She wouldn't have done that if it was going to hurt her. I knew it.

Soon, everyone left. It was just me and Rose. I sat beside her, waiting.


I was having a nice dream. I was racing Dimitri around the court track, he tackled me, and we were laughing, and kissing. And then… bam! Adrian appeared.

We were on a beach. The sun was shining, and I was in a blood red bikini.

"Damn it! Adrian, what the hell?" I shouted.

"Sorry, little Dhampir. I've got questions. What was that?" he asked, grinning.

I frowned. "Something I learned. I don't know how, but it returns Strigoi to their normal forms."

"And…?" he prompted.

"I don't know!"

"Rose, I had a few broken knuckles. They're all better after that."

"How did you break knuckles?" I demanded.

"I thought you were dead. I went a little… crazy on a tree."

"Poor tree. So… they're better? Do you think I healed them?"

"I'm not sure, Little Dhampir. But I think so. You'll have to practice with Lissa and I now. What else can you do?"

"Um, I'm faster and stronger, and my senses are better, since the other shadow kissed abilities started to surface…" I started. But I didn't want to finish.

"Anything else?" he caught on. I hated that he knew me so well.

I took a deep breath. He was going to hate me for everything I was.

"Bloodlust," I mumbled.


"Bloodlust! I crave blood, alright?"
"So do I. You see ashamed," Adrian came closer to me.

"I'm a Dhampir. I shouldn't want blood. But I do. I shouldn't have these abilities, but I do. Hell, I shouldn't even be alive, but I am! How is this possible?"

"Look, we'll figure it out. I promise. I'll let you sleep," he said.

I raised an eyebrow. Yes, I taught myself how. Finally. "I am asleep."

"Look at you. Finally. You've taken my side."

"Please, just stay. I need company."

We played in the water for hours, just goofing off, talking about light, fluffy subjects.
"You're waking up," he said.

"I'll see you in a few hours. I need to talk to Dimitri, some more," I smiled. It was a forced smile. I breathed a heavy breath.

"Sure. 'Talk'," he shot back, a grin on his face.

"Shut it, Ivashkov, or I'll kick your Royal Moroi ass into next—"

I didn't get to finish the threat. I was awake. Dimitri was asleep, looking majorly uncomfortable. He was sitting, back against the headboard, neck bent at a strange angle.

I sighed and fixed him.

Then I went to get some food. I would talk to him later. Right now, my stomach was grumbling. Stupid shadow kissed stuff made me hungry.

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