Recall: "She didn't say anything to you to jump at her." Miroku soon coming in.

"Hmph, fuck you guys." He started to walk away.

"Where you going now?" Miroku asked.

"I need some time to myself."

"So you're gonna sit and pout?"

"Fuck you, Miroku." He sat down, folding his arms, staring at Kagome's direction. She seemed to be having a good time with Jakotsu, laughing and what not.

"Hmph...fucking bitch." He said angrily to himself, not really noticing what he just said...

Chapter 6: Physicals

Kagome stared at her phone for the longest. A specific name that she just wanted so badly to press but couldn't for she didn't know what kind of trouble the person would get into. This is ridiculous... She thought to herself. Taking a deep breath...she finally pressed the button. The phone rang for a while, disappointing her a little before the person finally picked up.

"Hello?" Kagome paused for a second.

"Hey Souta..."


"Yeah..." Kagome felt like crying. She hadn't heard from her brother in years.

"I can't believe it. How have you been, sis?"

"I've been okay. I graduated from college early."

"Oh...I wish I could have seen you graduate."

"I know, but what about you, Souta. What have you been doing?"

"Oh, you know. School...I'm on the baseball team." She smiled, remembering how she use to practice with him.

"That's great..." They stayed silent for a moment. "How's mom and dad." She heard him exhale.

"I really don't care, sis."

"Souta..." Kagome said in a warning voice.

"No...What they've done to you is unacceptable."

"But, you're still a kid. Show a little respect, kay?"

"Hmph, I'm almost 15." She laughed.

"Yeah, still a kid." He chuckled as well.

"I miss you, Kagome." She smiled.

"I miss you, too. I wish I could see you from time to time."

"Maybe I could sneak out." She laughed.

"Maybe one day."

"Well...I better go, before they find out I'm talking to you." Kagome nodded, even though he couldn't see her.

" me some time. I'm available at night."

"I will, bye sis."


Kagome really needed that. She would talk to her brother all the time if only she could. But, perhaps things would work out with her family in the future.

Kagome walked down the hall with her usual attire of sweats and a T-shirt. While she was walking, she wrapped up her hair into a pony tail. Hm...I wonder what events will take place today. She kind of liked the idea from the other day. Kikyo wasn't around and she got a chance to know a little more about the patients without any interruptions...well...there was Inuyasha being difficult like always. She crossed her arms. God, I still don't understand you Inuyasha. Why don't you just talk to me?

She couldn't help but remember what he accidently blurted out.

"I told you I don't need help from the likes of you or Kikyo!"

"What the heck did she do to him?" She asked herself. "Well whatever it was, I'm gonna find out."

She went through the double doors only to see a difference in the surrounding. There were a lot more chairs, all in a straight line leading to a room that Kagome knew was there, but it was always dark so she didn't think anything of it. This time she went inside. It just looked like a regular room from the doctor's office. Why it was open...she didn't know.

"What are you doing?" She gasped from the sudden voice.

"Oh, hi Kikyo-"

"What...are you doing?"

"Just seeing what's going on."

"You obiously weren't paying attention, other wise you would have come in regular attire."

"Attention to what?"

"Today is physicals for the patients from 10-12, they are to wait in these seats for their turn and after."

"That's boring, what are they suppose to do when..."

"Just..." She was getting more frustrated than normal. "It doesn't matter if it's boring. This is policy. Don't like it?...quit." She turned and walked into the main office. Kagome snorted.

"Whatever." She said to herself before pulling her chair off to the side. This is where I'll be. Anyone wants to join me then cool. Kagome thought to herself. She suddenly jumped when she heard the sound from the buzzer. She looked at a nearby clock. It was another ten minutes before the patients came in. Who came instead, was a doctor.

Just a regular looking doctor; white jacket, stenthoscope around his neck and a notepad in his hand. He was tall, with short brown hair and glasses that went over his big eyes. He was too busy reading over his notes to even notice Kagome walking up to him.

"Um...excuse me." He looked up and suddenly blushed. "Can I help you, sir?" She asked. Kagome took him completely by surprise.

"Oh hi; forgive me, my name's Dr. Akitoki. I'll be conducting the physicals this morning." He extended his hand which Kagome accepted.

"Hi, I'm Kagome. One of the nurses in this section." He loosened his tie; for some reason feeling rather hot.

"Good to meet you, Kagome." She nodded before releasing his hand. She hoped that this wasn't the doctor that Muso was talking about; removing the heart of him and his siblings. He didn't seem like the type, he almost seemed timid and meek. But, looks can be deceiving. "You don't look like a nurse Kagome." He said, walking toward the room. "I was expecting to meet Kikyo here." Kagome laughed nervously.

"Yep, I'm a nurse. I just dress comfortably because sometimes I hang out with the patients. Kikyo's in her office by the way." Akitoki looked surprise.

"You do realize how dangerous these demons are, do you not?" Kagome exhaled a little, having to explain herself once again.

"I haven't had the chance of meeting all the patients, but the ones I have met are very nice. And between you and me... I don't even think they are the ones that are crazy. It's this place that drives them nuts and even still, society isn't helping them either."

"That's a fascinating...observation you have for a new employee."

"Thank you." He extended his hand out once again.

"I look forward to working with you from here on." She smiled, gladly accepting his hand once again."

"Thank you so much."

As soon as they released hands, the buzzer sounded, the patients have arrived. Once again, they arrived without their shackles. This confused Akitoki a little.

"Why are they not in shackles?" He whispered in Kagome's ear. Kagome had a feeling that the demons would be able to hear them, but she answered regaurdless.

"It's this test Kikyo and I are trying."

"I admire your bravery, Kagome, but don't you think-"

"Agh, this bitch ass is doing the physicals again." They heard someone interrupt. It didn't surprise Kagome that it was Hiten.

"Hi Hiten, how are you?" She asked. He huffed before crossing his arms.

"Fine." The slight smile couldn't be helped.

"That's good." A few more people came out, then Jakostu came in. She smiled.

"Hi honey." Jakostsu blushed before smiling. He waved a little, still kind of shy from all the attention Kagome was giving him. They all took there seats until there was one person left and Kagome couldn't help but notice he was looking angrier than usual.

"Good morning, Inuyasha." He looked at her for a split second before snorting. Kagome sighed. least he looked at me. She thought to herself.

Kikyo then came out. Her usual blank expression was even colder this day.

"Good morning, Ms. Kikyo." Akitoki said.

"Morning doctor." She then faced the patients. "Okay patients. As you know, today we are having physicals-"

"If you know we know then shut the fuck up." Another shot, this time coming from Bankotsu. Once again, Kagome had to hide her enjoyment. Kikyo raised an eyebrow.

"Like I was saying, you all are to wait in your seats for your turn." As Kikyo was about to go to the office, she saw Kagome going to her seat in the corner. "Kagome..." She looked up. "What are you doing?"

"I still want a session."

"I just said..." Before Kikyo could finish, some of the patients were already bringing their seats over to Kagome. Kikyo snorted, obviously pissed off. "I didn't plan on having a session today." She would have exploded if it wasn't the fact that the doctor was in the other room.

"You can go back to your paperwork I got this. And don't worry, I won't 'screw up' this time." Kikyo held in her anger.

"Very well." She said before slamming the door to her office.

"Good job, Kagome." Koga said giving her a high-five. She was glad to see everyone from the session came over. What surprised her was even Inuyasha came over, hell he was the first one who got up and sat next to her. This is a first. She thought. Maybe he's finally coming around. He looked at her for a couple of seconds before snorting and turning away from her. She sighed. Can you just stop being confusing for five seconds...please.

Inuyasha was mad at himself. Usually he'd be the last person to follow the rest of the patients, but this time, he practically ran to Kagome's side. By the time he knew what he was doing, he was already in front of Kagome. He crossed his arms. Hmph, stupid wench is starting to affect me. He thought to himself. Inuyasha looked at her again; she was beaming from all the patients coming over. Inuyasha smiled slightly at her happy expression before his anger returned. This is pissing me off.

"Hi everyone." She said, unable to contain her happiness. This made some of the demons chuckle. She laughed a little. "Sorry, I'm just happy you know."

"We'd never stiff you, Kagome." Koga said, winking at her. She blushed.

"I know that. But...I don't know...It was kinda like a...'suck on that, Kikyo'...kind of moment." The patients laughed at how cute she was acting.

"Yeah, the fucking wench is starting to piss me off more than usual." Bankotsu grumbled.

"We all notice those little stares she gives you, Kagome." Miroku started. "The other nurses that use to be here; she never did that to them."

"Oh my God, I was just thinking that."

"Hmph, she's obviously jealous of you." Kagome looked confused. Surprisingly, that comment came from Inuyasha.

"What do you mean?" She asked. Inuyasha groaned turning to face her this time.

"All the things you've done, how you've interacted toward us; she thinks it's bullshit. Your not suppose to help us unless the head says otherwise. Not to mention it's not that hard to tell we like you more." This made her blush, especially since he said 'we' and not 'they'.

"Thanks, Inuyasha."

"Yeah, don't look too much into it. I still don't trust you."

"That's fine. I'll change your mind." He blushed before turning away. Koga wasn't really feeling the attention Inuyasha was giving her that day. His fist even started to tense up. "So guys, what should we talk about this time." Most if not all of them shrugged. "Oh come on, help me out." She then felt someone's head on her shoulder. She turned slightly, it was Jakotsu.

"I wanna know more about you." He said in a whisper, but the demons still heard him.

"I agree. You know almost everything about us, yet we know nothing about you." Menomaru stated. She sighed.

"My life's not that interesting." She responded softly. A pity party isn't exactly what I was expecting.

"Oh, come on." Inuyasha said. "Don't you find it strange that you always want to learn more about us, yet your not ready to talk about yourself." Finally...He thought...She's starting to show her true self. I knew she couldn't hold it in for long.

"Are you guys sure you want to know?" I could just tell them a bit of my life. All of them nodded in agreement. "Okay, will go counter clock wise. Each ask one question."

"Where were you born?" Jakotsu asked.

"Toyko Hospital."

"How old are you?" Hiten asked next.


"So young, even for a nurse." Menomaru said.

"Ya, I graduated from school early. Nothing else to do but to take more classes. They had nothing else to teach me after I went past my credits...okay next question."

"Still my turn. Why aren't you off being a young adult? This is a full-time job." Kagome shrugged.

"I had to grow up pretty rapidly."

"When do you hang out with your friends?" Bankotsu asked next.

"Don't have any." He looked confused.

"What do you mean?"

"That would be two questions but I'll answer. I had to sacrfice a lot to get where I am. I don't really regret anything even though there's plenty I wish i did." She smiled sadly. The demons could sense how hurt she was, wondering if this was the reason she was so nice to them. "Who's next?"

"I am." Muso answered. "How many siblings do you have?" Her heart started to speed up.

"Just one brother." She rubbed her eye, catching a tear that was about to fall out.

"You must miss him."

"More than you realize." I didn't know this talk would hit me that hard...

"How many club activities did you do in high school." Suikotsu asked.

"A lot., drama club, art club, archery..."

"You know archery?" Jakotsu asked, getting more excited.

"'m kind of a miko."

"I knew it!" Miroku exclaimed. "I sensed something from you, but I didn't know what it was."

"Was that what you were going to ask me?"

" many boyfriends did you have?" The group exploded with shut ups, making Kagome laugh.

"It's okay guys. Honestly, I didn't have any boyfriends." All of them looked at her odd.

"You're joking right?" Hiten said.

"Nope, no time for it."

"Would you like one?" Koga asked. The group exploded in 'oohs' as Kagome blushed. Either he really likes me or he's just joking...most likely joking. Joking or not, Inuyasha didn't appreciate it.

"Fuck off you smelly wolf." Koga snorted.

"I didn't ask for you opinion, muttface."

"Okay, okay, settle down. Was that your question Koga?"

"Of course." She stuck her tongue out.

"No time for boyfriends."

"But would you if-"

"Stop playing she laughed." She laughed, now starting to get nervous. I didn't mean for him to like me...if he's serious. "Who's next?"

"Are we considered your friends?" Hakaku asked.

"Of course you guys are."

"Then we can call you sister right?" Ginta followed up. She looked confused for a second.


"Means your one of us." She blushed.

"I guess so." The two wolf demons looked satisfied. There was only one more question to ask.

"Hm...okay princess..." Oh God... She groaned to herself. "Surely a kid as perfect as you are is like a 'star child'. Tell me what do your parents think about being here." She froze up...My parents. All of her emotions started to run wild.

"I hate you...I wish you were never born..."

Tears started to flow down her face. This confused the demons greatly...what the hell did Inuyasha say.

"Worthless bitch...get out..."

"I never want to see you again."


"Huh?" Slowly, she started to come down to Earth. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. "Sorry guys." She laughed nervously.

"Are you okay?" Ginta asked.

"You had us scared for a second." Jakotsu whispered to her.


"Ah...Kagome..." She looked up to see Dr. Akitoki. "The demons that are left are the ones in the group."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess that's all-" They all groaned before she could finish the sentence. They wanted to know why all of a sudden she freaked out. "I know...we'll continue maybe tomorrow. Depending on what Kikyo has planned already."

"Great." Hiten said sarcastically.

"Hush it." She laughed. They all started to gather their chairs while Kagome collected herself together...there was just one person left with her.

"Hey...I...I didn't mean to make you-"

"Inuyasha..." She interrupted smiling softly. "It's alright. You didn't know."

"I know that but...I didn't think you'd cry. I mean-"

"Hey mutt!" Inuyasha looked over, annoyed that Koga kept interrupting him.

"It's fine, Inuyasha."

"It's not!" She held her hands up.

"It is." Instead of arguing, Inuyasha just took his chair and went in line. Kagome went outside; Probably shooting hoops. He thought. He was more than pissed this morning. Pissed off that he made Kagome hurt, even more that he cared.



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