Luke stood just inside of the dock bay doors at the Rebel base on Hoth, looking at the snow that covered the ground outside.

Inside, he shivered. The temperature was 16 degrees below zero, last he checked, and it was around midday.

The nights around here were viciously cold, caught outside and you were dead.

Even with the best cold protection the alliance could buy, it was darn chilly.

In Luke's gloved hand were the reins to the shaggy, smelly beast sitting beside him. Standing around six feet tall, Tauntauns were the only animals that could be tamed and stand the cold.

Behind him, Luke could hear loud curses and spluttering from Han, who was attempting to mount his Tauntaun with little success. He turned to watch the sight.

Two assistants were currently hovering around the distressed rider and the agitated Tauntaun, but whenever one of the tried to help, Han would yell at them more.

Luke bit back a laugh. Han was a fierce fighter and a brilliant pilot, but riding animals was definitely not one of his skills.

"GOD DAMN IT!" Han fell to the ground yet again, and Luke bit down on his finger to hold in his laughter.

Luke sauntered over, planning to make the most out of this.

"So Han, ready to go?"

Han gave him his best annoyed glare.

"Do I LOOK like i'm ready?"

Luke smirked in an evil way.

"Okay kid, whaddya know that I don't?"

Luke bit his lip to stop from giggling.

"Out with it kid"

"Your saddle is on backwards" Luke choked out before falling against the wall laughing.

Han raised an eyebrow to the two assistants. They checked saddle, then shrugged.

Luke laughed harder.

"Okay you two, let's get going" A female voice cut in. Luke and Han spun around to see Leia walking past them, putting on her gloves.

"Hey wait, Leia!" Luke said, running after her.

"You can't go" He said, stepping in between her and the Tauntaun she was about to mount.

"Yes, I can" She said, pushing him aside.

"Leia, it's dangerous. Sensor placement doesn't require you"

Leia pulled the hood of her snowsuit over her head.

"I think you'll find that I can, plus I need to do an electrical check-up on one of the power grids, and since you're going that way, you can protect me if you think it's so dangerous"

Leia swung up into her tauntaun's saddle.

"Let's go"

Luke looked helplessly at Han, who shrugged. Luke sighed and got up on his Tauntaun, then they both ran to catch up with the princess.

3 miles offbase, Leia split from the group to go check the outreach power grids, which were effectively placed further away so that they would have backup power in the event of an emergency.

"I'll meet you back at base, use comlinks to keep in touch" She said through her own comlink.

Luke and Han both acknowledged, then went their separate ways to place sensors.

Leia closed the grid's hatch, having completed the maintainence.

She started back to where her Tauntaun was waiting, then her attention was captivated by a small meteor that landed not to far from her, trailing smoke.

Walking over the drifts on foot, trying not to sink in the soft snow, Leia fought her way to where the meteor landed.

A large crater marked the spot where it landed, but nothing other than a small bit of ash was left.

Leia shrugged, it was just a meteor after all.

Her Tauntaun brayed, and Leia turned around to look, only to see the hideous face of a Wampa ice creature and it's giant claw smashing down on her before her world went black.