Hello everyone, here is the first chapter of my series of random drabbles about my favorite couples of Shin Makkoku. Today's drabble features Yozak and Murata, the sneaky couple as I dub them. With a special appearance of Conrad and Yuuri…

Title: An unusual day at the Maoh's Office.

Pairing/Characters: Yozak/Murata, Yuuri, Conrad… Hinted ConYuu

Rating: PG, can be PG-13 if you are a pervert…

Warnings: Currently none in this drabble… Not unless you pay close attention to what Yozak says…

Murata could be found surprisingly in the Blood Pledge Castle sine he usually could be found in the Shinou Temple… Anyway he was currently helping out Yuuri doing his paperwork but the young Maoh had escaped from it and had gone to play catch with Conrad.

Actually Murata had let him do so, he found the couple that he had nicknamed ConYuu very cute, fluffy and angsty. He could clearly see the love and bond they shared, how Yuuri always relied on the man, how much trust and faith he putted in him… And what about Sir Weller, the man would do anything for Yuuri, even give his life, Yuuri was Conrad's light while Conrad was Yuuri's guide… Even a blind man could see it from miles away, though it seemed like everyone surrounding them acted blind, mainly for Wolfram's sake…

He sighed using the last bit of ink and signed one more paper the another until a soft knocking could be heard from outside. Murata raised his head and muttered a soft 'come in' followed by Yozak who had just entered the room.

"His Holiness! I never expected seeing you in back in Blood Pledge Castle so soon and much less doing His Majesty's work." Yozak gave the young (not really) sage a cautious look, this was indeed surprising, he wondered what had motivated him to do the king's work.

"I just happened to come earlier than usual and well what I found was scene of Shibuya trying to skip work and begging Sir Weller to rescue him, then I openly offered myself to Sir von Voltaire to do the paper work." Murata raised his glasses, his gaze fixed outside the window where Conrad was ready to pitch at Yuuri who was currently holding out his baseball bat, waiting for the ball.

"I see… Found of the birds? I'm glad not being the only one to see their little nesting." Ah, seems not everyone in Shin Makkoku was blind to the love power of the ConYuu.

"I wonder when they'll lay eggs…" Suddenly Yozak is throwing himself at Murata pinning him against the table, his muscle body covering the small one. The sound of shattering glasses could be heard and strong arms circled around him, pressing up hard against him. "Yozak…" He mumbled trying to catch his breath, his face currently being muffled by the spy's chest.

"Murata…Murata…Murata! I'm so sorry Murata; I didn't mean to hit the ball so hard!"

"My most humble apologize His Holiness, by any chance are you hurt?"

"Murata, I killed you didn't I? I'm so sorry that the sage had to…"

The shouts started to fade away slowly only to be replaced by Yozak's heartbeat and the sudden warm feeling that the bigger man emitted. For a moment he didn't care who was or what was going on but that the spy was actually covering him with his body, refusing to let go. He had forgotten that was the sage's reincarnation and had gone back to just being Murata Ken, a 15-year-old high school student who was still new to the aspects of love.

My bad if my writing skills suck but right now I can give a fuck. Yes you heard me, I don't care, anyways I'm going to share my crappy skills and stories with you, I hope you enjoy and if you not then fine...