Title: What Gunter heard…

Summary: He was just walking by…. When he heard the moans coming from the king's chamber… "Ahh..Ngh..Con…Conrad…"

Genres: Comedy, shounen-ai, slightly mature. PG14

Notes: Don't give me any weird looks. Sorry that I haven't updated in a long while… but…I was feeling a bit down. Now this masterpiece laid in my archives without me knowing what to do with it. Of course it was going to end up here but… Question was, if it was good enough? I ended up forgetting about it until recently. After a long time I come back and checked my viewing stats and HOLY JESUS. The 1000+ views were enough to give me a bust to post it. Thank you so much for viewing this. I hope you like and don't ask how I came up with this. Maybe it should be blame don Gakuen Heaven… r.r you know what I mean.

Gunter walked down the hall, his direction was to the king's chamber where currently Yuuri was taking a 'nap' after studying for the entire morning. It was afternoon and the beautiful man felt that it was about time to go back to giving histoy lessons to the Maoh. He had much to learn.

He stood in front of the marveled door ready to knock when he heard it. His king… his beloved, wonderful, the ever amazing, kind and gentlest…- king's moan. It was a low and sensual.


"Heika… Looks like you have relaxed."

Gunter's jaw dropped literally to the floor. Conrad…Conrad! Why had the Maoh moaned Conrad's name in such a sensuous way. No, what was more important was, why was Conrad in the room making his king moan. The beautiful man panicked. No, it couldn't, not His Majesty, he was far too pure to try such dirty things and more or less hurt Wolfram.

"Don't call me heik…Ahhhh…Conrad! You did it intention…Ahhh…. It's Yuuri! YuuAHHH…"

A small chuckle, then a soft moan and rustling sounds

"Very well…Yuuri…"

To Gunter's sensitive ears it the way Conrad had spelled the king's name was that of teasingly sexual and tempting, as if daring the young boy to do something not necessarily innocent.

"Ahh…I like it when you say my name like that… Ngnh…Conrad… AHHH!"

A loud gasp followed by intense moaning then more heavy rustling.

"What…What was that? Do it again…"

"That was probably a sensitive spot. I would be more than pleased to hit home again."

Oh Gods…Oh Shinou-sama… Shinou-sama! What was Sir Conrad Weller doing to His Majesty! Being able to please him in such a way… Why Yuuri hadn't came to him for such deep needs of release, the need to be dominated by experienced hands. Gunter suspected that if the Maoh was currently… with Conrad, maybe it was because Wolfram wasn't good at it, or he was a submissive as well? Why did Yuuri had to come to Conrad when he had him, Gunter, his most loyal and devoted servant, ready to give himself to him and do whatever his king wished even if it meant death….

"Ahh…Conrad…You are so good..Ahhh… Deeper… Yeah..ahh… that right a bit harder please…Conrad…"

Gunter could no longer hold it any longer, tears were fast coming from his eyes and he let a loud shriek escape from within.


The long wail was heard from the entire castle and maybe Huber too would have heard it from his own home… Gunter cried rivers as he ran heartbroken towards Gwendal's office. If his king was doing the unthinkable with Conrad then he was allowed to do the same. And for a moment the man stopped crying and firmly stood in front of a wooden door, a smile covering his lips. Thought filled about the forbidden pair.

Finally, Conrad and Yuuri had consummated their love and soon the engagement to Wolfram would end. Gunter had seen and noticed the looks, the smiles, they way the leaned on each other… It was truly romantic in another kind of level. But Conrad wasn't the only one that loved the Maoh with such strength, there was Wolfram and he himself, but Gunter knew better. His actions were only done as a way for Yuuri to understand his feelings for Conrad in a sexual way with small hopes that maybe he would have been able to steal the king's heart…


Yes, it was just a small hope but it wasn't Yuuri's face that he saw in his dreams, well maybe sometimes, but it was another man in his dreams. That one had managed to get deep within his skin, making the Mazoku feel things he had never felt before.

Softly Gunter Von Christ entered inside the neat office; he too was ready like His Majesty to express his real feelings…

Somewhere in the king's chambers…

Conrad was laughing a deep throaty laugh, his eyes filled with such a joy that would had been able to blind a man with pure sheer happiness.

"What's so funny?"

Asked Yuuri, annoyed that Conrad's calloused expert hands were off his back. He wanted them back there, back where they had always belonged to.

"I… Just a moment ago Gunter was standing outside the room… He heard us and misinterpreted our innocent actions."

Yuuri rolled his eyes and sat up, face to face with Conrad's most happy smile and licked his lips unconsciously.

"He thought that I was not giving you a massage and most likely he'll fill inspired."

Conrad wrapped his hands around the king, it had been only a few hours ago that he had been given this great privilege. The privilege to hold kiss and touch his king in an intimate way. He remembered the events that had lead up to this; it had been hysterical and very straight forward… He mentally remembered to give Yozak the scare of his life and remind him with who he was messing with and the consequences if he ever, by any chance, shapes or form ever hurt Wolfram…

"Well he was right but at the wrong time… Shall we have another 'massage'?"

The simple enough encoded 'innocent' question sent a shiver to Conrad's spine as he smirked. Why not? It sounded more than tempting, almost guiltily delicious…

Later that day when Gunter walked down the hall for the second time in the day, hand in hand with Gwendal they both passed the king's chambers when they heard it. This was Gunter's second time and Gwendal's first, the man had a twitching eyebrow and a horrified look on his face. First he had to see his baby brother with the spy in a compromising position just a few hours earlier and now… And now he had to hear his other younger brother having… with the king nonetheless!

Conrad's unusual deep grunting voice and Yuuri ever long moans were heard by the men.

Gunter sighed and locked eyes with Gwendal.

The man in green knew what that dark, lusty look from the older man meant and swallowed; once more in his life he dammed the king… This time for his sexual life and it's capability to extend to his subjects….


Can anyone figure out the Easter eggs inside the sotry?