Harry Potter And The Great Manipulator

A.N. Vernon assaults Harry after being warned off by the Order following the Dept of Mysteries debacle. I know its been done before but couldn't resist.

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Saturday 25th June 1996 – 5:00pm (17:00 hours) BST

"Here Harry, I'll give you a hand with that."

Harry Potter stared at his cousin Dudley in disbelief. He had just left the concourse of King's Cross station as the Order of the Phoenix was warning his uncle Vernon to behave over the summer holidays.

"What?" asked Dudley, "Can't I help the guy who saved me from those Dementor thingys last year?"

"Yeah sure. Thanks Dud. I just... Well it's been a tough year" said Harry.

"I kind of overheard a bit at the station" said Dudley, lifting Harry's trunk from the trolley and heaving it into the boot of Vernon's Volvo. "What was that about your godfather?"

Harry gulped, dreading to relive the the battle just eight days before. "Later please Dud, It's still a bit painful" he responded.

"OK Harry but watch out for Dad. He's been getting pretty bad lately." Dudley pulled up his sleeve to reveal several large bruises ranging from the recently purple to an older faded dirty yellow colour.

Harry's jaw dropped in shock. "He's been hitting you Dud?"

"And mum" replied his cousin. "She's been getting the worst of it. I think he cracked one of her ribs a couple of days ago. I just don't know how to stop him."

"How long's this been going on Dud?" asked Harry with a growl.

"Dad's always had a bit of a temper but I've never seen him hit mum until after you started going to that school of yours. He started on me after you left last summer; thankfully I was at school myself for most of the year and missed the worst of it. At first it was only shouting, then he started to hit out occasionally but recently he's been hitting mum at least a couple of times a week. She's a nervous wreck now because of it. Since I came home from school a couple of days ago, I know of at least half a dozen times that he's lashed out at mum. I've tried talking to him and so has mum but he just gets more angry and doesn't seem to care any more. Now you're home I'm really worried that you'll get the brunt of his temper. I hope he'll take the hint from your friends and maybe leave us all alone when we get home" Dudley blurted out trying to prevent the moisture gathering at the corner of his eyes turning into full blown tears.

Harry glanced over to the entrance of the station and turned to his cousin. "Dud, I need to tell the Order about this so that they can keep an eye on all of us, you and Aunt Petunia included. Can you hold the fort for a minute while I speak to someone?" he asked.

Dudley nodded a mute affirmative and Harry dashed back into the station to catch one of the Order members before they could all apperate away. He caught up with Nymphadora Tonks just as she had finished with her own warning to Vernon.

"Tonks" he whispered "I've just been told of some disturbing developments with my uncle. Seemingly he has been beating up my aunt Petunia and my cousin Dudley. Now that I'm back I don't know how long it will be before he starts on me as well. Can you make sure that there is someone keeping an eye on the house at all times over the summer?"

Tonks looked at Harry with shock. "I'll come right over to keep an eye on things Harry" she said. "I'd also better tell Mad-Eye, Remus and Kingsley what's going on. Can I borrow your cloak just in case?" asked the young auror.

Harry nodded and pulled his invisibility cloak from his pocket, where he had been keeping it and handed it over to her. "Here you go Tonks, I'll see you later."

Harry rushed back through the station in a hurry to beat his uncle to the car. Meanwhile Dudley had placed Hedwig, in her cage, in the middle of the back seat while he had squeezed himself immediately behind the drivers seat. Harry climbed in and sat beside his beloved owl as his aunt Petunia slid into the front passenger seat. They all watched in trepidation as his scarlet faced uncle waddled his way to the car. Squeezing his bulk behind the steering wheel he turned to Harry in a rage. "Now listen here freak, I don't know what you've been telling those bloody friends of yours but I've had enough of this nonsense. How dare those FREAKS tell me what to do. If you so much as breathe out of line I'll give you a hiding you'll never forget. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME BOY!" Vernon spat with fury.

"Yes uncle Vernon" mumbled Harry, now dreading the journey back to Privet Drive.

All through the journey Harry, Petunia and Dudley nervously watched Vernon as his facial colouring ranged through the red spectrum from light pink to vivid purple whilst he continually muttered "bloody freaks", "never been so humiliated", "who do they think they are?" and "I'll show them" or variations thereof.

As soon as Harry had left the station, Tonks discretely donned his invisibility cloak and apperated to number 4 Privet Drive. She carefully checked the house and wards and, surprised by what she found, swiftly sent off a message patronus to Mad-Eye, Remus and Kingsley. Then taking a pad of auror corps memos and a pencil from her back pocket scribbled a hasty note to the head of Magical Law Enforcement.

Amelia Bones DMLE


Acting on information received I am currently at Harry Potter's muggle relatives' house investigating a possibility that he may be at risk from some form of attack. I have informed Auror Shacklebolt who had been with me shortly before I received the warning and he is coming over to assist. In case any sensors are triggered by magic at Harry's residence can you advise Mafalda Hopkirk that there are aurors on site. I'd like to keep things on the QT due to the sensitivity of the situation.


Folding the memo into a paper aeroplane, Tonks cast a notice-me-not charm on it and sent it off on its way to the Ministry of Magic. She then sat down next to the front door to await the arrival of the Order and Harry. Soon she heard the quiet cracks of skilled apperation from the rear of the house and rising went round to the back garden slipping off the cloak to be met by the three Order members.

Moody had his wand out and aimed at Tonks. "What's Ginny Weasley's favourite nose?" he asked. "The pig's snout" she replied. "What did you tell Harry about his wand last year?" she asked in return. "Not to keep the damned thing in his back pocket in case he blew his buttocks off" responded Moody. "OK then Tonks. What's up?"

"After we had our little tête à tête with the Dursleys, Harry came back to warn me that his uncle has been beating up his cousin and his aunt." Tonks noticed an expression of cold fury flicker across Remus' face before it returned to his usual expression of quiet sadness. "I told him I would come and check things out and see if he was safe, then get some of us to watch over the house 24/7 in rotation to make sure nothing would happen to him or his aunt and cousin."

"Good idea" growled Remus.

"I got a very weird feeling when I arrived here. I think it has to do with the wards Dumbledore erected but I can't say why. I sent a note to Amelia that there are aurors on site, acting on information received, so that it doesn't trigger off any alarms if we need to use magic" she continued.

Kingsley nodded to the young auror and raising his wand started to discretely cast a number of ward analysis spells that he had learned from the goblins at Gringotts Bank.

After several minutes and numerous, almost imperceptible flickers of coloured light, he stopped and turned to the others with a distinct frown on his face. "I can't find any blood protection wards on the house at all. Even though Dumbledore claims that he set them up when he placed Harry here after James and Lily were killed it doesn't look like they have fallen but that they never existed at all. What I have found is distinctly disconcerting. There is a variation of the notice-me-not charm on the house so that anyone who visits is unaware of anything untoward happening. There appears to be several cursed objects around the house in various rooms; a carriage clock in the living room, a bedside lamp in the master bedroom, the bathroom mirror and the microwave oven in the kitchen. The curse is specifically aimed at muggles to enhance a hatred of magic, plus there are a whole load of monitoring charms throughout the house, including the cupboard under the stairs and some of the charms have magical power draining features as well.

Moody looked at the tall black auror who appeared shaken by his discoveries. "Any idea who could have done this Kingsley?" he asked.

"It stinks of Dumbledore" Kingsley replied. "I found his magical signature all over the place and as for those power draining charms, he's about the only wizard capable of casting that type of spell."

"Right" said Moody. "We need to check this out properly but without involving anyone else for the present also Harry should be arriving soon so we don't have the time just now. Let's just make sure that he will be OK when he gets here." Then, quickly casting disillusionment charms on Remus and Kingsley, while Tonks put on Harry's cloak, directed them to take up positions around the house and wait.

Remus Lupin, who was standing in the front garden, noticed a cat prowling around the edge of the property line. His werewolf enhanced sense of smell identified that it was part kneazle and not just pure cat. Silently, so as not to attract the attention of the feline, he slipped over to where Moody had indicated he would be hiding at the side of the garage. "Alastor" he hissed as quietly as possible.

"What is it Remus" came the whispered reply.

"Spotted a Kneazle/cat hybrid patrolling the street. It could be one of Arabella Figg's. Should I leave well alone or remove it."

"Stun it for the present" said Mad-Eye "and try to keep old Figgy out of the loop since she works for Dumbledore rather than the Order."

Remus returned to the front garden where he noticed the cat sitting conveniently concealed under the front hedge. A silent stunning spell knocked it out and he returned to his post as look out. A short time later the blue Volvo car of Vernon Dursley turned the corner into Privet Drive. Remus let out a warning whistle and crouched behind the hedge. Moody flattened himself against the wall of the garage and Tonks and Kingsley took up post beside the front and back doors respectively.

Harry had been watching his uncle in trepidation throughout the journey from King's Cross. Eventually they had reached Privet Drive and the car turned into the short driveway to the garage beside the house. Harry looked at his uncle. It appeared that Mount Vernon was about to erupt.

"Petunia, Dudley" he ordered. "get into the house now!" He turned to Harry. "You, Freak" he spat. "Get your things and take them to your room now and not one word from you. Do you hear?"

Harry nodded mutely and grabbed Hedwig in her cage. Then, hurrying to the rear of the car, removed his trunk from the boot. Quickly he dragged it to the house and headed for the stairs. As he manoeuvred his heavy trunk, Harry did not notice the looming figure of his uncle behind him until he heard him roar "Bloody freak, stop dawdling and get that junk upstairs" as a fist descended on the back of his head smashing his face into the banister and fracturing his jaw.

Harry collapsed in a heap as Vernon proceeded to kick him in the chest to the accompanying sound of breaking ribs.

"Vernon" screamed Petunia, "Stop, please".

He turned on his wife and backhanded her across the face with such power that she went flying backwards into the living room, his ring catching her cheek and ripping open a long jagged cut which started to bleed profusely.

"Dad, No" shouted Dudley, as Vernon continued to kick Harry's now unconscious body.

This time Vernon clenched his fist and furiously punched his son in the stomach. Dudley doubled over pain and voided his lunch at his feet. "Shut up you little bastard. You're no son of mine. If I hadn't married that pregnant cow she'd still be working the streets like the whore she is" hissed Vernon.

At the first sound of trouble, Tonks launched herself into the house and saw Vernon's assault on his family. Swiftly she sent a stunning spell at him and levitated him into the living room. She bent down to check Harry as Remus entered the front door. "Tonks, what happened?" he asked.

"The Fat Bastard happened Remus" she replied. "Go and check the other two please. He hit them as well."

Petunia, blood streaming down her face and tears flowing from her eyes, looked up at the dishevelled, sandy haired man in front of her. "R R Remus? Is that you?"

"Petunia are you all right?" he asked softly.

She stood unsteadily and threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around him and sobbing into his chest. "Oh Remus. I'm sorry" she gasped "I'm so sorry" and continued sobbing her tears and the blood from her cheek mingling and soaking his shirt as Dudley looked on the scene in front of him in total shock.

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