Holy cow! I'm actually branching out! OH NOEZ! And it's poetry! OH NOEZ! I usually don't write poetry, due to the fact that it usually ends up in the 'wow-this-is-really-morbid,-do-you-need-help?' category. I'm really not morbid, my poetry just ends up that way, usually. I wondered what it was like to get lost in between and voila! This came about. It's from a dragon's POV, BTW.


Blue to black

Day into night

Something, into nothing.

They say it is only three beats,

just three, nothing more.


So cold,

It burns and freezes,

like High Reaches.

Seeping into my bones, burning, searing

like Threadscore on my skin.


I hear nothing, I see nothing, I fell nothing.

There is nothing.

Not even my rider,

Only me.


The last heartbeat

Into forever...

Feedback is always appreciated XD