No, this is not some surprise-ending chapter being released over a year after the last. It is a notice.

Some of you have found what I'm about to discuss already, and others have not. But if you enjoyed Alice's Choice, you may want to read on. You have two options.

Option 1: Stop reading now and go about your business.

Option 2: Check out Alice's Turn, the sequel to this story.

It is nearing its end (about 20 chapters up so far) and I have everything outlined on my computer, so you needn't worry about updates. I know sequels aren't for all (usually, this includes me), but I figured I'd alert you on this so you can all know about it. It seemed only fair.

I am SO, INCREDIBLY loyal to those who read and review. Especially if you review, for it does motivate me to write more and to write faster. So if you take a liking to Alice's Turn, please let me know over there. I love to write, but knowing that people are still reading makes writing all the better.

Thank you for reading, you're all so wonderfully mad!

~ Rachel and Insanity