AN: This story was written in haste after I went through a very emotional time with my best friend. A lot of it transferred into Hermione's life. This story is not beta'd so please excuse errors. It's a truly emotional story. Please review though.

Hi. My name is Hermione Granger-Weasley and most of you probably know me as Harry Potter's best friend, the brains of the golden trio, and part of the reason why Voldemort was defeated on that fateful day.

Well, you're very wrong. In fact, Harry and I haven't even been friends in almost 16 years. In the old days we meant absolutely everything to each other. We were the closest of friends, turning to each other because we both lacked family support. He because his parents were both tragically murdered, and I because my parents never understood this world, and I sent them to Australia with modified memories during the end of the war. Ron never understood the bond Harry and I shared, because Ron had his family to go to, but Harry and I just had each other.

Most of you probably think that I was in love with Harry, and you'd be right. It was impossible not to love him; the boy that the world depended on from age 1 to defeat the most evil wizard ever known. The scared little boy that only wanted his family back, that didn't care about all the fame, and all the fortune that came with it. He would give it all away for his family. He saved me in our first year from a troll. I was just some random girl and he ran in, and became my hero.

Harry was the best friend I've ever had, and even though this is deeply personal, it has been 19 years since Voldemort was defeated, and I've given you all everything I could. So after this is published I'm taking my kids and I'm leaving. Leaving the dead-beat husband that was no one's first choice, and got left to me since Harry ended up with the beauty of the story. It's time for the truth to come out, and maybe one day he will realize the mistake of losing my friendship. But if that day never comes, at least I will live in semi-happiness for the rest of my life.

It all began the 2 years after Voldemort was defeated. Harry, Ron, and I moved in together in a small house in Hogsmeade. The boys didn't really care where we lived because we could apparate anywhere we needed to go, but I knew that Harry would want to be near the only place that ever felt like his home, Hogwarts. Things were going well, I'd returned to school, and after bugging Harry, convinced him to return with me.

But that was back when he actually treated me like a human being. We both graduated and took our newts, allowing us to step into the careers that had always awaited us, him to be an auror, and me to be an unspeakable. Ron spent the two years after defeating Voldemort being lazy and he was convinced that he would end up as a famous quidditch player.

Obviously that never happened. I've always had to support him, and had to go back to work almost immediately after I had my children. It was heartbreaking to leave Rose and Hugo alone with him for all these years, but my children have enough of my qualities that they have stayed true to themselves. And I do owe a lot of credit to their Uncle Harry, who has always treated them like his own, never hesitating to step in and help in any way. Well, when my children were concerned. I'm another matter. But I shall come to that.

The three of us lived in peace. None of us really dated much and it worked quite well for us. But there were two people who it didn't suit; Mrs. Weasley and Ginny. Ginny was becoming increasingly impatient with Harry for not declaring his undying love for her. And her mother was even worse, demanding that we all settle down. How that woman ever convinced herself that I was in love with Ron is beyond me.

I'm a very independent person, and I didn't need the approval of the Weasley's and I would have been fine without them if they couldn't accept that. But Harry couldn't resist the only woman who'd ever been a mother figure for him. He gave in and started dating Ginny. I think that's when I lost my will. She started stealing him away from me, and I knew that he would give anything to please the Weasley's, he sacrificed me.

I don't think he even realized what he was doing at first, and then it was too late; Ginny's hold on him was complete. The last time that Harry and I had a conversation without her supervising him was the day he moved out 16 years ago. He, he told me that she didn't want him seeing me as much, didn't want him to talk to me as often, and he agreed. He told me that for the sake of his relationship he wanted me out of his life; That I wasn't to contact him or talk to him ever. I should only contact Ginny if Ron had an emergency. He told me that I was allowed to talk to him in public, but only when Ginny was around. I punched him in the stomach. Then my senses came back to me and I hexed him. I used my infamous "Avis" spell to conjure my birds and sent them at his face to violently attack. As he was busy swatting them away I yelled that he would regret his mistake and I apparated out of there.

I ended up somewhere on the top of a high cliff, looking down into an angry sea, slamming against the rocks. Without a second thought I threw myself from the top. I'm sure that you will think to yourself that that doesn't sound like Hermione, but remember that the man I was in love with had just cast me out of his life because his stupid girlfriend was jealous. Of course she was jealous! Any girl would've been! I was his best friend for 9 years, closer to him than any family, the girl that had always been there, and it seemed like I always would be. But I'm getting off track.

As I was falling through the air, I thought about how much better my life would be away from the Weasley's and the new Harry the one that could cast me away. But I never hit the water. Harry had somehow followed me, and he saved me. He somehow caught me, and then when he flew back up to solid land he apparated us home, sat me on the couch, told me not to be stupid and left. That was the last time he ever touched me, the last time we've spoken of something besides the weather.

Even today, the way he treated me, and the things he said haunt me. I cry when I think of the friendship we once had, and the way he ruined it. But the worst part is that I still love him, I don't think that I will ever stop, and it breaks my heart. I hate myself; more than words could ever describe. I try to be strong, because I have Rose and Hugo, the only bright spots in my very bleak existence. But being around them usually means being around Harry and his brood. Not that he ever so much as glances at me, but watching the way he is with my children; I know that he would've been the perfect father. And my children deserve so much more than they have. They deserve so much more than Ron Weasley.

So I'm leaving. I'm going away from this house and these people that only remind me of the only love I ever had, and the heartbreak I experience every day. I'm taking my children and cutting the Weasley from my name, hiding from everyone who forced me into this existence. I could've been happy married to someone other than Harry. I could've been happy if he was a friend that I saw once or twice a year. But to see him two or three times a week and not be able to have him in my life, it's worse than my suicide would have been.

So goodbye to everyone. To the man that never loved me married me because his mother wanted him to, and then proceeded to treat me and our family like dirt beneath his pure Weasley feet. Abusing me whenever he felt like it because he knew that no one would interfere, not even the hero Harry did anything. To the bitch that stole my best friend away, because she couldn't see that Harry wouldn't have ever cheated on his wife. To the woman who dictated the way my life would be and helped her children make me miserable.

And finally, to the best friend, and lover I've ever had. I'll never forget our one kiss in the tent when we were so lonely and confused that we clung to each other. I'll never forget what a good friend you were during our friendship. I try to only think of you as you were then, a sweet and innocent boy of 11, incapable of breaking my heart, and throwing away our friendship, because our friendship meant the world to you. I hope you regret it all, letting your wife and her mother dictate everything about your life, throwing your best friend away because of them, letting her become a stranger to you, one that you couldn't even bother to save from abuse. And you used to be my hero… Goodbye Harry.