AN: This chapter is what I think would happen if two best friends were to reconcile after what they went through. This chapter may seem made up and it is, but so many people wanted a second chapter so I tried my best. Please review.

Hi. My name is Harry Potter, and most of you think that you know everything about me. And most of what you know is probably true. This past month has been absolutely crazy since Hermione published that letter she wrote in the "Daily Prophet." Everyone wants to know if what she wrote is true. So, without the approval of anyone in my life, I'm going to give you an answer.

It's all true. She didn't lie, she didn't even exaggerate. I cannot speak of the validity of her emotions, but I have no reason to doubt that they are not accurate. So now you've learned something new about me. I'm a bloody arse. I wish that I could say that I was under the imperius curse when this happened, but I wasn't. I'm just bloody stupid.

I'm sure that everyone will say that even though I made the mistake of kicking Hermione out of my life, I could've apologized, and we could've worked it out. Well, frankly, you're right. Let me try to explain. At the beginning of my relationship with Ginny I didn't notice how much control she was gaining over me. The relationship was new and exciting, and I was excited to spend time with her. She was always exciting and fun, always looked gorgeous and was in all aspects the perfect girlfriend. Slowly she started asking me to do small favors for her; to not have lunch with Hermione every day, but to have lunch with her.

I didn't think that this was outrageous, Ginny was my girlfriend, and I could understand that she wanted to spend time with me. The demands did not happen in a short period of time. They happened slowly, and I barely noticed. But Hermione did, and she confronted me about it one night. I had gotten to the point where I would eat dinner with her once a week, instead of lunch or dinner every day like before. She didn't attack me, she simply asked why I was spending less time with her. I told her that Ginny was more important and that she should stop acting like a jealous lover. As soon as I said it, I regretted it. But I didn't apologize. I turned around and walked away, ignoring her tears. I don't know why I said it; that was the very first time that I ever made Hermione cry.

Hermione was the one that kept me alive for 8 years, she helped me solve all my problems, and she comforted me and never expected anything in return. During the end of the war, while I was searching for Horcruxes with Ron and Hermione, Ron left us, because he did not like my leadership. Hermione was there for me then, she did everything. She cooked, cleaned, searched for clues, dealt with me, and grieved over losing Ron. Although after her letter, I will just say that what I thought was grief was the result of all of her stress. Herminie was my rock. And since she admitted that we were lovers in her letter, I feel no shame in discussing it. I was lost and confused, and convinced that I was going to die. I was only 17 and I was about to face the most evil wizard of all time. I also had a huge crush on Hermione, and one night when we were feeling particularly low, we acted upon our feelings. I kissed her and it led to other things. No one ever knew that, but it was one of the best nights of my life.

I know you will accuse me of even worse things now that I've admitted that, but it was necessary. If you're out there somewhere reading this Hermione, I've always wanted you to know that. One of the biggest regrets I have from the past 16 years is that I wasn't there for Hermione when she really needed it. But I always felt like I was somehow being held back, like I couldn't go to Hermione's aid. I realize how weak, and lame that sounds, but there is no other way to describe it. I suppose that I was just being selfish. I mean what kind of man doesn't save a woman being abused in front of her own children? My poor niece and nephew, they look to me to be their father, and I've tried so hard to be there for them, but I couldn't save their mother. They have every reason to hate me.

I don't really know what to say. There is nothing that can justify what I did to Hermione. How I threw her friendship back in her face. She was always there for me; she gave me her love, her friendship, and her body. And I rejected everything. I'm only glad that I didn't let her kill herself, although, after all the terrible things she faced in her marriage, I'm not sure that I did her a favor. I love my family; don't get me wrong, but that love shouldn't have gotten in the way. Nothing can even begin to excuse my failure to my best friend.

Hermione I'm so sorry. I have no words that can describe to you the regret I feel in what I did to you. What kind of person lets the women who saved his wife stay in an abusive marriage? Let's children he loves as his own to watch their father beat their mother? I have honestly missed you these past few years, and many times I thought about talking to you, but I was never strong enough. I know that isn't a valid excuse, and the only words I have for you are I'm sorry. I hope that one day you can forgive me. My children miss Rose and Hugo so much, and I hope you come back so that I can make it up to you.