Title: After All These Years

Author: Tvrox (Margaret)

Rating: PG for now

Summary: It's one of those future fics where Rory's daughter has no dad, and he comes back and falls in love with Rory.  Most probably a Trory.  R/R please!

Author's Note: Okay, first of all, for those of you wondering, my other fics Had to See Me and You've Got Mail (joint with Lauren aka Sweetangel251) are temporarily on hold.  However, if for some reason you truly hate this fic, you can read our new joint one called All Grown Up, under her username (again, it's sweetangel251).  Now, please R/R, because this isn't like most of the fics you've read, it's going to be original and new.  Although, as you read, you may slowly begin to recognize it, hint hint.  So anyway, this fic takes place eleven years into the future.  Rory is now twenty-seven.  She has a five-year-old daughter named Lily, whose last name I have given as Gilmore so as not to reveal anything about who her father is.  Luke and Lorelai are married, and they have twin sons named Theodore and Alexander (aka Teddy and Alex) who are three.  I think that's about all you need to know in order to follow the story.  Oh, yeah, Luke, Lorelai, Teddy, Alex, Rory, and Lily all live together in a large house in Stars Hollow.  Rory went to Harvard but got pregnant with Lily before she could go to grad school, so she's now an English teacher at Stars Hollow High.  Oh, I forgot the most important part!  Lily is short for Lorelai.  I've seen quite an array of nicknames for Lorelai, of course Rory, but also, Lori, Lana, Lai, Lorly, um, I'm drawing a blank, don't be offended if I didn't use the name you did, but I feel so original to be using Lily!!!!!  Now, this is just an author's note, I'll post the first chapter as soon as it's typed up.