After massive amounts of congratulations and screaming and asking how he proposed and when the wedding would be and this and that, the excitement finally dies down. Quinn is automatically picked as a designated driver, as are Finn and Mr. Shuester, so while everyone else drinks and has a grand ole time, those three watch and laugh as their friends make asses of themselves.

And make asses of themselves they do.

Matt and Mike are watching some music video channel and trying their damndest to sing and dance along (horribly). Brittany and Santana (who finally admitted that they had a relationship shortly after graduation) are sitting together in the arm chair giving each other googly eyes and giggling at whatever the other one says. Mercedes and Kurt are practicing their poses, for what nobody knows, but they look like deranged models over in the corner of the living room. Tina is sitting on Artie's lap with a beer in her hand and by the look on her face, she's trying her hardest not to jump him on the spot.

And Puck is sitting with Rachel on his lap, whispering dirty things into her ear that are making her blush and giggle and slap him on the shoulder lightly. Chances are, if she hadn't had three and a half beers, she'd be scolding him for speaking so inappropriately.

Puck's only had two beers, and it takes much, much more than that for him to get drunk, but he's feeling happy and light, but he thinks that's more Rachel-induced than it is alcohol induced.

When he whispers that she looks sexy in her backless, black dress (which she so does), she giggles and leans in to whisper to him.

"Stop it or you'll make me do something very inappropriate in front of our friends." She giggles.

It's right about then that he decides it's getting a little late, and that the star needs her rest. He announces this and everyone boos, but moves to leave.

"Congratulations, you guys." Mr. Schuester says, clapping Puck on the shoulder. "And Rachel, I always knew you could do it." He smiles before hugging her gently.

"Thanks, Mr. Shuester." She says with a grin.

"You can call me Will now, you know that right?" he asks.

Puck and Rachel exchange a look and then shake their heads. "Too weird." Puck laughs.

Mr. Schuester just laughs and shrugs in response as he helps lead a tipsy Tina out the door, Artie rolling behind them.

"Congrats, you two!" Santana squeals, pulling them both into a hug at the same time. "I expect an invite!" she says, nodding seriously.

"For sure." Puck laughs.

"You're one lucky bitch, Berry." Santana smiles at the other woman. Rachel smiles up at Noah.

"I know." She nods.

"No, I mean, the things this man can do with his tounge-"

"Good night, Santana." Puck says loudly as Rachel blushes crimson.

"Happy being engaged!" Brittany giggles as she files out the door behind her girlfriend.

"Congrats, bro!" Mike says, hugging Puck. "You too, Rachel." He adds.

"Gotta say, totally saw it coming though." Matt says with a shrug.

Rachel giggles. "Thank you guys. And thanks so much for coming tonight!" she adds with a grin.

"No problem. We know that you've had a deep connection with Maria or whatever." Matt laughs.

Rachel giggles and nods as they leave and then Kurt and Mercedes follow, saying their goodbyes and congratulations, and then that leaves Finn and Quinn, walking around and picking up beer bottles and chip bags.

"You guys, stop it. This is my condo, I think I can manage to clean it without putting my guests to work." Rachel says, walking towards them and taking the bottles out of Quinn's arms.

"It was really, really good seeing you." She tells Rachel suddenly. "I mean…We should do this more often. A lot more often." She nods and there's tears in the blonde's eyes.

"I agree. I miss you guys." Rachel smiles up at Finn and even though it's been years since there was any emotion there, Puck can't help but feel a tug of jealousy. He doesn't say anything, simply walks up and wraps an arm around Rachel's shoulders.

"We gotta get going though, because I don't trust a single one of them behind the wheel right now." Quinn laughs.

"Of course. It was great seeing you. Have a safe trip back to the hotel." Rachel nods.

Finn and Quinn say their goodbyes before exiting and Puck can't help but be happy that he and Rachel are finally alone, even if it was really nice to get to see their friends.

She bends over to pick up a stray chip bag and he bites his lip, wondering if she's trying to make him come in his pants. Before she can stand fully, he puts himself directly behind her and pulls her hips back towards him, making her gasp.

"Noah!" she says, standing up straight but not turning around.

He wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her bare shoulder. "What?" he asks innocently. He reaches up and pushes her hair to the side so he can kiss her neck and she hums appreciatively.

"You were so great tonight, baby." He whispers against the crook of her neck.

"Thank you." She whispers.

He slides his hands up her stomach, right below her breasts, and then he nips softly at her neck, making her whimper. He's getting hard already, and she hasn't even touched him yet.

"I love you." He whispers against her skin, making her shiver.

"I love you too." She breathes, her head leaning back against his shoulder to give him better access to her neck. He groans now because he can see down the front of her dress and he really wants to run his tongue along the valley between her breasts, but just because they're engaged, doesn't mean she suddenly wants him to jump her bones.

"Rachel." He says, and his voice is huskier than normal.

"Yes?" she says.

"I…" he starts, but he doesn't know how to say what he's thinking. He pulls her back against him so she can feel his erection against her. "I want you." He says.

She groans softly before turning around and wrapping her arms around his neck. She looks up at him and smiles the sexiest, naughtiest smile he's ever seen on her face. "I'm interested to see what Santana was talking about." She says before she darts towards her bedroom, throwing him an impish smile over her shoulder.

He groans and follows her down the hall and into her room and when he gets in there, she's already taking her dress off, but she's facing away from him, so he takes the time to admire her body as she unzips the side zipper and then slips the spaghetti straps down her arms before letting the entire thing fall down. And holy shit. She's not wearing a bra.

He can't sit there and watch anymore, so he goes forward, pulling her against his chest before and listening to her gasp again. He licks and kisses and nibbles the flesh of her shoulder and neck and his hands slide up over her flat stomach and this time, he holds her breasts in his hands, making them both groan.

He turns her around and picks her up around her waist, and her legs wrap around his hips as he carries her to her bed. He lays her down softly and then sits up on his knees to take off the black button up he wore to the premiere. Looking down at her topless form makes him even harder, so he practically rips the wife beater he's got on in order to get it off as quickly as possible.

Once he's completely shirtless, he leans down and kisses her lips, letting his chest brush against hers and making her whimper slightly. God, she's so fucking hot. He leans on his left elbow and his right hand cups her breast softly while he gently bites her bottom lip. She pulls her lips away from his and gasps, arching into his touch.

"Noah," she moans softly. He runs his thumb over her nipple and then flicks the hardened peak. "Noah, stop…stop teasing." She whimpers.

He smirks as he kisses a trail over her jaw, down her neck, and across her collar bone until he gets to her breasts. While he flicks and gropes one, he latches his mouth onto the other, making her cry out. "Oh, Noah!" she breathes as his tongue circles the tiny bud. He sees her hands fisted in the covers and he smirks. She hasn't seen anything yet.

He goes further down, peppering her stomach with kisses until he gets to her black panties. And ladies and gentlemen, in his opinion, there is nothing sexier than Rachel Berry in black panties. He hooks his fingers in the waist band and pulls them down, smiling when she lifts her hips to help him. He pulls them the rest of the way down her legs and then tosses them to the side before slowly kissing up her shins and thighs.

"You're so sexy, baby." He groans, dragging her down so that her cunt is level with his mouth. He slides a finger inside her and her hips buck up involuntarily and she moans.

"Noah! Please!"

He smirks slightly before pushing her folds apart and slipping his tongue inside of her. She practically screams and her feels her hand on the back of his head, keeping him exactly where he is. He dips his tongue in and out of her quickly, making her moan and writhe beneath him.

He runs his tongue up her slit before landing on the tiny bundle of nerves. He flicks at the small nub and she curses above him, making him groan, and therefore in turn making her gasp at the vibrations. He captures the tiny bud in his mouth and sucks while he slides two fingers inside her and pumps quickly.

"God! Noah! Oh, yes, yes!" she moans. "Noah…oh, fu…gah…mmm!" she cries, becoming less and less coherent the closer he gets her to an orgasm.

He curls his two fingers inside and she fucking loses it.

He feels her cunt tightening around his fingers and he groans as he wishes he would have just fucked her instead of done this first. Her back arches off the bed and her toes curl and he finger fucks her until the shudders in her body subside. He pulls his fingers out and pulls his mouth away from her clit before crawling back up the bed to look at her face. She looks like she's in heaven.

"Oh…my…God." She says after a minute, her breathing still not completely back to normal. He smirks. "If I'd known…you could do that…I'd have jumped you…a long time ago." She pants.

He chuckles and nuzzles into her neck. "You don't know the half of it, baby."

At this point, his dick is so hard that it's straining against the fabric of his boxers and pants, so he reaches down and unzips himself, pushing both articles of clothing down. He hisses when the waist band slides over his dick. He has half a mind to start jacking off right there. He looks over at her to tell her to climb on, but she is already moving, so he stops, wondering where this is going to go.

She kneels between his legs and is smiling mischievously at him and he groans.

"You'll be the death of me." He says softly. She giggles in response before reaching up and taking him in her small hand. "Rachel!" he groans, his eyes closing tightly.

He reminds himself not to get too excited, because he wants to be buried deep inside her when he comes. That nearly gets thrown out the window when she leans down and takes him in her mouth.

"My fuck!" he shouts, even though it makes no sense at all. He looks down and sees that her eyes are closed while her pretty, pouty lips slide up and down around his cock and it's like, impossible not to come right there. He reaches down, his hand fisting in her hair. When she groans, his eyes roll into the back of his head because it's the hottest thing in the world to have Rachel Berry groan with your cock in her mouth.

He looks down when she shifts her position slightly and then her head bobs further down and he feels his head hit the back of her throat. "Holyfuckholyfuck! Holy. Fuck!" he shouts, his head falling back against the bed.

Fucking A, she's good. He's pretending that she didn't learn how to do this from other guys, and instead he just pretends that she's a fucking natural when it comes to sucking his cock and his cock only.

He wants, desperately, to come but he knows that he can't. He gently pulls her head up and he whimpers when his dick slips out of her mouth. She looks up at him, a confused expression.

"I need to fuck you." He says and she bites her bottom lip, her eyes fluttering slightly at his words.

She pushes him back down and then turns to face away from him before straddling his hips. Puck groans as she reaches between her legs to grab his dick and position him at her entrance. "Fuck yeah, baby." He groans.

And then she slides down, gasping as his cock fills her to the brim. He lets out a stream of obscenities that she'd scold him for in a normal situation.

"God, Noah, you feel…so good." She moans as she begins rolling her hips and riding him hard.

"You're so tight, Rachel," he groans. "So fucking good."

He wants to feel her against him though. He stills her hips and pushes her up far enough that he can slide out and pull his legs out from underneath her. He pushes her legs together and she groans impatiently when he bends her over so she's on her knees. He nearly blows his load upon seeing her with her ass in the air, but he controls himself as he slowly, painfully so, enters her from behind.

"Ohhh, yes!" Rachel moans slowly.

He thrusts into her and picks up speed, listening to flesh hit flesh as he fucks her from behind, and it's the hottest fucking thing in the world. Next to watching her suck him off, that is. He reaches forward and wraps an arm around her waist, pulling her up so that her back is against his chest. He grabs a fist full of her hair and pulls her head back so that he can kiss her neck. He leaves a hickey the size of a silver dollar right below her ear and it's so fucking hot to see that he marked her.

"Yes, Noah, God!" she moans as he thrusts in and out of her mercilessly.

He's going to come soon. He knows it. "Rachel, baby," he groans. "I need you to come for me," he orders.

Rachel just moans in response and he picks up speed as he squeezes one of her breasts and then lightly pinches her nipple.

"Noah…I…oh, God…Noah…" she cries.

"That's it, baby. Come for me, come nice and fucking hard." He grunts, slamming into her sweet cunt.

She has one hand on the back of his neck, and one hand on the arm that's wrapped around her waist to keep her against him, and her fingernails dig into his flesh, but he doesn't care because he can tell that she's about to lose it.

"Fuck, Noah!" she sobs, and he can't hold back anymore. He loses it, grunting as he releases deep inside of her, and she follows almost immediately after, her mouth forming an 'O' as she comes hard and fast around his cock.

They collapse onto their sides, her still firmly pinned against him, and all that can be heard for a few minutes is them breathing unevenly. His heart his pounding in his chest, and he can feel hers as well. He's surprised they didn't give themselves heart attacks.

And somehow, he's still hard inside her.

He runs his hand down her side to her hip and slowly pulls himself most of the way out before just as slowly sliding back in.

She whimpers.

"Is this okay?" he asks.

"Slow," she nods.

He slides back into her again and she whimpers, shifting slightly to give him a better angle. He's biting his bottom lip to keep from pounding into her as fast and hard as he can, but even just this feels so, so fucking good.

"Oh, yes," she sighs softly.

"You feel so good, baby." He whispers into her hair and she whimpers.

He keeps going like that for another minute and then she cries out loudly and he feels her cunt spasm around him for the second time and he smirks.

"Did you just-"

"Yeah." She gasps breathlessly. "You're a God."

He smirks and then slides out of her completely because she's probably way too sensitive to keep going right now, and he's softening anyways, knowing that he couldn't come again right now if he tried.

She rolls over and tucks herself against his side.

"That was explosive." She tells him, looking up at him.

"Yeah, it really was." He agrees with a nod. He leans down slightly and kisses her lips and he can feel her smiling. "I love you." He murmurs, his lips brushing against hers.

"I love you too." She whispers back.

"I think I'll sleep in your room tonight." He tells her with a smile. No fuckin' way is he walking back to his bedroom now.

"That's a requirement." She giggles.

He kisses her forehead before he somehow manages to pull her blanket out from underneath them and lay it on top of them. She snuggles closer and he tightens his hold on her and he wonders how he got to be the luckiest motherfucker on the planet.

The first part of this chapter is mostly just a bunch of bologna that really has no point, except I just wanted to mention more of the rest of Glee, haha.

And despite what I thought, this isn't the last chapter because there's one more thing I want to happen before the epilogue. That is, if you guys are still loving it?