Neighbours One-shot 1:

Title: Revenge
Couple: Natasha+Ringo


Ringo walking to his girlfriend's Donna's place in a good mood that she's marrying him.

He knocks on the door.

Donna answers and says "Hi."

"Hi what do you want to do today?" said Ringo as he kisses her cheek.

"Honey you're early." said Donna.

"I thought we can do something and get an early start?" said Ringo.

"There's a few things I had to do today Ringo can we make it tomorrow?" said Donna.

Ringo wraps his arms around Donna and says "Let me help you."

"Nah it's just girl stuff but thanks anyway." said Donna.

Thinking to herself "gees can't this guy take a hint."

"Nah I'll help you just tell me what I have to do." said Ringo.

Pulling away Donna says "can't I have time to myself?"

Feeling offended Ringo says "what's going on with you?"

"Honey we don't need to be with each other 24/7." said Donna.

"Well that's married life it is 24/7 plus we're meant to be in love." said Ringo and adding "aren't we?"

Westfield Doncaster

Donna's staring at a pair of the most gorgeous boots she has ever seen.

She hears Andrew's annoying voice "what are you doing out alone?"

"I thought you guys would be joined at the hip."

Donna groans and says "what?"

"You know true love and all that." smirks Andrew.

"Whatever." snaps Donna as she starts to walk away.

"Hey hold up what's wrong?" said Andrew.

"Why does everybody think we have to live in each other's pockets I'm still an individual for god's sake." said Donna.

"Sounds like you need to talk wanna grab a coffee?" said Andrew.

Frowning, Donna says "what do you care?"

Grabbing her hand Andrew drags Donna towards the closest coffee shop and says warmly "you definitely need someone to talk to."

Too tired to fight Donna goes along passively.

Coffee shop/Café

Sitting unnoticed three tables away from Donna and Andrew, Kyle is watching.

"Interesting." smiles Kyle to himself.

"I get the feeling Donna that you're not into this wedding." said Andrew.

"What do you mean?" said Donna.

"Well most women are into wedding plans that they drive their man crazy not avoiding being with their partner." said Andrew.

"I'm pretty sure it's just pre-wedding jitters." said Donna.

"Anxiety is a sign." said Andrew.

"Sign of what?" said Donna.

"Donna that's a sign that you're not ready for this." said Andrew.

"You should spend the day with me."

"I know where we'll go come with me."

Jumping into the taxi Donna and Andrew head to the Zoo not knowing Kyle's following them.

Pulling up at the Taronga Zoo Donna giggles "no way the Zoo."

"I thought we could have some fun here and if my calculations are right we should be just in time." smiles Andrew as he drags Donna towards the sealing closure.

Sealing Closure

"Donna I'd like you to meet Tom he trains with seals." said Andrew.

"Nice to meet you Tom." said Donna as she shaked his hand.

"I got a special treat for you today Donna." said Tom.

"Come and meet a special girl Lucy say hello to Donna."

Before Donna has time to think she feels a wet nose on the side of the cheek.

"Hi Lucy ah she's gorgeous." said Donna.

"Put out your hand." said Tom.

Next thing a wet flipper pats her hand like a handshake.

"Ah she likes you."

"Here Donna toss her this soccer ball."

Donna and Andrew watch amazed as Lucy bounces the ball on the tip of her nose.

With the flick of her head directs the ball back to Donna's hands.

"Thanks Lucy." giggles Donna.

"Donna hand her this fish as a reward." said Tom.

Screwing up her face Donna struggles to hold the slippery fish but before anyone could blink Lucy gobbled the fish and snorting with glee.

"Thanks for that Tom but we better get going because I got something else to show Donna." said Andrew.

"Ok you two have a great afternoon." said Tom as he turns to Lucy "Say goodbye girl."

Lucy leans on her side and waves her left flipper in the air.

"Ooh she's so cute." calls Donna.

Putting his arms around Donna's shoulders Andrew says "if you like that, you're going to love this next surprise."

Staring out from behind the public stand Kyle thinks to himself "this seems to be an intimate get-together, Natasha might like to hear about this."

All day Kyle follows them watching them become more touchy-feeling as the day goes on.

"Could this be a sneaky romance starting here?" questions Kyle. "interesting." he adds.

Kyle bumps into Andrew coming into the toilets.

Both being shocked with being caught out.

Having lost the element of surprise Kyle plays dumb and says "how are you going?"

"Don't play dumb with me I know you been following me, I saw you at the shopping centre stupid, you're not good as a private detective Canning." said Andrew as he shoved Kyle to the wall.

"I'd be careful how you treat someone who has the goods on you." said Kyle.

Andrew sneers menacingly "I'd be careful that opening my mouth if I was you."

"You want Natasha to find out about this." said Kyle.

Roughly letting go of Kyle, Andrew hisses "Think carefully before you say anything." and storms off back to Donna.

"Your funeral Robinson." says Kyle to himself.

Monday Morning

Erinsborough High

"Hi Natasha how was your weekend?" said Kyle.

"It was good how was yours?" said Natasha.

"Mine was very interesting." said Kyle.

"Oh do tell." said Natasha.

"I saw a certain someone with a certain girl." said Kyle.

"Get to the point." said Natasha.

"I always thought a picture is worth a thousand words take a look at this." said Kyle as he hands Natasha his phone.

'You'll find a few happy snaps, worth your opinion." adds Kyle.

Natasha's face turns red when a certain photo catches her eye.

"Bastard." said Natasha angrily.

"Sorry you had to see it this way but I did warn you Robinson's nothing but a scumbag." said Kyle.

"Did I hear my name mentioned?" says Andrew angrily adding "I hope you're not telling malicious gossip Canning."

Before Kyle has a chance to say anything Natasha spins around and slaps Andrew full force in the face.

"Too many times, too many excuses, relationship over." said Natasha.

In the background there are gasps and giggles.

"This is so going on you tube good to see Robinson get his comeuppance." said Jay.

"Download it now." said Eloise.

"I agree it was about time that Karma bitten him in the bum." said Melinda.

"It was so very hilarious that Natasha slapped Andrew." said Luke.

"It was the funniest thing that happened all day." said Travis.

As everyone heads into class phones start beeping with the new download courtesy of Jay and his friends.

Sniggers and laughter could be heard in most classrooms especially as Andrew walks into the classroom.

"What a dork." calls out Griffo.

"What a wuss who got hit by a girl." said Phil.

Andrew turns around and says "shut your mouth or you'll get yours."

"I'll only have to slap you like a little girl and you'll cry." said Phil.

Grabbing Phil by the shirt collar and says "I warned you to close your mouth."

"What's going on?" said Mr Williams.

"He attacked me for no reason." said Phil.

"That's a bunch of rubbish I've been insulted all day and this guy won't leave me alone." said Andrew.

"Go on Andrew tell Natasha's dad what happened?" said Phil sarcastically.

Realising that he could be in worse trouble if Mr Williams finds out about the whole story.

He quickly tries to play down the situation.

"Nothing sir I'm sorry for causing a disruption." said Andrew.

Mr Williams turns to Phil and says "what's your version Phil?"

Laughing out loud knowing Andrew would be shitting himself Phil says "It's ok sir just mucking around."

"All right you boys get back to your seats and settle down." said Mr Williams.

Bumping Andrew as he walks past Phil whispers "you owe me one."


Natasha walking home from school in a sad mood only to see Donna walking by.

Natasha walks across the street.

"What did I do to you?" said Natasha.

"What are you talking about?" said Donna.

"Don't play innocent with me you cracked on to my boyfriend." said Natasha. "Isn't Ringo good enough for you?

"That's completely not true." said Donna.

"Wanna see evidence, I got evidence." said Natasha.

"Check this out."

"Shit." explains Donna. "It's not what you think it is."

"Well explain it and it better be good." said Natasha.

"I was feeling down and he tried to cheer me up." said Donna.

"Looks like he was doing a good job of it." said Natasha.

"I'm sure Ringo will find these pictures interesting."

"You can't tell Ringo." said Donna.

"Why shouldn't I tell?" said Natasha.

"I want to talk to him first so he doesn't misunderstand like you apparently have." said Donna.

"All right you got till tomorrow." smiles Natasha sneakily.

"Thanks Natasha I assure you I can work all this out Andrew wants to be with you he was just helping me feel better." said Donna trying to buy time.

As Natasha walks away she spits out "that's Ringo's job Donna."

Walking towards Zeke's house Natasha thinks to herself "if Donna thinks I'm going to miss out the chance to get back at her by telling Ringo she's more stupid then I thought."

Knocking on the door Natasha speaks out loud to herself "I hope Zeke's home so I can get Ringo's number so I can expose Donna as a lying little tramp."

Having got Ringo's number off Zeke and be able to convince Ringo to meet her now Natasha rehearses her speech.

Later that afternoon

Reeling from what Natasha told him Ringo is consumed with anger.

"Ringo where are you going?" said Natasha.

"I got a score to settle." said Ringo.

Ringo walks away to find Andrew.

"Ringo no violence doesn't solve anything." said Natasha.

"Sorry Natasha he needs to be taught a lesson." said Ringo.

Half an hour later

Ringo sees Andrew going towards the letterbox of his house.

"Hey I want a word with you." said Ringo.

"Hey Ringo how's it going?" said Andrew.

"Why did you crack on to Donna?" said Ringo.

"You might have that backwards she cracked on to me actually." said Andrew and adds "it didn't take too much convincing her to spend the day with me she certainly didn't want to spend it with you." said Andrew nastily.

Coming home from university Donna wonders to herself how she can explain Saturday with Andrew to Ringo when she notices two guys fighting on the footpath in front.

To her horror she realises its Ringo and Andrew.

"Bloody bitch." said Donna to herself just realising Natasha double-crossed her and spilled the beans already.

Donna tries to break up the fight.

Yelling at Ringo to get off Andrew.

Suddenly stopping Ringo glares at Donna "You're defending him adding you're bloody unbelievable Donna I should have realised you're nothing but a skank you deserve each other." and storms away.

"Ringo come back and talk to me." calls out Donna.

Totally ignoring her Ringo disappears into the distance.

Looking down at Andrew, Donna says "you cost me my wedding hope you and Natasha rot in hell."

"No-one twisted your arm Donna." said Andrew. "Don't put your guilt on me."

Later that evening

Natasha walks over to Zeke's house to see if Ringo's ok.

Knocking on the door the door opens which Zeke answers.

"Hi Natasha." said Zeke.

"I came to see if Ringo's feeling better." said Natasha.

"He's in his room you might want to step carefully." said Zeke.

Natasha opens the door and calls "Ringo." softly.

Seeing the sadness on Ringo's face Natasha's heart breaks.

"Ringo I'm so sorry that I had told you." said Natasha.

"Hey, don't you feel bad Natasha its better because Donna would never have told me, she lied before." said Ringo.

"What do you mean before?" said Natasha.

"Andrew and Donna have had this attraction before she promised me it was nothing." said Ringo.

"It just shows Donna has such a weak moral fibre." said Natasha.

After a long discussion Natasha and Ringo decide one bad turn deserves another and a revengeful plan is put in place.

Next Morning


Erinsborough High

"Did you hear Ringo called off the wedding?" said Luke.

"She sounds like a real tramp Ringo should be glad to be rid of her." said Eloise.

"I agree, it's true what they say smart and dumb don't mix." said Melinda.

"That Robinson guy is dumber than an insect for cheating on a smart girl and is it just me or did the Robinson guy get even dumber?" said Jay as he and the gang laugh.

Andrew turns around only to be blocked by the grip of Luke's arm and pushes him away saying "what a weakling." as he and the gang walk away.


Donna walks to see the gang only for Zeke to say to her "I got nothing more to say to you."

"That's uncalled for Zeke." said Kate.

"You're taking her side despite what she did to Ringo." said Zeke.

"Declan who's side are you on?" said Kate.

"I'm staying out of this one don't make me choose." said Declan.

"Well fair enough Donna lives with you and Ringo's your best mate you're caught in a bind." said Kate.

"Mates should come first where's your loyalty?" said Zeke.

"Will have to talk about this later my class is starting so I got to go." said Declan as he walks into class.

Later that afternoon

Natasha goes to Zeke's house to talk to Ringo.

"I got this idea how about we fill up both of their emails with spam we'll get every company to send them their junk mail it overloads their inbox." said Natasha.

"Why don't we get them to send it to their house." said Ringo.

"Ok well get on the laptop now we got Donna and Andrew's email addresses we'll fill it under their name."

"Once they start getting bombarded it will drive them crazy."

Their diabolical plans begin...

Two Hours Later

Donna's wondering where all these messages come from.

At the same time across town at Lassister's Andrew opens up his laptop to find 316 unopened messages.

"Where is this mail coming from I haven't signed up for any of this stuff." said Andrew.

Later that evening

Andrew returns home from work in a foulest mood.

He throws his bag just missing Donna's head by centimetres.

"Hey watch out." snaps Donna. "What's up your bum?"

"You won't believe the night I had totally choked up with unsolicited emails from companies I never heard of." said Andrew.

"Oh my god me too!" exclaims Donna. "Oh I know."

"I bet your trashy girlfriend is behind this."

"I'll be having a word with that traitor Natasha."

Next day


Ramsay Street

"How dare you?" said Donna.

"How I dare what?" said Natasha.

"You told Ringo before I had a chance to tell him." said Donna.

"That's payback for cracking on to my boyfriend." said Natasha.

"You double crossed me." said Donna.

"Because you ruined my relationship." said Natasha.

"You ruined my wedding." said Donna.

"This would not have happened if you didn't cheat on Ringo." said Natasha.

"Are you behind all these unwanted emails Andrew and I are flooded with." said Donna.

"I have no idea what your talking about." laughs Natasha as she walks away.

Next day


Paul's house

Paul calls out to Donna from the front door "you got a rather large package to sign."

"I haven't ordered anything." said Donna.

"What is it?"

"Dog muzzles help keep your dog under control if it has a biting problem." said the helpful delivery guy.

"I don't have any dogs, what is this?" said Donna. "I'm not accepting this you'll have to take it back."

"I don't know miss my boss will not be too happy about this." says the delivery guy.

"Give me a moment to phone him."

Donna grumbles "I'm not taking it, its ridiculous." and walks inside.

Paul walks off with the delivery driver and says "let me talk to your boss I'm sure we can get this all worked out."

Next day


Ramsay Street

Lyn calls out "Charlie love go get the mail for me."

Running back inside with an armful of magazines, "Look nanna all these magazines are pretty girls." says Charlie.

"Give me a look at that." scowls Lyn.

Realising her grandson is standing there with an armful of smutty men's magazines.

"Give me those this minute." said Lyn.

Flipping the magazine over to look at the address on the back she can see it's clearly addressed to Mr Andrew Robinson.

Storming over to the Robinson's Lyn bangs loudly on the front door.

Opening the door annoyed Paul snaps "what's with all the noise Lyn."

"Can you tell your son to keep his rude reading material to himself not expose the rest of the neighbourhood to this dirty filth." said Lyn shoving the magazines to Paul's chest.

Before he has a chance to answer Lyn storms back across the street.

Looking down at the magazines Paul laughs to himself "it was almost worth it to see Lyn all upset."

Next day


Ringo invites Natasha to meet some of his new uni friends.

Summer and Chris with some of his mates happen to be hanging out in the same club.

Going in the background Summer takes some photos of Natasha and Ringo and forwarding them on to Donna and Andrew with a brief note "looks like they can live without you two losers enjoy the photos."

Next day


Harold's cafe

"Thanks Ringo for a great night." said Natasha.

"What did you think of the band?" said Ringo. "Jacob's not a bad drummer is he?"

"It was fantastic Ringo thanks for taking me to the club." said Natasha.

"If your interested we could go out to watch Jacob's band again he'll be playing over at the Empire Grill on Saturday." said Ringo.

Before Natasha has a chance to answer Donna's voice intrudes behind them.

"Well this is a cosy couple not." said Donna sarcastically.

"Yes I think we make a good looking couple don't you Ringo?" laughs Natasha wickedly.

"Well what have you got to say for yourself Ringo this is a fine way to treat me not." said Donna angrily.

"Well you get what you give I guess." laughs Ringo.

Ignoring any further conversations from Donna, Ringo takes Natasha by the hand and says "let's go Natasha she's not worth wasting our breath on."

"Well spoken Ringo let's go." said Natasha leaving a fuming Donna behind.

Revenge is sweet.