Kim Pine kissed A 17 Year old

"Uuugggghhhh," Kim rubbed her throbbing head as her eyes cracked open. To the best of Kim's knowledge she was laying close to a bed, 'At least I got close', she thought. She tried to move but a heavy and warm mass was firmly placed across her chest, one Knives Chau!

"Oh Scott," Knives mumbled in her sleep.

Kim's mind frantically ran through the events of last night, 'Ok, I went to the beach, ate dinner, got really drunk, then we went back to Julie's, bitch, then …', "SHIT, did I break the law last night!"

Knives began to stir and with in minutes she was mumbling groggily, "Kimm why are you in my room?"

Kim began to sputter nervously, "We are… you…I," then all her word came out at rapid fire, "," Kim's hands shot in front of her mouth a second to late to cover up the 'we kissed part'.

Knives's face went blank, "d-d-did we… ya know uh, do it," She said with a worried expression.

"Well neither of us are naked so I'm pretty sure nothing happened, on the up side there's no way I could get you pregnant." Knives face didn't change at all and Kim realized her joke had not only been very unfunny but also probably made the situation worse, "Ok, how about we never speak of this again?" Knives nodded tentatively. The two extremely hung over girls slowly made their way down stair, (so no one would notice them and because the creaking sound the stairs made was like a gun by the ear for both of them), and Kim thanked all the gods she didn't believe in that every one was still out cold. Kim made her way to the kitchen and poured herself some OJ, she though about offering some to knives but simply seemed to awkward.

It had been three weeks since the beach incident and life simply went on as it always had, until one day…

Kim got home from her, (she called it shitty), job at no-account video went up stairs turned on the computer then closed and locked the door. Though Kim would never admit it to any one else she could at least admit to her self that she was no stranger to porn, sometimes it was just one of those days, that kind of bad mood, (it was), or simply bored, today she had the urge.

Author's note- this is kinda bad (dull lemon)

Kim stripped herself of her clothes and began skimming the net, she continued skimming until she came to a heading, "Lesbian videos", she dumbly stared at it for a few moments before clicking the link. Once the site opened up she clicked the first video she saw and began watching, almost immediately she felt a tingle between her legs, the way the two women locked lips was intoxicating to her and in no time her hands where gently rubbing her nether region, as the video continued her pace quickened and it took all her self control not to scream out in ecstasy. Before the video was even half way through Kim had already finished, she clicked out of the internet and just stared at her desk top.


Kim couldn't believe what she had just done, she wasn't a lesbian… right? Suddenly she felt really dirty, she rushed across the hall to the bathroom not even bothering to cover self up, (no one was home any way), she turned the shower to hot got in and simply sat in the corner with her knees at her chest and her arms around her knees. Kim sat in the shower for at least a whole hour simply rocking back and forth, after much contemplation Kim got out of the shower, got dressed, the grabbed her phone and dialed a number she never thought she call.


"Hi Wallace, it Kim."

"Kim? I thought you hated me."

"I do but I need to talk with you."

"Sure I guess, when?"

"Now, how about the second cup."

"Ok I'll see you there."

"Sooooo, why did you call me Kim I was a bout to make margaritas," said Wallace in a half bored half interested because it might be gossip, (that gossipy bitch), kind of way.

"Um, when did you realize you where gay," asked Kim trying to sound like herself and failing miserably.

Wallace's eyes widened obviously caught of guard by the question, "High school I guess, why do you ask?"

"I-I think I might be gay to." Said Kim timidly, blushing a deep crimson.

Wallace's eyes got even wider as he said, " why the sudden change in preference?"

"I kissed Knives at Juli-"

"WHAT!" Wallace cut her off out of total surprise, "O my god, o my god, this juicy I cant-"

Kim stood up grabbed Wall by the throat and said, "If you so much as think about this around some one other than me your extremely gay life will come to a very painful end, you got that you gossipy BITCH!" she finished her threat with the evilest most scary death glare she could muster.

"Ok,ok,ok," Wallace coughed out before Kim released him from her iron grip, "why are you telling me then."

"I don't know what to do", said Kim as she sat back down.

"At the risk of receiving further death threats I'll leave you with this: don't bottle things up you have to face this thing head on but I promise to help you," Wallace said this with genuine sympathy then got up and left, leaving Kim to stew in her own thoughts.

Kim paced back and forth in her trying to decide what to do, 'do I or don't I, do I or don't I?' just as she was about to make her decision Hollie burst in to her room and yelled, "STOP FREAKEN PACEING I CANT EVEN HEAR MY SELF THINK YOUR SO LOUD!"

"I think I hate you more every day," replied Kim in her trademark monotone. Hollie huffed and walked out, once she was gone Kim reached for her phone and dialed the number she had been dreading.


"Hi Knives do you want to go on a date?"

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P.S.- Kim and Knives's story is parallel to the Scott pilgrim story.