Wallace is truly a gossipy bitch

Wallace pov-

"I'm going to go ice my balls," and with that the gay man hung up. Wallace was in a bad mood, in recent memory he had never been hit so hard in the balls. After several hours of watching T.V. and chilling the boys Wallace did what Wallace did best… he got drunk, (Wallace levels of drunk).

Very few people knew this but when Wallace got drunk his self preservation instincts went straight to zero so that's why he did this, he took out his phone and dialed a number.


"Hhhhheeeyyyyyy Knivesy."


"So how are you, I never got to talk to you after that incident at the mall…OH Iiiiiii know a very juicy secret."

"Ok what is it," asked the puzzled Chinese girl, (she really didn't even know the drunk gay man).

"Some one has a crush on you!" Said the superbly drunk Wallace.



"Uh," Knives was cut off.

"IT'S KIM!" There was aloud thud on Wallace's end of the phone, he had passed out, later (by the hands of Kim) he would regret speaking to Knives.

Knives pov-

Knives listened to the other side of the line for a few moments before hanging up, Kim had a crush on her that was so… exciting, Knives's mind jumped back to that drunken night at Julie's beach house: blurs of beer and the beach, crazy dancing, songs by sex bob-omb (Knives hearted them soooo much), and lips, Kim's lips to be exact. Sweet cherry with a hint of blueberry was the taste that lingered around Kim's lips, probably some kind of lip balm.

Knives was to put it lightly… REALLY BLEEPIN CONFUSED! Kim was a girl and Knives was a girl that meant that they were supposed o like guys…right? Every time Knives thought of reason that her and Kim shouldn't be together she'd fell a faint taste of the flavor that pervaded Kim's lips, and every time she thought of that taste she wanted it more and more.

Finally after much deliberation Knives made a decision, she retrieved her phone from her dresser and dialed. "Hi Kim it's Knives."

"H-hello, how are you," Kim asked rather awkwardly.

"I'm fine, do you want to meet me again at the happy avocado, I don't think the mall will let us back in."

"…Yes I'll be there as soon as possible." Said Kim

"Ok see you there."

-Later at the happy avocado-

Knives arrived at the happy avocado, picked a table, sat down and waited. After what seemed like hours, though it was probably only a few minutes, Kim walked in and Knives had to suppress a nosebleed. Kim was wearing her trademark outfit but for some reason Knives found her self getting very excited. As Kim sat down Knives started talking but oddly the words sounded off as though they were coming from someone else, then with out Knives even knowing what was happening they were kissing!

The taste that Knives had longed for once again populated her lips and before she knew it Kim's tongue was on hers. It all seemed to good to be true… in fact it couldn't be true, there's no way Kim could like her like this. Not of her own accord tears began to stream down Knives cheeks, breaking away from the kiss and bolted out the door, giving a quick sorry as she ran.

Kim's POV-

Kim rushed out on to the street, but it was to late Knives had already disappeared, "Damn ninja speed!" mumbled as she began to walk in the direction of Scott's house, she needed to talk to an annoying gay man (much to her unhappiness) once again.

Kim reached the trash can off an apartment and knocked, after on hit the door ideally swung open to reveal Wallace laying on the ground face down in a puddle of beer, "Please don't tell me you've drank your self to death," Kim said aloud. Kim walked over to the sink, filled a cup with ice cold water, proceeded to the unconscious homosexual, rolled him over and poured the water on his face.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Screamed Wallace as he shot up, seeing Kim he said, "Hey my homosexual homey," obviously still a little drunk, "how has life been going?"

"I just made out with Knives."

"Oh how'd that go?"


"I accidentally let slip your little secret to Knivesy," said Wallace lazily, self-preservation levels only having reached ten percent at this point. Before Wallace even had a chance to realize what he had just done Kim had him pinned against the wall, " WAIT BEFORE YOU KILL ME BY THE SOUND OF THINGS SOMETHING GOOD CAME OF MY SLIP UP," Wallace choked out (Kim's elbow was pressed securely against his throat).

Kim took a few moments to consider this then released him, "It didn't go all well, after we kissed she began to cry and she ran away."

Wallace thought about this for a moment knowing that his next words had a very high probability of being his last, "I think she might be a bit confused, I had a friend with that problem," said Wallace, "I'm guessing this is only the first time, well in this case the second time, she's kissed a girl and she's probably still not sure about liking you, so you need to convince her that you really are what she wants if you want this to get anywhere."

"That sounds really cheesy Wallace, like B rate romantic comedy cheesy," said Kim a bit annoyed.

"Don't knock it till you try it, I've succeeded in turning not one, not two, but three guys gay this way," said Wallace with the sound of pride in his voice.

"Fine… so what do I do?"

"Kim if you want my advice you'll have to speak up."

"What do I do?"

"A little louder please Kim."



"Just ask her out."

-The next day at "what ever its called, because does it really matter" high-

Kim nervously waited for the bell to ring from across the street, trying her hardest not look like a creepy stalker. Once the bell rang Kim scanned the crowd for Knives, spotting her walking by her self, Kim sprang into action. Kim stealthily walked up beside Knives, "Hey Knives."


"Before you run off just let me ask you something."

"What," said Knives cautiously.

"Will you go on a date with me this Saturday?"

A few painful seconds passed then Knives said, "Sure," she quickly began to walk off and Kim couldn't help but once again be transfixed by her perfect butt as it walked away.

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