"I had a dream…. a weird dream. I dream about an ice dragon in an ice cave… The dragon tried to say something to me but I cannot hear it because the air pressure is so strong. Then, all my vision turns into black… That's was the third times I dream the same things…."

It is a peaceful summer morning on the Thursday in the city of Japan. It is also a peaceful morning at the Pride Town. It may be not a very peaceful summer for a person who hates summer most, I should say.

The Pride Town (Japan)

Year: 2025 (summer morning)

Place: Toushirou`s House (Toushirou`s Room)


Suddenly, the door was open by a young woman with green hair.

"Daisuke… Daisuke, wake up! It is already morning. Aren't you suppose go to school today?", ask that girl.

"Five more minutes…, sis." said Daisuke to his sister.

It seem that his sister try to think another plan to wake him up. Then, she got an idea.

"Fine then. I will call your brother to wake you up!" said his sister to him.

It looks like she been success. Daisuke wake up so suddenly and rush to the bathroom. His sister just smile and said,

"Hmm… that should do it. He, he, he…."

Then, there was a voice come out from her locket.

"You should not do that to him, master." said that voice.

It was Yonzakura, Daisuke`s sister Weapon Seal. Then, she left the room and went down to the kitchen.

After few minutes later, Daisuke went out from the bathroom and wearing his uniform school.

"Today is Thursday. I have to bring my blazer school coat today." said Daisuke with slow voice.

My name is Daisuke Toushirou. I am 15 years old and I am a high school student. I hates like summer so much because I hate summer very much. I live with my sister, Aimi and my brother, Enju. Huh? My parents? Well, they died when I was 10 years old. I do not know how they died but my sister said that they die because there been an accident at my parent's lab. Well, that enough about my past.

Daisuke is a boy who have cold and calm personality, tall, has spiked silver-white colored hair, light-skin colored, has a pair of charming blue-sea eyes, very quiet person and doesn't like to argue with his sister or brother and also doesn't like to fight unless he really have to. Plus, he is very cold and unfriendly at out side his personality but he is very kind person.

After finish wearing his uniform, Daisuke took his bag and rush to the dinner room to have his breakfast. However, there is a person that he hates so much at there too, his brother. Daisuke not very happy to see his brother's face but his brother, Enju, not very cares about that. Daisuke take a slice of bread and he put jam on it.

"Weren't you supposing wearing tie today?" ask Enju with a confuse voice.

"Huh…. I cannot tie up my tie. Can you help?" ask Daisuke.

Enju helps Daisuke with his tie.

"Just a minute…and done", said Enju.

"Huh…Thanks." said Daisuke.

"Hmm….aren't you not forget something?" said Enju.

Daisuke look confuse when his brother asking that question.

"What did you mean by that?" ask Daisuke with confuse voice.

Before Enju can continue the conversation, they hear something fall in the kitchen.


"Aimi?" said Enju with anxious voice.

Daisuke went to the kitchen to see what happened.

"Oww… that's hurt…." cried Aimi.

Daisuke look at his sister that covered by flour.

"What are you doing, sis?" ask Daisuke.

Aimi just smile and she said

"Oh, it's nothing. The flour just fell on the top of that cabin. Sorry if I make you guys worry about me."

Daisuke not saying any word but he almost wants to laugh when he saw his sister face are pure white like a ghost.

"Hey, you guys. Come here now!" said Enju from dinner room.

Daisuke and Aimi rush to the dinner room and Enju said

"Take a look at the morning news at the TV".

Good morning. Today news is about a prisoner who been escaped from the VIP Prison yesterday night. The prisoner, ZERO, an International Criminal…

"My….what terrible news to hear", said Aimi.

Daisuke not very like to hear that news and he took his bag and left the house without saying a word.

"It seems he already left", said Enju with cold voice.

Aimi look a little surprise a bit but she know that Daisuke been like that since their parents passed away.

"Let him be, Enju." said Aimi with gentle voice.

Enju nod his head and he begins to think about the letter that he received last week.

"Aimi, what do think about Daisuke`s RTTD GAMER QUALIFICATION?", ask Enju to Aimi.

Aimi still busy with cleaning her face using a towel but of course she still listen to him. Enju is still waiting Aimi's answer. Aimi went to the kitchen for a while then she come out with a small basket.

"It's up to you, Enju." said Aimi.

After giving that answer to Enju, she went out and left Enju alone in the house. Enju went silent for a while. Then, there is a voice come out from his locket.

"You should let him enter it that game too, Enju." said that voice.

It was Hana no Shirayuki, Enju's Weapon Seal.

"Not you too…" said Enju.


Meanwhile, at the High School Hanabi

(In Daisuke`s class: Class 3-4)

The class seems quiet a little bit because it was History Class on first period with Miss Persia. Miss Persia is my history teacher and my class teacher. Everyone seems focusing on this subject including me. However, I do not know why I feel sleepy when the History class almost over. Now, I really go to fall to sleep again.

"Hey, Miu. Can you wake me up when the class is over?" said Daisuke to the girl in front of him.

"Are you going fall to sleep again in the class?" said that girl.

"Please", say Daisuke.

The girl just nods her head and focus back to the lesson. Then, Daisuke fall to sleep for a while…..until he hears a voice...

"The time has come… It is time for you to accept my power..."

Daisuke open his eyes so suddenly but his head still on the table. He thought that was his imagination so he closed his eyes once again. However, then he hear that voice again. This time he can hear that voice more clearly than before. He saw that ice dragon in his dream again.

"The time has come….."

Only that word that he can hear before his vision turns black. Moreover, that ice dragon gone like the wind blow. After that, he open his eyes so suddenly and rise up his head to ensure what just happened but….nothing changes… but his doesn't know why he still can see that dragon is still floating in his class before that dragon gone like a ghost. Daisuke begin start to think that is he still dreaming or not. The girl that helped Daisuke earlier also saw that dragon too but she more worry about Daisuke look confuse and trembling but no one seem feel what Daisuke and that girl feel.

After few minutes later, the bell is already ringing which mean that the class already over. While waiting the next subject's teacher, the class seems started to be noisy. However, that will not effected to Daisuke who been shock what just happened to him. Then, Miu come to the Daisuke`s desk and asking what did he saw. At first, he do not want to tell but after see Miu's worry face, he begin to tell Miu everything.

"It maybe a vision for you to become a Gamer like me or maybe it just your imagination", said Miu with happy voice.

Miu is Daisuke childhood friend since they were little. Miu is a girl with short brown hair, have light skin-colored, had a pair of charming brown eyes, tall, and has calm personality and very shy person.

Daisuke seems not very happy with that answer but he know that Miu is try to cheer him up. He just sighs to himself and Miu just shakes her head.

"Huh…fine. But, you know what is happening just then, right?" said Daisuke with cold voice.

Miu tried to explain to him but she afraid that he could not understands it.

"Ummm… I guess you should ask your sister because she is a Gamer. Of course I am also a Gamer but I think that you sister is more knowledgeable about this." suggest Miu with confident voice.

Daisuke just remain silent then, another three students come to his desk. It was Himura, Ray, and Erika. Himura and Ray is Daisuke`s best friends since they were high school junior. They also in the same club too, the Kendo and Tae-Kwan Do club. Erika is also Daisuke`s friend too but she more close to Miu that him. Daisuke and his friends becomes Erika's friend since she moved here a year ago. She and Miu are in the same club, the Wushu club.

"Hey, Daisuke. Have another date with Miu again?" ask Himura.

Himura is very popular among girls in the school because he had sweet personality, had raven hair style and dark purple hair color, tall, and had yellowish quiet eyes.

Ray and Erika just smile at them while Miu's face already turns red and Daisuke seems not very care about their friend's jokes. But, sometime when his friends make jokes, he will smile however, it's very rarely see Daisuke`s smile again since his parents passed away.

"No. We just talk about unimportant matter. Not more than that." answer Daisuke with cold voice.

Miu seems a little curious about Daisuke saying but she denied that feeling.

"Hey, guys. How about we just hanging out at the field during the recess?" suggest Ray.

Ray is also very popular at the school but only among the teachers because he had carefree personality, always helping the teachers, short, had light-skin color, had spike brownish hair color and had a pair of spirited green-leaf eyes color.

"I'll join. Are you wants to come along, Miu?" ask Erika.

Erika is a girl that had a long light-purple hair, short, had timid personality, had dark-light skin color and had a pair of big rounded aqua eyes.

Miu just nod her head, which mean that she also will join.

"Count me in!" said Himura.

Ray seems delighted. But, he still not know what Daisuke`s answer yet.

"What about you, Daisuke? Come on and join us." said Erika.

Daisuke seems already have another plan during the recess but he do not wants to make his friend become unhappy. Then, he comes out with an idea.

"I will join after I borrow some books at library. My sister and my brother ask me to borrow some books so, I will there as soon as possible", said Daisuke.

Ray and Himura seem a little bit curious but they happy that Daisuke will join too. After a while, Mr. Jimmy, our Add Math teacher enters the class with the quiz paper. It seem that everyone is been shock except Miu that always been ready for this. Daisuke also quite shock about this but he still calm and ready to answer that quiz question. In addition, the class will over at 10.45 am.

At 10.45 am…


The bell is already ringing and Mr. Jimmy seems already finished collecting the quiz papers and goes out like that. All the students start to move to the cafeteria to have their meals. The class went empty, only Daisuke and his friend's still in the class.

"Daisuke, we are going to the field first. Come down when you already finish, okay?" said Himura. They left Daisuke alone in the class.

"Huh…. They sure look happy. I guess I should hangout with them today." said Daisuke to himself.

Before he can continue his walk, he felt cold suddenly in the class. And, what surprise Daisuke is that ice dragon is floating in his class with the cold and calm air pressure. That dragon just glare at Daisuke with its red eyes and that makes Daisuke feel something mystery about this.

"I don't know if you are a ghost or not, but why you always come to my dream and now why you can appear in front of me in this reality world?" ask Daisuke to that dragon.

The dragon still glares at him and waiting from him to say again.

"If you are alone, why we can't be friend?" ask Daisuke again to that dragon.

Suddenly, the dragon spread its large icy wings and there was something attach at that dragon's wing. The dragon picks that thing and gives it to Daisuke.

"For me?" ask Daisuke.

The ice dragon nod its head and suddenly the air pressure become strong. The ice dragon tried to say something but Daisuke couldn't hear it clearly. Only the word 'cave' he can hear before that dragon gone like the wind.

'Where did it go?" ask Daisuke to himself.

Then, he remember that the dragon give him something. It was a locket. An eight-sakura petals shaped locket. It sure looks beautiful because those petals were diamond-shaped. However, Daisuke still wandering why that dragon gave him this and what that dragon wants to say to him…

Suddenly, Erika appears in the class with breathless condition. Daisuke looks shock with Erika's condition and he begin feel worry about another three friends of him.

"What happened, Erika?" ask Daisuke.

"It's Himura and Ray. They were beat up by the school gangsters. Come on, we have to go down a once!" said Erika with angry voice.

What he been worry about already been happened. Daisuke and Erika rush to the field and hope those two were safe.

Meanwhile, at the field.

The field already been fully by students that watch that fight. Himura and Ray were badly injured while those gangsters still want to fight. Their leader, Rune, seems waiting for someone. Another of his friends, Jack and Sol, is ready to beat them two again.

"Hey, Rune. Are you waiting for someone?" ask Jack.

"Or you want us to beat these little cubs again?" said Sol.

"Indeed, Jack. I was waiting for someone but just let those cubs go, Sol." said Rune with an innocent voice.

Himura and Ray seem very angry with them but they really can't fight them anymore. Later, Daisuke and Erika arrived at the field and Daisuke rush toward to his friends that were injured.

"Oh, another cub wants to play." said Sol.

"Well, well, well. What a surprise!" said Jack.

Rune shows his smiling face, which mean that the person that he waited already come. Daisuke do not want to fight because he does not want too. Therefore, he just helps his two friends to get up and send them to medical room.

"Where you do thinking you're going?" ask Jack.

"Leaving so soon?" ask Sol.

Daisuke not answer their question but he gives an angry glare to Rune, which means that he will pay what he done to his friends. Rune seems already been annoyed with Daisuke`s glare and Daisuke oust his eyes from Rune.

"I don't want to fight with you guys. So, let us go. Okay?" said Daisuke with cold voice.

Before Daisuke can continue his walk, Rune try to punch him but Daisuke dodge that punch but Daisuke do not wants to punch him back. And, this make Rune become angrier with him. Suddenly, a voice comes out from that crowd of students.

"That's enough!" said Kenji.

"Rune, I guess we better leave or else we got another trouble with Student Association." said Jack.

Without a choice, they leave the field and all the students left the field and went back to their class.

"Are you guys okay?" ask Daisuke to his friends.

Himura and Ray just nod their heads. Daisuke feel a little anxiety but he also feel more worry about their wounds. They were bleeding badly and they also very exhausted after that fight too. Daisuke ask them why they fighting with them and their answers very shocked Daisuke heart very much. The reason why they fighting are that they cannot stand when they make fun with his name. Daisuke very feel very guilty in his heart and he said thank you to them.

"Erika, can you help me to carry them?" ask Daisuke.

"Sure." answered Erika.

Erika helps Daisuke to carry Ray while Daisuke carry Himura to medical room. They sure look very serious injured but Daisuke believe that they will fine. After few minutes later, they arrived at medical room and Daisuke leave the rest to the nurse. A few later, the nurse already taking care their wounds. Himura and Ray seem okay but now they sleep. Daisuke and Erika went back to the class.

"My, there so much unexpected things happened to this boy." said Kenji that was hiding at somewhere.

"Huh? Hey, Erika. Did you say something?" ask Daisuke.

"No. Not a word." answered Erika.

"Hmm…that's weird." said Daisuke to himself.

"Maybe you were daydreaming again, Daisuke." said Erika.

"Did not!" deny Daisuke with loud voice.

"All right! Not need to shout, Daisuke. I'm not deaf yet." said Erika angrily.

Daisuke sighs to himself because he been through a bad day on that day. He also wandering what will be happen next after the fight. His mind was tired to thinking about it and he decided not to thinking it for further because he afraid that he might have another headache during the next class.

As for Erika, she also didn't want to believe that Daisuke is a person that doesn't like fighting like Himura and Ray. She was wondering why he doesn't want to fight back because she thought that all boys will do the same thing but she realizes that Daisuke was different.

She begins to curious with Daisuke personality and his mind. Everyone in the class knows that he is a person has cold in manner and he also was very quiet and calm person too. But, no one in the class knows him very well because he never wants to socialize with other people.

He only talks a few words with Erika, Miu, Ray and Himura only. Only a few words and then he will become quiet back. It might be true that he is a student that doesn't like to socialize but he seems not that kind of student because he has some friends with him. Erika was hoping that Daisuke can open his mind to change his attitude and his cold manner to a happy person but she knows that might not work if he keeps avoiding socializing with others.