Then, Daisuke closed his eyes and his mind was transfer to the dream world. A few later, he opens his eyes and he's now at the FROZEN WATER FOREST STAGE. The STAGE is a forest that been frozen for a long time. The ground, trees, and the water was been frozen and it's very cold at there. Daisuke get up from the white grounded snow and he notice that something had change-his clothes.

Now, he was wearing a black kimono also wearing a white mantle and he wearing a locket too. An eight sakura petals-shaped locket that been given to him from the ice dragon. He looks around the forest and he begins to remember about that ice dragon. Moreover, suddenly his WSNAVI make a sound. Surprised with that, he takes out his WSNAVI and there were instructions that he need to do. The instructions sound like this:






Daisuke now is confused and begin to think how to get his Weapon Seal. Then, he remembers that Max tells him that WSNAVI can locate the Weapon Seals. The WSNAVI gives the direction where located his Weapon Seal and he look surprised that his Weapon Seal at the top of hill and there is an ice cave at there. He begins to remember about that ice dragon and the locket too. Now, he realizes that he is not dreaming and he knows that ice dragon is waiting for him. So, he begins to walk to climb that hill.

Meanwhile, at the reality world (at the RTTD BATTLE ROOM), Sammy and the other audiences were watching their progress but Sammy is pay full attention at Daisuke`s progress to find his Weapon Seal. Sammy seems detected something unusual about Daisuke. She makes a call to the RTTD MAIN CENTER and tells to Col to investigate about Daisuke's profile.

Back to the FROZEN WATR FROREST, Daisuke already arrives at the top of the ice hill and he saw an ice cave. Without thinking what will happened, he enters the cave and he saw a large ice dragon stand still like it's been waiting for him to come.

"At last…We meet here again, master. I been waiting for to come and see me again. It is hard to call you from reality world and I can stay there only few seconds and then gone. Luckily, I already give you that locket before you come here." said that dragon.

"Huh…It seems that you have waiting for me for a long time. I am sorry that I keep you waiting. Before you can be my partner, what is your name?" ask Daisuke with calm voice.

"My name is Kyou. Kyourinmaru Doragon. Let me ask you a question, Daisuke Toushirou…. are you wanted to use me as your Weapon Seal?" ask Kyou.

"Yes but I not using you as a weapon but as a friend to help me in this game. Is that okay with you?" ask Daisuke.

"….Yes. I appreciate that, master." said Kyou.

Daisuke rise his hand up and suddenly the air pressure become strong and the surrounding become colder that before. Kyourinmaru spread his wings and suddenly a light comes out from its body.

"From now on, you are my true master and I shall obey and serve you forever." said Kyou with rage voice.

"Come forth and my sword right now. KYOURINMARU!" shout Daisuke with assure voice.

The light shine all over the cave's place until that cave was gone. Now, Daisuke is holding a katana, his own Weapon Seal, Kyourinmaru that been transform into a katana. Daisuke look at the katana and he very amazed what just happened. The katana's blade is shine under the cold sun with a long ice chain joints the hilt with blue ice crescent blade.

`So, this is my Weapon Seal… It is a katana…`, said Daisuke to himself.

However, he did not realize that something was watching him from behind and still waiting a perfect time to strike. Daisuke is still not realizing the danger until his WSNAVI make a warning sound. Surprised by that sound, he begins to ready for his first combat. Only a katana at his hand, he still not sure that he can win. Then, he hears a roar from the bush and suddenly a monster burst out from its hiding place. Daisuke quite surprised with this but he tried to calm his self down. The WSNAVI make a great help because it tell about that monster profile. It was TIGER LONG, the tiger man type-monster and from earth element.

"Ah…What a fresh meat. You look delicious to eat, kid. I am going to eat ya, now! Do not be afraid it is not going to hurt…just a single bite at your nape and pain will be over." said that monster.

Daisuke just remain silent but his mind is still finding a way to escape. He tries to recall back his lesson about kendo fighting styles and he did it. The WSNAVI has done it again by helping him how to use Kyou's COMMAND TECHNIQUE. The WSNAVI says that to launch Kyou's Command Technique by saying Reign of Frozen Heaven (Souten Ni Zase). Daisuke seems glad that he got help. He tries to strike by using that technique.

"Souten Ni Zase, Kyourinmaru!" shout Daisuke.

Daisuke launches that attack. An ice dragon comes out from his katana and strike Tiger Long until that monster sends flying to another place. Daisuke seems exhausted after using that attack but luckily, he still can stand and fight. That monster seems already angry because the 'food' is fighting back.

It tries to punch Daisuke but he dodged that punch and he strike back by using his katana. That monster is been hurt but it still not going to give up yet and Daisuke have to finish the fight before it getting worst. Tiger Long gives a loud roar and running towards Daisuke at the great speed but Daisuke still stay calm and he rise up his katana, hit it to the ground and suddenly an ice dragon wave comes out from his katana and freeze Tiger Long. That monster cannot move and Daisuke sheeted his katana and the ice crush into pieces, leaving that monster died in the pieces of ice.

"Hmph…what an ignorant monster." said Daisuke with cold voice.

"It seems that you already can use me to fight." said Kyou.

"Not really. It is hard to control your ice power, Kyou. Still, we managed to defeat that nasty beast." said Daisuke.

After several minutes with that conversation, Daisuke needs to find the other Gamers at another place. Therefore, he keeps on running in that forest until he saw Raven and the others. It seems that Raven and his friends got a big problem to deal with those Tiger Longs monsters.

Daisuke make his move by striking those beasts by using his ice skill. Surprise by that attack, those monsters retreated and they are safe. Daisuke sheet his sword and ask them if they okay or not. Raven and his friends were quite surprised by Daisuke`s attack but they seems to be okay and for Raven, he just smile by himself because his plan already successes.

Raven's friends just say thanks to Daisuke`s help and they also asking where he learn that technique. Daisuke just smile and said that he learn that technique from someone that he know. Suddenly, Daisuke become dizzy and he fainted but luckily, that Raven managed to get a hold of him. Raven's friend, Lisa ask him were Daisuke is okay or not and Raven just chuckled and nodded his head. He lifts up Daisuke and he also gives order to leave the Stage quickly.

At 6.00 pm...


(At the REST ROOM)

Daisuke still not opened his eyes but Raven still sit beside him, waiting from him to wake up. Suddenly, the door opened by itself and Enju enters the room. He's surprises that Daisuke been brought at here. He asks Raven what just happen to him. Raven not answered his question quickly but he just smiles at Enju with mysterious smile. Enju not very sure what is happening at back there but he sure that must be an explanation from him.

"Don't worry. His fine but he seems having shock-mind due to the Game." said Raven.

"Hmm…but still you did keep your promise, Raven. Thank you." said Enju.

"But, could you tell him something?" ask Raven.

"Tell him what?" ask Enju back.

"Tell him to see me when he has a time and also….tell him to learn his Weapon Seal name more deeper." said Raven.

Enju just remain silent and Raven went out from the room; leaving Enju and Daisuke in that room. But, they did not realize that Daisuke hears what they talked about just then. As for Enju, he still not understands why he wants to trains Daisuke with him after he saw Daisuke in first time. And as for Daisuke, he still doesn't know why he needs to know and learn his Weapon Seal's name.

That's was Daisuke`s first day at the RTTD COLLISUIM. He already found his own Weapon Seal that always tries to call him from the reality world. And, he knows that his own adventure already start and he have to get through all kinds of troubles. And, he also knows that he have to be stronger to from time to time because he wants to achieve that Grandmaster Gamer title in RTTD.