Hey, guys! It's been a long time since I last submitted a story here. I've come back to submit yet another sequel of my Healing of the Scarred One series. Thus, this will become my trilogy. xD

This 3rd story is basically a big rewrite of my last 2 fan fictions. The story has a lot of new elements yet there will be a substantial amount of some returning elements in the story. The story will take place 20 years after MMBN6. After much thinking, I've decided that I will try to derive my plot mostly from the games and the manga.

I believe I've grown substantially between the time I wrote my last 2 stories and this one, so this 3rd one will be a test to see what I've learned in my writing classes. Reviews and constructive criticism are much appreciated. I hope you will enjoy reading this story. :)

OK, here we go!

The present became the past, the future has become the present. In the cyberworld, the network has become more powerful in security and reparations. Net Navis can finally be safe from harm and be assured that the Net would remain in stable conditions. At least, that is what they would believe for now...

Net City, which has become more advanced than it once was 20 years ago, was bustling with countless Net Navis commuting and communicating with others. The cybernetic structures were bigger and taller. In the clear, cybernetic air, there were libraries of screens depicting of advertisements and entertainments. Down at a stadium in Net City, it was packed with Navis as they cheered for their favorite competitors who fought in Net Battles. In the midst of all these loud and boisterous activities, a white Navi stood high at the tops of the tall buildings in quiet solitude...

This Navi, a pale ghost of the legendary Black Shadow, looked at the city in silent wonder and amazement. His mind drifted to the sounds and sights of Net City. His beige scarf floated lightly in the wind. The Navi quickly came back to his senses before he remembered what he had to do. He leaped to another tall building, searching for someone...

"I must find him... for Mother..." The white Navi thought as he scanned across the city and toward the infinite horizon.

Again, his mind drifted onto the city. His thoughts were disrupted as he saw something at the top of a building in front of him. He leaped toward the building to take a closer look. There, a young girl with pale brown hair and butterfly hair clips was lying on the ground, unconscious. The white Navi became alarmed and leaped at the building in order to examined the girl. When he approached her, he noticed that the girl's body was radiating with a soft golden glow. However, parts of her arms, torso and legs had been damaged and she was on the verge of being deleted.

"She's hurt," the white Navi remarked. He pulled back some stray strands of hair away from the girl's face.

"Strange that a Navi would look like a human in the cyberworld. She kind of reminds me of Mother..."

The white Navi began to carry her in his arms when a column of green light attacked him from the front. Alarmed, the Navi quickly grabbed the girl and dodged the attack. He looked around to see the source of the attack and saw a tall, regal black Navi with a teal cape. The white Navi laid the girl down a safe distance away from the black Navi and then stood defensively behind her.

The regal, black Navi charged at the white Navi with his powerful light-green sword. The pale Navi retaliated with a lightening-blue sword and blocked the black Navi's attacks. The white Navi took a good look at his powerful foe. On the black Navi's left arm was marked "#4358930". He, too, glowed with a soft golden hue, but when the pale Navi looked into the black Navi's eyes, the eyes glared at him with a blood-red glow. The black Navi's face was infested with bugged data. Parts of the black Navi's body were covered with bugged data as well.

"Number 4358930...? Such a powerful Navi..." The white Navi thought in amazement.

He grunted and shoved the black Navi back. The black Navi stumbled back in response and regain his composure. The two opposing Navis glared at each other. The black Navi attempted to attack, but when he took a step forward, he suddenly fell down to his knee and convulsed severely. The white Navi was bewildered to see the black Navi's strange behavior. The black Navi yelled out in agony. His voice was distorted into a blood-curdling howl before his body disintegrated into dark, bugged data. The bugged data lingered for a moment before they, too, disappeared into smaller particles, invisible to the naked eye.

"How strange. A Navi just got deleted from bugs..." The white Navi thought in amazement.

He stared at the girl that was on the ground. He bent down on one knee and touched the girl's forehead with his hand. Right when he was about to heal the girl, a figure materialized in front of him. The pale Navi looked up and became shocked to see the exact same girl standing over him, glowing with the same golden hue.

"Y-You...! B-But... you look the same as..." The white Navi looked down at the injured girl and looked up at the girl standing over him.

"My name is Copy Iris Number 2610984..." The girl replied in a monotonous tone. "I am a subprogram of the Iris Healing Unit Systems, a Net system that automatically searches for any damages in the Net and heals them.

"Copy Iris...?" The white Navi responded. "So, then... you and this girl are copies of the system?"

"Simply put, yes. But unlike the main system, my abilities are limited as a copy. We copies act as the arms and legs of the main system. It's to protect the main system from any potential damage."

"I see." The white Navi spoke. "But, what about this Iris? She must have been injured by the black Navi that tried to attack me."

Copy Iris Number 2610984 stared at the injured Iris. Her eyes scanned the injured Iris for a moment before she could identify her.

"This is Copy Iris Number 7895620. She has sustained severe injuries." Copy Iris Number 2610984 informed.

"I can heal her with Soul Heal." The white Navi offered.

"Thank you, but there is no need for you to use up your energy for Number 7895620. I am able to heal her and other Copy Irises with my healing abilities."

"A-Are you sure?" The white Navi stammered uncomfortably. The last thing the white Navi wanted to do was to abandon the poor injured Copy Iris.

"Yes, there is no need to worry." Copy Iris smiled.

"Alright. If you say so..." The white Navi said quietly as he stepped aside to let the Copy Iris help her injured copy.

Copy Iris held her hands out over the injured copy's body and shimmering golden data began pouring out from Number 2610984's hands and the data poured into the injured Iris. The white Navi was about to leave when Copy Iris Number 2610984 spoke out aloud.

"Wait. What is your name?"

"H-Huh...?" The white Navi turned around.

"May I ask what is your name?" Number 2610984 repeated. Her back was turned toward the white Navi. Despite that her question was directed toward the pale Navi, the copy Iris was paying more attention to her injured copy.

"Oh, my name... It's..." The white Navi paused for a moment before he spoke. "My name is... Baritone."