Part one aged Four and Three Months

Rose woke early, her eyes turn to the woman whose arms are now wrapped around her and she giggles. Aunty Will was drooling and words such as Matt and baby as well as silly none words where coming out of her mouth. The arms around her, grip tighter and suddenly Rose has an idea. 'AUNTY WILL WAKE UP' she yells at the top of her voice.

'What time is it mummy?' Aunty will sleepily asks and Rose giggles again.

'I'm not grandma Sue silly, I'm Rosemary' she informs as she continues to laugh. 'Besides the clock says a six a three and a four' she happily answers wills earlier question, in-between giggles..

'Ugh, its too early baby girl, go back to bed' will pleads.

'I want pancakes, and Aunty Lillian and Unca Chris are coming to the zoo today'

'Of course' Will grumbles as she gets out of bed.

It had been three months since Rose had turned four, Three months since Lillian and Chris had re entered their lives and three months where she is beginning to heal. Just days after her birthday, Lillian had come over to bake cakes and cookies with the youngster. A few days after that she watched a new Disney movie, with the child and a few days after that, she came over to help Rose with her art work. At this point Will had already taken the hint so when Lillian and Chris came over to play computer games with their niece she was prepared.


Lillian was sitting on a big black lever sofa, next to her was Chris and squeezed between them was Rose.

'Lilly, Chris can we talk for a moment' she asks in an innocent voice.

'I'll play outside aunty' the four year old mumbles as she leaves the room.

'Lillian, Christopher… you guys have been spending a lot of time around here' she beguines the two teens look at each other horrified.

'you're not going to stop us seeing her… are you' Lillian asks in fear.

'No of course not, she is your Niece' Will assures. 'but I am annoyed that you come knocking on my door at all hours, with no warning' she informs. The two teens open there mouths to argue or apologise and she holds up her hand to silence them.

'As you know your sisters' she takes a deep breath 'they where like sisters too me as such that makes you guys family' she looks at both confused teens and laughs. 'Your both over ten' she states, the other two nod a look of annoyance on there face. 'well, sorry it's like a year late but here is a copy of the key to the house' she hands them both a key. 'both of you are family so you can come here whenever you like, however no breaking the house rules'

'What house rules' Lillian asks, will hands her a piece of paper.


Parents must know where you are. (no sleepovers without parents permission)

Rose must be kept to her bed time, unless I allow her up longer. (its 7.30 pm at the moment)

No house parties/ raves

no swearing

no shoes on in the house

if we are out of something, write it on the white board in the kitchen.

no sex in the house until you are eighteen

the attic is out of bounds

don't insult Mr Frog (I am very fond of him)

If you want to keep a pet at the manor ask

If you want anything Ask

close doors after you

if the fire alarm sounds get out

turn off lights, when they are not in use

turn off the tv's and computers when not in use.

don't allow Rose into the pool or basement rooms.

No cookies before Dinner

if you get hurt the emergency numbers are on the fridge.

The teens look up, smiles on there faces.

End flashback

'Aunty comes on' Rose demands and Will follows. Breakfast was a quite affair until the phone rung. Will gently gets out of her seat and heads into the hallway to pick up the phone. 'Hello'

'Will honey, its Mom, I need a favour' Susan says. 'something has come up at work and Deans got a teacher training course he is on this week' she beguines.

'Mum, you want me to look after Liam and Mary' Will guesses.

'Could you?' she asks

'Bring them round, me Lils and Chris where taking Rose to the zoo anyway

'MOMMY' Rose yells from the kitchen.

Will drops the phone, as she rushes to see the small girl with red all over her. On the floor is a container of ketchup. 'Why do you have all that over you' she asks.

'I wanted ketchup on my pancakes' Rose cries.

'It's ok baby we will get you cleaned up before aunty and Uncle get hear' she assures.

'Bu…but this was Aunty Lillian fravourit dwess' the child sobs.

'Its ok baby, she won't mind and you can wear the purple dress that she got you as a late birthday gift' the child instantly cheered up.