Those eyes, bluer than the ocean, brighter than a star, stared back into his acidic green.

They blinked in confusion as the small brunettes body was shaken roughly,

"Where's Roxas!"

The redhead was desperate, long fingers digging into the small bony shoulders of the younger boy, nails piercing into some uncovered skin near his neck, small, crescent shaped indents.

"I-I..." Sora stuttered, wincing in the tight grip of the tall man, he glanced around but found it was only himself and Axel.

"Where is Roxas!" Axel's voice was slightly more desperate now.

"Y-You have his eyes... hi-his face... you look just like him! But you're not him! What did you do to my Roxas? WHERE IS HE!"

The redhead was slowly falling apart.

Sora just stood there silently as the redhead shook him vigorously, stared desperately into his eyes, and tried to find his blonde, his blonde somewhere inside the frail boy.

"H-h-he's in here somewhere!" Axel laughed a little insanely "I just have t-to find him! Then me and Roxy will be together, forever again!", His voice breaking a little at the end.

Sora just silently watched the older man fall apart before his eyes.

"But f-f-first I have to break you... to get him out..." A crazed glint was in those emerald eyes.

"A-Axel?" Sora stuttered nervously, only now trying to break the hold on him.

"He's in you somewhere..." Axel hummed, eyes bright, and pulled a knife from his coat. "I just have to set my Roxy free..."

"No... Axel... what? DON'T! STOOO-"

His cries cut short as the knife sliced in at the base of his throat.

Blood ran down that softly tanned neck, trails flowing like a ruby river, like expensive wine.

The knife was dragged down, carving a slice through his front, blood running in trail of the knifes path.

Sora gurgled, choking on the blood that welled up in his mouth, his pretty blue eyes fading quickly, his body stilling in Axel's arms.

He didn't even have time to get out a proper scream.

"Have to find Roxy..." Axel muttered to himself, gently lowering Sora to the ground and kneeling beside the body.

He continued to mutter this to himself as he sliced the boy open, getting covered in the blood, some which splattered out, some which ran in thick gushes.

He dug it in just below where the heart was and carved around it, cutting open the chest to retrieve the spluttering organ, which puked out more blood as it was detached from the veins and arteries.

With a small smile he removed the heart and cuddled it close.

Blood stained his hands, and dribbled down his front, it pooled around Sora's motionless body on the ground, everything was blood.

"This is what Roxas wanted..." Axel purred softly, nuzzling the heart against his cheek tenderly, like it was a kitten, or even Roxas himself.

He cradled it in his hands before settling it in his lap and turning to the still, pale body in front of him.

"Where is Roxas...?"

He picked up his knife again, slicing skin, throat, veins and organs, trying to find where his blonde was hidden.

"Where did you hide him?" Axel shrieked at the unresponsive brunette.

Desperately he went through the body, trying to find a trace of his missing blonde.

When he was drenched in blood he sat back on his heels and just stared at the bloody mess before him.

"Roxas..." he whispered brokenly.

There was no longer even a trace of the blonde in Sora, just a bloody, mutilated body that once was Roxas's somebody, that once may have held Roxas, but now it was nothing, nothing but a reminder of all he had lost.

Axel buried his face in his hands, the blood beginning to dry on him, cracking as his body shook with sobs.

The heart rolled off his lap and landed on the floor with a soft thump.

It didn't beat.